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How do you tame the hormone of hunger?

Grelin is a hormone that signals us that we are starving. It starts to work out at a certain time when you need to eat. Ghrelin doesn’t always work stably, and sometimes it is produced not when the body needs food, but when you want it psychologically. There are a number of factors that can cause it to develop: the smell of delicious food, the type of food or how people eat, and much more. Even if the stomach is full, ghrelin can start to produce. So we know how to control the hormone of hunger.

Stretch out your stomach

Many people believe that a narrow stomach is a guarantee of constant satiety and weight loss. You eat only a little, get saturated quickly, and therefore lose weight. But that’s not true. Little food is little energy. Your body with a small stomach will quickly process the energy and require more. A small stomach will always create the effect of hunger, emptiness.

Stomach should not be stretched with any products, but with certain ones. Namely products containing high level of fiber: apples, cabbage, seeds, second-rate flour, citrus fruits, broccoli.

We produce a hormone of satiety

There is a cholicystokininin, a hormone of satiety, as opposed to grelin. Its production can also be stimulated by products:

  • Walnuts, pine nuts.
  • Salmon, mackerel, pink salmon, sardine, oysters, anchovies, black caviar.
  • Chia seeds, flax, linseed oil, hemp seeds.
  • Tofu cheese.
  • Eggs, beef.
  • White beans, soybeans, wild rice, red lentils.

Right food

As we have already written in many articles, the key to satiety, comfort and good shape is proper nutrition. That’s why you should see how often you eat, how much food you eat and what kind of food it is. It’s important that your body has a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and enough calories to provide energy for the whole day, but not too much. Make sure you always have the following foods in your diet that will be full for a long time:

  • Rice, buckwheat and legumes.
  • Chicken meat.
  • Chicken eggs, especially proteins.
  • Whole grains of the second grade (contrary to popular belief, flour can and should be eaten, but you need to know which one).
  • Lots of water.

How do you tame the hormone of hunger?

Nutrition mode

It’s also an important factor. If you eat three meals a day, you will experience severe hunger between meals. Therefore, with each meal you will eat a huge amount of food, which will be long digested. The fact that the body gets used to our rhythms, and he will know that the breaks between meals are very long, so the food deficit. That abundance of food absorbed by you will not go into the energy, and will become fat, which, in theory, should be spent in the “black days” when the food is not there at all. But they do not come, and fat is accumulated. This is not only a blow to the figure, but also the load on your gastrointestinal system. Therefore, we do the following:

  • Breakfast. If you can’t do it tightly, then at least the porridge, the egg is something protein and slow carbohydrates. Not fruit! If you cannot eat in the morning, drink a glass of warm water immediately after waking up. This will activate the stomach and make you feel hungry.
  • Snack. Snacks are made at least between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner. Fruits and vegetables can be included in snacks.
  • We don’t eat much food for dinner, especially if you go to bed after 4 hours. You have nowhere to spend your energy.

Such a diet will help you to cope with the hormone of hunger, and therefore with the constant volume of food intake.

Tip: If you decide to give up sweet or flour, a bun or piece of chocolate will not hurt you in the morning, as the morning’s energy consumption is the highest.

Special Hunger Factors

  • Sometimes hunger comes from lack of sleep.
  • Stress, depression, lack of peace and tranquility can lead to hunger.
  • If your brain doesn’t know what to do, it may require food. Therefore, it is good to always be in some activity.
  • Physical and intellectual activity requires energy, so it is normal to want to eat after any work.
  • Violation of the daily routine can provoke the production of hunger hormone. For example, you have been up all night, so you can feel hungry.
  • Lack of physical activity can also lead to hunger – the body aims to accumulate fat, not to waste it.
  • Hunger can occur immediately after a meal if the food is based on fast carbohydrates. This includes fast food, sweet and flour (first-class flour). The energy wasted quickly, and the ghrelin is being produced again. Therefore, snacks at work with this kind of food are not the best option.
  • Hunger can provoke parasites. In this case, you should consult a specialist.
  • In women, hunger occurs during certain periods of the cycle, and it is absolutely normal to starve

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