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Gout (ancient Greek. this is literally a trap for the feet) — a pathology of a chronic nature, associated with metabolic disorders in which elevated uric acid content in all fluids and tissues of the body, so that the acid accumulates in the form of crystals. The disease belongs to the category of metabolic disorders is paroxysmal in nature. Increase it in blood is called hyperuricemia.


Gout is known since antiquity and was first described by hippocratus. Its frequency today is 0.3% men suffer from it more often in 2-7 times. The peak of the disease falls on the age of 40-50 years. After menopausal women in the absence of estrogen gout typical for them. The dependence of the gout from the diet were noted during the time of war, when the incidence of it declined sharply due to the lack of meat.


Is it possible to fast relief of the pain of gout?


The clinical manifestations of gout are mainly 2 types of gouty arthritis and nephrolithiasis urate in the kidneys. The accumulation of uric acid in the joints are expressed in the appearance of tophi — lumps under the skin containing uric acid. These gouty nodes to disrupt the operation of the joints.


The etiology of the phenomenon


The excessive level of urates is the main cause of gout. This pattern can arise only as a result of 2 reasons:


  • the flow of uric acid is increased so that the healthy kidneys do not have time to lead it;

  • this is the moment when the person has preferences in meal and abstained.




2 reason acid is fed in moderation, but sick kidneys and the problem of elimination can’t cope. Urata choose the places where the blood supply is less and deposited it there, because the crystals are easier to grow: cartilage, joints and tendons. They also like to deposited in the kidneys, then the patient develops ICD, but gout such patients have attacks of renal colic is not enough.


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Provoking role plays:


  • addicted to red meat;

  • fatty foods;

  • bean;

  • coffee;

  • alcohol;

  • genetic predisposition;

  • obesity;

  • lack of exercise;

  • pathology of the liver and kidneys;

  • small use of water.



The symptomatic manifestation


It should be noted that to cure gout completely, it does not seem possible today, but the disease can be curbed. For a long time the pathology is asymptomatic, then suddenly there is an attack of acute pain in the joint, usually at night.


Patients describe the pain as gnawing, gut-wrenching. The joint becomes red, there is swelling, the joint and surrounding tissue start to burn. Whole body hyperthermia can reach 40ºC. Symptoms develop within hours.



Favourite localization — the big toe, the metatarsophalangeal joint of him, around him there is swelling and redness. Classic analgesics are at this time ineffective. Day the pain recedes a bit, but in the evening it all starts again.


This acute period may last up to weeks. Then the gout subsides and goes into snooze up to six months a year, sometimes up to 3 months, often a lull can be lengthy — 10 to 20 years.


Silence is not synonymous with recovery. With each attack, the time of remission will be reduced. The joint is gradually destroyed, affects the neighboring joints. Gouty nodes that appear over time — an indication that the body is actively fighting with salt deposits, trying to destroy them with white blood cells, salts perceives as a foreign body. Arrival to the affected area of the leukocytes and is expressed in inflammation, tissue becomes swollen. Inflamed tophi burst, and there is a white dust — it is nothing like crystals of uric acid. Usually affects the 1 joint.


A chronic course is characterized by:


  • the appearance of arthritis in small and medium joints of the limbs, oppressive sensations in them;

  • ICD;

  • the tophi in the joints, eyelids and ears.


Often the first toe appears ugly lump-lump, the tumor, which prevents their shoes. Area of the patient’s joint is purple-bluish, swollen, sensitive to even light touch. In the kidney, urate crystals can damage their canaliculi. This leads to them inflammation — glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis and nephritis. For these inflammations invisible, but they can quickly lead to acute renal failure.



Help in the attack


Than to relieve the pain of gout on the legs? Even with implementation of all recommendations during an attack to relieve the pain instantly impossible. But to ease the state, reducing the time of pain. How long is a gout attack?

Usually it lasts from several hours to weeks.


For starters, the patient is prescribed bed rest and complete rest foot. The legs should be raised the pillow above the head.


What to do when gout attack?

Unbearable pain in the affected joint, you can surround with ice for half an hour. At night, binding a compress with ointment Vishnevskogo or Dimexidum. Drink alkaline beverages — oatmeal and other jelly, mineral or plain water with lemon, milk. Other foods eliminated on time. A healthy kidneys water consumption 3 l


Relieve acute attack of gout instantly is impossible, but to reduce the inflammation and swelling you can use NSAIDs on a course for 2 weeks.


Large role played by drinking alkaline water during exacerbations: it normalizes metabolism and good displays with urine purines. Purines are those substances which come from food or formed in the body, they are precursors of uric acid. Water should be alkaline and organic substances — Narzan, Essentuki and Borjomi.



Principles of treatment


Treatment of acute attack of gout should serve 2 purposes: to opiramate the pain and prevent exacerbations. It is necessary to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood and reduce inflammation. To this end, in the complex of treatment included diet, medications, physical therapy, physical therapy, massage, folk remedies.


Physiotherapy treatment


Physiotherapy to treat you with the chronicity of the process only in the period of remission. They normalize the inflammatory phenomenon, circulation and biochemical processes in the affected area.


Most are assigned:

  • electrophoresis with novocaine and bischofite;

  • wave treatment;

  • paraffin;

  • UHF;

  • laser – and balneotherapy.


To improve the condition of cartilage tissue, restoring its motor function using therapeutic exercises and massage. Moderate exercise improves mobility of joints and prevents pain in the legs, developed the small joints of the extremities, which are the fastest. Physical activity is not shown only during an acute attack.



The popular treatment


Traditional methods are only an additional aid in the treatment. Used herbal medicine gives a soft effect. Funds can be General and local action, for example:


1. Teas of lime, rose hips, hawthorn, thyme, oregano, flowers singalovski.

2. Warm baths of chamomile, calendula, Helichrysum.

3. Compresses of fir and garlic butter, wheat flour and yeast.

4. Rubbing the tincture of mullein flowers.

5. Cream with fat badger, juniper and Bay leaf, an ointment based on flowers and bark of chestnut.

6. Garlic oil and tincture chestnut drink and inside.


What you can do at home?


How to relieve the pain of gout? If the patient had a seizure at home, you need to provide rest to the leg:


1. Create a hill of pillows.

2. To the inflamed area apply ice several times a day to half an hour until the pain passes.

3. Give more to drink a day to 1.5 liters of alkaline mineral water or plain salted. Good to use herbal teas.


A recent study of Americans showed that gout predisposed fatties who love sausages. Revealed a direct relationship between gout and calcium deficiency and vitamin C: after 40 years, they are always lacking.

Preventive measures


Requirements of prevention is quite simple: proper diet and moderate exercise. Physical education should be given at least 30 minutes a day, it can be any active movement from dancing to swimming.



The norm drink per day water — at least 2 l to Monitor the level of uric acid in the body: not higher than 60mg/L. it is Necessary andto SkyCity offal and fat sausage, meat, smoked meat, beans, sorrel, xanthine — coffee, tea, chocolate. But you can use low-fat milk, eggs, cereals, cheese, fruits and vegetables: they contain no purines.

To avoid any injury of the joints and narrow shoesand gout likes to hit the damaged area.published econet.ru.

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