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Modern colors offers a lot of options for girls who want to change the hair color and image. But most of the techniques have one big disadvantage — the need to constantly touch up the roots. Some girls, knowing that now you need each month to spend time and money to update the hairstyle, give up the idea of changing the color of hair. Absolutely nothing! Allow the roots in order not to hurt the length will help technique highlighting the root, which can handle any colorist.


  • Procedure
  • The pros of the procedure
  • What you’ll need
  • The technology is radical highlighting
  • Tips for a perfect painting
  • Care after dyeing


Human hair grows quite fast, in 3-4 weeks the roots begin to spoil the appearance. The more they grow, the more they can be seen. The catastrophic situation depends on the type of staining.

Modern technology of dyeing (California, Ombre, Shatush, Balaj or Ombre) should be corrected with root dyeing every six months. More classical techniques do not start from the middle or third of the length to the tip and from the roots. After 1-2 months, the transition between the bleached areas and regrown natural color change becomes too obvious. Require correction.

The main feature of basal dyeing in that paint is not applied on the entire length, but only on the roots. Thanks to this procedure can be considered one of the most gentle coloring. But connected to that is the main difficulty: you need to choose the color that match perfectly with the shade of bleached strands. Otherwise, the transition will be too noticeable and the meaning of the correction will be lost.

Important! It is not recommended to apply paint to those areas that have already been discolored earlier. The hair after the pigment removal weaken and even provided a permanent cure repeated exposure clarifier would be disastrous.

The pros of the procedure

Girls, who have decided to make the weave, you should prepare for the fact that now every couple of months will have to visit the hairdresser. Fortunately, the procedure does not harm and its benefits are obvious:

  • the paint does not fall on the full length, so you can not worry about the quality of the hair (especially a weak or untreated);
  • no need to spend hours at the hairdresser’s;
  • to touch up roots will take very little paint and, therefore, basal weave will cost mere pennies.

Intervention is minimal and the result is magnificent. Even if the girl last time I dyed my hair a few months ago, they look like she got highlights just that.

What you’ll need

Barbers use three components for malinowskiego staining roots:

  • The bleaching powder. If the girl from the nature of dark and thick hair, to lighten them to the desired shade will work only with powder. Before the procedure it is diluted with an oxidizing agent in certain proportions. Better not to experiment with dosages and trust the issue to a professional. Otherwise bleach the hair with an ugly yellow tint!
  • Special blonde. The dye recommended for dark-haired girls: brown hair, dark blonde or brunettes. Feature of paint is that it is used on uncolored hair. For the special root touch-up blonde fits perfectly. Dye as bleaching powder, is mixed with the oxidizer (often in the ratio of 2:1).
  • Tonic or resistant paint. Many girls with natural pigment excreted hard, so the hair after bleaching retain a reddish or yellow tint. Perfect basal weave requires purity of color, to achieve which will help the natural hues of colors.
  • It is highly recommended not to experiment with radical hair colouring yourself. One of the reasons is a high probability of incorrect selection of the proportions of the lightening mixture, whereby it is possible to spoil the pretty painted strands.

    The technology is radical highlighting

    Before the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the necessary equipment. You will need:

    • the clarifier;
    • paint;
    • bowl for mixing;
    • brush;
    • comb;
    • plastic hair clips.
    • strips of foil.

    All ingredients should be at hand. The gradual process of the highlighting looks like this:

  • In a bowl mix the clarifier and oxidizer in the correct proportions. It is usually indicated on the packaging. The final consistency should be creamy, such that flowed out of the foil.
  • Hair carefully combed and divided into 3 identical zones: two temporal and Central, which includes the neck and forehead.
  • Defines the width of the painted strands. To start with the back of his head. The first strand is laid on the foil, after which the root zone is applied to the clarifier. Foil wrapped the edges first, then bottom.
  • Gradually stained and wrapped in foil all the zones.
  • To withstand the clarifier according to the instructions. Usually the time ranges from 15 to 45 minutes.
  • The foil is removed, the strands are washed thoroughly, first with water, then shampoo.
  • If necessary, the root zone can be tinted in any shade.
  • After staining must be applied: shampoo and dry the hair.
  • Re-coloring at home is hard, especially if the whole length promieniowania small strands of hair. During paint application it is important to decolorize the strands, repeating the same pattern as on the previously dyed hair. Only in this case are guaranteed a great result.

    Video: the dyeing Process is clearly

    Tips for a perfect painting

    For a real professional to make a quality weave zone of roots is a simple question. What can be said about homegrown colorist. Not to cry because of a bad hair or ugly result, you need to follow simple recommendations:

  • Contact only the experts! At home it is difficult to dissolve the dye mixture in ideal proportions and to correctly apply them on the hair.
  • Sign up for the painting to the master, which did the main highlights. Each color your own “handwriting”, to repeat that another hairdresser would be difficult. If you ignore this advice, basal area and painted length can simply stop combined.
  • You cannot get out beyond his roots and to apply paint on previously bleached strands. If you “overdo it” with destaining composition, the hair becomes dry, brittle and weak.
  • Streamer colors — a prerequisite for the perfect highlighting areas of roots. If it is wrong to distribute the dye, the roots will stand out, will appear a noticeable transition.
  • You can not dye freshly washed hair. It is advisable to wait at least a day. The natural fat film will protect locks from the harmful effects of paint without disturbing the hair to absorb the pigment.
  • Do not try to save money by buying cheap paint. It may excessively affect the hair structure, making strands brittle and dull. Better to stay on the popular quality brands: Palette, Garnier, Estel, etc.
  • Do not use very strong oxidizing agent. It not only damages hair but also gives a yellow. The best result is obtained with a weak oxidizing agent. It should be kept a little longer, but the highlights are without any shades.
  • Special attention should be paid to the selection color. This is another reason why you should apply for re-dyeing to the same master. He remembers what kind of paint was used the first time, so I can do roots is indistinguishable in shade from the rest of the length.

    Care after dyeing

    The hair is not damaged and looked great until the next painting, you should follow simple recommendations:

  • For shampooing you should use a special shampoo for highlighted hair. They will help to preserve the color and prevent yellowing.
  • Definitely need to use conditioner, preferably from the same series as shampoo. After washing hair it is important to cuticles that protect the innards of the hair from the negative effects of the environment. Complement the treatment oils, masks and conditioners.
  • If there are stains, they can remove it using special tonics. They are sold in professional shops for hairdressers. Perfectly neutralizes yellow shades tonics or hair shampoos silver or purple.
  • Quality comb — the key to healthy hair. It is recommended to choose wooden comb with a large distance between the teeth, combs with natural bristles or thin plastic teeth (like Tangle Teezer). Just need to comb dry hair.
  • Yellowing causes an excess of sunlight or chlorinated water. Outside in the summer time is to wear a hat, and in the pool not to forget about the cap.
  • You can’t repeat the procedure too often. Radical hair colouring is done when the roots grow to 4-5 inches, early staining can hurt.
  • Highlights the zone of the roots is a great way to update your hairstyle, spend a minimum of time and effort. With proper staining it seems that the girl just made a fresh weave for the entire length. To achieve perfect results independently difficult, the most common problem is the noticeable transition between the shades. If the roots had grown and striking, maybe it’s time to call my colorist?

    Video: the Highlights at the roots in blaenau technology


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