How to bake a balloon? Little secret to successful baking

I have performed charlotte in different kitchens, in different states, with and without a support group … Charlottes always turn out to be airy. Whoever tastes this cake for the first time usually m-m-m-mum with pleasure and asks for the recipe. Interesting to try? Then let’s get started!

We start, as usual, by beating three eggs (no need to separate the yolks from the whites – unnecessary worries). Continuing whisking, add sugar and bring to a creamy color. And only after that we add flour and continue to beat until a viscous fluidity. The dough should be as light as possible. This is the secret of cooking …

For home gourmets or special occasions, add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg each. Our little baking masterpiece cannot be spoiled by anything – neither sour cream, nor butter, nor soda slaked with vinegar, nor baking powder.

Add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg for a special flavor

We bake in one of two ways:

1. For a crispy crust, place the apples, peeled from the core and cut into thin slices, in a mold and fill with dough. The dough should be given a little time to fill the voids between the apples. Children love to feast on a sugared crust and bring the cake to an indecent state, so I recommend this method for a narrow home circle.

2. For the “release of the pie”, pour the dough into a mold and beautifully lay out the apple slices on top (in circles, fans, rosettes), lightly sprinkling them with sugar.

By the way, to reduce the calorie content of the pie, it is better to use a silicone mold, which does not need to be oiled.

2a. To “go out into the big world” you need a baking sheet and a double dose of starting products. Pour the dough into a prepared baking sheet (here you cannot do without butter) and spread the apple slices on it, carefully row by row along the long side of the baking sheet. Usually 4 rows are obtained. After baking, dividing into portions is a matter of seconds. The baking sheet holds 20 good portions.

We bake the cake for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. In a convection oven, the crust turns out a little faster at 165 degrees.

This airy apple pie is able to outshine almost any commercial cake with its lightness and exquisite taste (with a few exceptions).

To reduce calories, use a silicone mold that does not need to be oiledTo reduce calories, use a silicone mold that does not need to be oiled

Charlotte is an all-season pie: in winter we bake it with dried apricots and raisins, in spring we add rhubarb. In the summer we bake with currants, raspberries, irga, blueberries and other berries (we bake according to the 1st option). The most delicious autumn charlotte is with plums or apples. Now is the high apple season. And let the “sad time” pleases not only with the shades of “eyes of charm”, but also with the charm of taste.

I believe that now you will be asked to perform charlotte quite often …

Do not worry about a slim figure and a decent amount of carbohydrates in the dish. If you do not get carried away with charlotte at dinner, but serve it for breakfast as a main course or for lunch as a dessert, then the figure will remain within the bounds of decency.” title=”Enjoy your meal!” alt=”Bon appetit! “Data-image =” 150638″>Enjoy your meal!

I wish you bon appetite, good health and family well-being!

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