Harmful eating habits come from childhood

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Do you sit on the right food or even a diet, drink a lot of water, exercise moderately, but do not lose weight? In this case, you should think about two things:

  • Your genetic predispositions to fullness, possible diseases that prevent you from losing weight.
  • Or about bad eating habits that are unobtrusively left in your life.

Sometimes these are habits that are even difficult to pay attention to – you just live with them from childhood or youth, and so lived your parents. Reconsidering your lifestyle is easy if you know where the problem lies.

Harmful eating habits come from childhood

You all eat with bread.

This is especially true for people brought up in the Russian mentality. Bread from childhood accompanies any nourishing dish on the table: borscht, pilaf, buckwheat, cutlets. Sometimes we don’t think about it, taking a slice of white bread in our hands and eating their favorite dish.

But white bread is a fast carbohydrate – the enemy of a slender figure.

Try to notice the usual white bread on the bread from flour of the second grade, or even better – give up the bread completely. Lack of cereals in the body can be completely covered with slices or dried bread.

Sweet tea and coffee.

Sometimes we don’t think about a spoonful of sugar or a sugar cube, which is in our drink in the morning, at lunch or in the evening. Even if you don’t eat cakes, pastries, cookies and all the other sweet products, you still consume sweets.

A spoonful of sugar is a small cupcake. If you can’t imagine your life without sweets, but want to lose weight, give preference to sugar substitutes or fructose. Even a teaspoon of sugar that you put in your drink every day can seriously affect your figure.

Evening meals.

Coming after work, you’ll sweep away half the contents of your fridge because you’re tired, you’ve eaten badly at work and you’ve been under a lot of stress. Of course, in such circumstances the body will require food – as much as possible!

The solution is to eat evenly throughout the day. Then you won’t have evening overeatings that negatively affect your figure. If you don’t have time to eat during the day and you want to stop starving in the evening, give preference to unsweetened vegetables, especially fibre. For example, slice a tomato with herbs and sprinkle salt.

The first, second and dessert.

The habit of eating large amounts of food in one sitting, based on a classic English lunch – a bad habit, leading to excess weight. Try to listen to your body: it clearly signals that you are full and that a portion of mashed potatoes after nourishing soup will be superfluous, and a cake with tea – the more so.

Review your eating habits. When you find one of the above, try to gradually eradicate it from your life. So you will be faithfully standing on the way to the figure of a dream.

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