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Guidelines for effective home weight loss
The contents

  • Rules of nutrition and effective fitness recommendations
  • Calories and weight loss process
  • Losing weight after childbirth

Problems with unwanted weight in the modern world is especially relevant. How to quickly put himself in order, improve muscle tone, make the shape attractive, to enhance the weight loss and thereby strengthen the overall health? It turns out that to achieve all this is quite possible even at home. Don’t have to visit the fitness center: a high enough motivation and desire to effectively burn extra calories and get rid of excess weight.

Rules of nutrition and effective fitness recommendations

The main rule in the fight for trim and slender figure not to neglect the attention to the availability of extra pounds: such a failure can lead to serious health issues and provoke the future of the high degree of obesity.

Home can lose weight everyone, especially if you put enough effort to fitness training, will follow the advice of experts and to monitor the consumption of calories. The basic rules include the following:

  • Replace your daily menu fast unhealthy carbohydrates are high in calories (snacks, sweets, cakes) on a slow (fruits, cereals). Exclude from the diet of wheat bread and any baked goods. You can replace them with rye bread or savory pastries from whole wheat mixture. Divide hearty daily meals to 5 small. This will allow the body to get enough to cope with the consumption of calories faster break down fat cells. The best options for a quick snack — fresh smoothies, natural yoghurts, nuts and acidic fruits.
  • Eat more vegetables: they contain huge amounts of dietary fiber, and calories, comes from them, instantly incinerated. For seasoning, use natural vegetable oils, cold pressed or so-called yogurtree refueling. Refrain from a large consumption of salt. This mineral contributes to the stagnation of water in the body. Completely eliminate it is also not necessary, otherwise there is a high risk of dehydration and violations of water-salt balance.
  • Take care of the physical activity, but try to do them moderately. It is impossible to overload and overwork the body with heavy training. Increase individual load only when consume enough calories.
  • Intensive multi-level fitness training and a strong hunger — a combination that can significantly undermine health. Be sure to pick up the fiznagruzki like the forces, because only fitness classes with pleasure will benefit and will drive the body into a stressful state.
  • Bans in losing weight play just as important a role as the exercises. To ignore limits is not necessary. Here’s what not to do with the active process of home weight loss:

    • To starve.

    Hunger leads to intoxication, weight gain, the effect of a training plateau. The body ceases to burn calories, storing them for future use. As a result of violations of metabolism is deteriorating not only internal but also external health: skin becomes gray and dull, hair brittle and falling out, muscles become flabby.

    • Make preparations for extreme weight loss.

    Any medications in this class impair the health, cause many side reactions and eluted useful minerals and trace elements from the body.

    • Smoke to enhance the process of weight loss.

    That cigarette dampen hunger is a myth. In order to lose weight properly, to numb the hunger should be a low calorie snack. For example, nuts, apples or a glass of water, which does not contain any calorie.

    Calories and weight loss process

    To at home to lose weight efficiently and permanently, you need to rebuild your diet and go on a proper diet. One should strictly observe a drinking mode (to drink per day at least 2 liters of water), do not abuse heavy food with a high content of fast carbs, not to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime and always eat Breakfast. You can also learn how to cook simple, but very effective slimming food.

    Tasty recipes will help to diversify the menu, burn calories and make a figure attractive even without grueling workouts in the gym.

    • Sherbet to cleanse.

    Use 350 g dried dates and dried apricots: chop them in a blender or grinder. The resulting mixture mix with ground briquette Senna grass. Put in the fridge to in another case. Sherbet is not only palatable, but also has a laxative – anti-oxidant effect.

    • Honey drink.

    Daily for one month drink water with dissolved in it honey (a tablespoon of honey 100 ml of pure water). In the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before Breakfast and in the evenings for an hour or two before bedtime.

    • Infusion of herbs.

    Mix 70-100 grams of dried herbs: chamomile, thyme, immortelle, Linden, St. John’s wort. Stir and pour the mixture 500 ml of boiling water. A little cool to a comfortable temperature, and drink in the evenings before bed. Substances included in these herbs helps to break down calories.

    Losing weight after childbirth

    To lose weight after childbirth at home is also possible. To start you will need to adjust the diet in accordance with the above conditions and start a low-intensity fitness training. If there are no serious problems with health in the post-Natal period, the fiznagruzki can be increased after 1-2 months of training home gym.

    At home you can perform the following exercises:

    • Press.

    It is recommended that women who have gone through natural childbirth. After cesarean section training on press not recommended by the doctors for at least 2-3 months after birth. To simplify the exercise you can apply the equipment: fitball, fitness drive.

    • “The corner”.

    Interlock hands in a castle in the area of the ribs, spread the elbows in different directions, slightly raise your legs to the body. Try to hold this position 20 to 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time. Do 20 repetitions.

    • Use hulahop (Hoop) without weighting, to work out your back muscles and waist.
    • Complete deep and shallow squats, pull-UPS on the crossbar.
    • Exercise from the floor, chair, cabinets, benches and any other static prop.
    • Use the elliptical, treadmill or vallonara.

    If you need to quickly burn extra calories and get rid of unwanted pounds, check out these helpful recipes. Do not forget to carry out fitness training to tighten body. Even a standard, but regular home-based exercise program will speed up weight loss and helps to achieve excellent results.

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