Healthy food: how to avoid raids on the refrigerator?

Night raids on the refrigerator began to become a habit? So it's time to radically change the existing power. Experts say that in most cases, nightly snacks are the result of an unbalanced diet, the body's response to stress and health problems. Is it possible to normalize food, and give up bad eating habits?

Healthy food: the causes of bad habits

Some people even after a fairly hearty dinner wake up at night because they want to eat. However, an overnight snack “in a hurry” (in the form of a sandwich, biscuit or piece of cake) is not always able to help, and a person is forced to raid the refrigerator every few hours. As a result of the lack of full sleep comes a feeling of tiredness and weakness for the whole day. And soon the situation repeats again.

Nutritionists believe that the reason for night raids on the refrigerator lies in the modern rapid pace of life, in which often there is no time for a full, regular diet and enough rest. People often skip breakfast or lunch and want to make up for it at dinner. But one meal may not be enough, so avoiding night snacks becomes very difficult.

Psychologists and nutritionists also talk about the habit of many people to relieve stress with food. And, if during the day the menu can include a variety of products, in the evening, preference is given mainly to sweet and high-calorie food, which helps to briefly deal with the effect of stress on the body.

Night snacks: the effect of hormones and stress on the body

Night snacks: the effect of hormones and stress on the body

Snacking at night has long been the norm for many people. They justify such feeding behavior with a work schedule or a stray regime of the day, and do not see anything unnatural in it. However, not everyone knows what kind of food a person needs for good health and good health.

The need to constantly have a bite at night is far from a harmless habit. In some countries, it is already considered a disease that needs appropriate treatment.

Therefore, if at night hunger worries, interferes with sleep and causes discomfort, then you should consult a doctor. In particular, it is necessary to be examined by an endocrinologist because, according to the research, hormonal imbalance strongly influences a person’s emotional state. Such failures in the body push people to uncontrolled absorption of food.

Moreover, such nutritional disorders adversely affect health. So, when going to bed with a full stomach, a person forces his body, instead of resting, to throw strength at digesting food. As a result, he is provided with poor sleep, irritability, digestive problems and weight gain.

In addition, when they wake up, such people rarely have a full breakfast. Their food in the morning is represented mainly by a cup of coffee, because there is no appetite at all. And waking up at night the situation is repeated again.

To answer the question, what kind of food will allow you to change this eating behavior, you need to find out the exact reasons for the appearance of night hunger. In this case, each specific incident should be treated strictly individually.

In some cases, the culprit of night raids on the refrigerator is the constant stress experienced, and this problem should be solved with a psychologist. In others – hormonal disorders are to blame. Here you should consult an endocrinologist and undergo appropriate treatment that will normalize the secretion of hormones.

It is also advisable to consult an experienced nutritionist and jointly develop a strategy to eradicate harmful eating habits.

What food will protect from night raids on the refrigerator?

What food will protect from night raids on the refrigerator?

It is no secret that evening overeating is one of the main reasons for weight gain, deterioration of sleep quality and general well-being. To get rid of this bad habit, you need to follow a few fairly simple rules.

Don't stay long over dinner

Nutritionists do not recommend combining dinner with watching movies or working at the computer. All of this increases the risk of eating more than expected, as well as ending the meal well past midnight. As a result, a person goes to sleep with a full stomach, which is bad for his well-being. Therefore, it is very important to learn to share food intake and leisure.

Follow meal schedule

Many people, answering the question what kind of food a healthy person needs to feel well, answer without hesitation – three meals a day. But, in reality, with the modern rhythm of life, not everyone is able to meet this basic requirement. In most cases, missed breakfasts and lunches are compensated by excessively abundant dinners. Therefore, you should make every effort to comply with the regime of eating. It is also desirable to eat every day at the same time.

Organize a balanced diet

A sufficient presence in the diet of proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates – the main feature of balanced nutrition. These vital nutrients help to maintain normal blood sugar and hormones, which helps to minimize the acute feeling of hunger. Moreover, experts recommend for breakfast mainly eat cereals and other slow carbohydrates, and for dinner – protein foods (lean meat or fish).

Reduce the number of snacks

The desire to have a snack usually occurs between the main meals. However, if the latter are sufficiently nourishing and balanced in composition, the number of snacks can be significantly reduced. In addition, nutritionists recommend choosing the most useful products for them: fruits, vegetables, nuts, cottage cheese, etc.

Do not skip breakfast

Doctors and nutritionists unanimously recommend not to miss breakfast. After all, this good habit helps to keep under control the feeling of hunger during the first half of the day. And a hearty breakfast (for example, from whole-grain products) will allow you to avoid surges in blood sugar levels.

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