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Healthy eating: choose nuts

However, not all nuts are equally beneficial. Different types of nuts have both advantages and disadvantages. One of the positive aspects of this creation of nature is the fact that handful of nuts will help you to hold on until lunch. More than that can disrupt the appetite. And although nuts are helpful in nature of the product, combined with sugar or salt it becomes a real threat to the diet.

Useful for diet nuts
Almonds, cashews, pistachios

In composition, the nuts contain approximately the same number of calories per 100 grams and, in moderation, are a useful and essential addition to a healthy diet. The representative of the Academy of nutrition and dietetics Judy Kaplan believes that the consumption of nuts in combination with fatty omega-3 acids, protein and fiber will provide you with feeling of fullness and suppress appetite. In addition, nuts are an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of symptoms of diseases.

The lowest amount of calories contains almond – 536 calories per 100 grams (21 grams of protein and 53 grams of fat). Cashew contains 643 calories in 100 grams of product (23 grams of protein and 57 grams of fat). Pistachios – 556 kilocalories per 100 grams of weight (20 grams of protein and 50 grams of fat).

Kaplan advises to avoid packaged nuts and nuts roasted in oil. Instead, it is recommended to consume the product raw and slightly dried in the oven. Often gidrogenizirovannogo nuts fried in oil, “rich in” bad fats. In addition, the high temperature during frying, contributing to the destruction of nutrients contained in the product.

Harmful for diet nuts
Macadamia, pecan

Macadamia and pecans are some of the most nutritious nuts. However, they have low protein and high fat level in their composition.



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It is impossible to say that at the given characteristics of macadamia and pecan nuts are bad. The difference between them and nuts is about 40 kilocalories per 100 grams of product. Kaplan believes that if you follow the consumption of nuts necessarily in raw or dried form, they will be a source of healthy fats and nutrients.


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