HLS is a great way to improve your health and maintain your figure


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HLS is a great way to improve your health and maintain your figure

The contents

  • A healthy lifestyle is easy and comfortable
  • Proper nutrition to guard health and slim figure
  • Requires exercise
  • The day: rest and work

Instead of having to suffer from hunger on diets and handfuls to drink all sorts of pills and vitamins, try switching to a healthy lifestyle. Probably will have difficult, but after a while you’ll see a perfect result and understand that a healthy lifestyle is simple.

A healthy lifestyle is easy and comfortable

To begin with you should understand all the advantages of a healthy lifestyle. Then go to it will be easier.

First, it is useful for the body, helps to strengthen health and immunity. Second, it is possible without dieting, counting calories and refusing favorite foods to become slimmer. Thirdly, there is always a choice of food and recipes unlike diet. Fourth, the HLC helps to normalize the mode of the day, find time for leisure, Hobbies and activities you enjoy.

Also go to HLS, you can easily and without straining. Just this should be done gradually. For example, the first to start doing short exercises in the morning. Then gradually increase the time to 15-20 minutes. After 2-3 weeks add into your life more physical activity. For example, to join the pool and visit him twice a week. Or start walking for one hour every day.

At the same time try to include in the menu more vegetables and fruits. A couple of weeks to start to reduce the consumption of junk food. And after some time to try to cook tasty and healthy muffin independently.

The point is to go to HLS at a pace that is comfortable for you. But not to deviate from your goal.

Proper nutrition to guard health and slim figure

Nutrition is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. Health and the figure largely depends on what we eat.

Go on a proper diet not very hard to make it much easier than ever to stick to diets. After all, calorie counting is not necessary, you can cook different dishes to your taste, make a menu for her. However, there are some rules that have to be followed.

So, proper diet involve a reduction in the diet of junk food. This means, it is necessary to remove from the menu fast food, pastries, cakes, fatty sauces, sweet drinks. All of these products only harm the health and figure. But this does not mean that we should forget about your favorite cake. Sometimes you can not afford to eat your favorite food but in small amounts and not every day.

In addition, the diet should be balanced and complete. Therefore, all useful products must be used. You can’t give up meat or dairy, forget about greens or nuts. However, if you do not like something, you can safely delete the product and replace it with another.

We need to learn to eat 4-5 times a day, small portions. To drink for twenty minutes before eating with clean water. To prepare delicious but healthy meals.

Proper nutrition implies that the menu will be organized as follows: the dense Breakfast, lunch, hearty dinner is easy. Can and snacking, but the food should be useful.

Here is a sample menu:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomato and fennel bread, yogurt and green tea;
  • snack: smoothie of kiwi, pear and arugula;
  • lunch: soup-puree of celery, fish with broccoli, bread, stewed apples, sea buckthorn and plums;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese with spinach and parsley;
  • dinner: vegetable stuffed cabbage with sour cream, mint tea;
  • before bed: yogurt with cinnamon.

The advantage of nutrition is that you can endlessly experiment or stay for 2-3 options. That is, to adjust it to their needs and their desires.

Requires exercise

Without exercise it is impossible to keep a slim figure and good health. Therefore, the load be sure to take the time.

You should start with an earlier rising in the morning. Enough to get up ten minutes earlier and do a short exercise. This will speed up the metabolism, help the body to Wake up and cheer up. If morning exercise does not work, is to provide for her another time. The main thing is to exercise in between meals (one hour before or one hour after).

Of course, one charge not enough. Therefore, we need another exercise. Should think twice and find what you like. I enjoy running? Can run in the morning or evening every day. Prefer swimming? Means, purchase a subscription to the pool and practice several times a week. Maybe I would like to do dance? Look for a Studio where you can learn the beloved.

During the day, and other desirable physical activity. For example, you can walk from work, not to use the Elevator all day, play outdoor games with the kids, do General house cleaning. The options are many, the main thing to remember is that physical activity is very important not to avoid it.

The day: rest and work

For HLS equally important is the mode of the day. It is necessary to alternate work and rest, to properly allocate your time.

A lot of work and worries can lead to the fact that during the day will not be allocated time to rest. This is detrimental to health. Besides, if there is no time to think about yourself, you can forget about proper nutrition and exercise. This means, the transition to a healthier way of life will not.

What to do? Remember the mode of the day. Plan for a day, a week. It will help to work more productively, to see if that steals time that could be spent with advantage, and build your day to find time to rest. For example, instead of working, you get distracted by social networking or frequently drink coffee. Such breaks need to be reduced. This will allow to complete the work early.

It is important to allocate enough time for sleep. And it needs to be strong. Therefore it is necessary to prepare in advance: take a walk before bedtime, ventilate the bedroom, take a warm bath, read a peaceful book. Even if a lot of cases, it is necessary to plan your day so that at least 20 minutes to devote to yourself. Then sleep will be strong and in the morning you will feel refreshed.

A healthy lifestyle helps to improve health and figure. And it can be done gently and comfortably. Try it!

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