How to cook the right kebab?

Did it grunt or cackle before?
How many people you meet – you hear so many opinions about the correctness of soaking, cooking, frying, eating and even drinking it. Summarizing the multinational experience of “kebab studies”, we can say with confidence that whatever the barbecue is prepared from: chicken, fish, lamb, pork, beef or veal – the main thing is to make the right choice. Any meat should be neither paired nor frozen, but always fresh and chilled. In frozen – there are fewer nutrients, and kebabs from it will never be juicy. You can’t cook a good kebab from fresh meat either: blood should drain from the carcass, and the meat itself must be thoroughly marinated.

It is also important what part of the mascara you take. Delicate, juicy and tasty kebab will be obtained from a pork neck (the part located along the ridge on the neck) and lamb ham. Barbecue pork leg will come out drier. Beef is tougher, and it will be quite difficult for an inexperienced person to make a juicy dish out of it. The only part that is good for a shish kebab is the tenderloin, and the legs and thighs are not used. But if you buy veal, the result will exceed all your expectations. For a person who is completely inexperienced in the methods of cooking barbecue, it is best to practice on chicken – the meat is tender, it cooks quite quickly, you can use any part, even the wings.


Salt, pepper and onion are the basis of any marinade, which can be used as acidic liquids: wine, lemon and pomegranate juices, sour and fresh milk, yogurt. And no vinegar! It is rough and is usually used to disguise stale or very tough meat. Therefore, being lazy and buying pieces of meat already soaked in vinegar in the store, think about what and how long ago it was prepared.

To exemplarily cook a barbecue at home, sprinkle the meat first with coarse salt (it absorbs everything and does not give juice), then with large mashed peppercorns, and then chopped onions in large rings. If the meat is fresh, this will be quite enough for the marinade, if not, add liquid: chickens are usually soaked in milk or wine, pork – in wine, sour juices or yogurt, lamb – in wine or sour juices, veal – in wine, sour juices and curdled milk.

The main secret: you need to marinate the kebab in an enamel, earthenware or glass dish. In no case should you soak meat for barbecue in an aluminum pan: oxides of this metal, interacting with meat and liquids, will spoil its taste at best, and, at worst, make it poison.

Chop-chop, put on a skewer

So that in field conditions the meat does not turn on skewers, it is evenly fried on all sides – do not cut it into too large pieces, and so as not to dry out, grind it. The best option would be pieces measuring 5 × 5 centimeters, otherwise the kebab simply will not be fried.
The chicken can be chopped into pieces, strung together with the bone on a skewer and served in this form. The wings are simply piled, as they say, in a heap and fried on a wire rack.

The meat of a young lamb should be with bones, and in dealing with pork – its own tricks. There should not be a lot of fat on the piece: the fat will melt, begin to burn, because of this, the meat will acquire an unpleasant taste.

How to cook the right kebab?

It also matters how you skewer the meat. The main thing is not to make an accordion out of it, it is enough to pierce the piece in just two places along so that the meat does not hang down and dangle. String a ring of onion or bell pepper between it. Try to separate the pieces from each other to cook the kebab evenly. To find out if your dish is ready, cut the meat along with a sharp knife: if the juice is transparent, you can serve it on the table, if it is pink, the meat is not ready, if there is no juice, you have overdried the kebab. Don’t be discouraged and feel free to experiment with the next serving.

Firewood for barbecue

It is best to use birch, linden, oak and all types of fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, cherry, sweet cherry, apricot, peach and others), grapevine to prepare barbecue. Coniferous wood with resinous wood is categorically excluded, they will give the meat a flavor that is not “clogged” by any sauces.

For poultry and game kebabs, firewood from fruit trees is best; lamb and pork – cherry, birch or lime wood; from veal – firewood from birch, linden and fruit trees.

Classic kebab

Products: 1 kg of lamb, 5-6 onions, 1 bunch of green onions, 3-4 tomatoes, 4 tbsp. l. tkemali sauce, dried barberry – on the tip of a knife, 1 lemon, 20 g of melted lamb fat, ground black pepper, herbs, salt – to taste.

Cut the lamb loin or hind leg into small pieces, put in a bowl, salt, sprinkle with ground pepper, add finely chopped onions, lemon juice and mix. Cover the dishes with a lid and place in a cold place for marinating for 2-3 hours.

How to cook the right kebab?

Pieces of meat strung on a metal spit interspersed with onions, cut into rings, grease them with melted fat tail fat.

Fry the kebab on the grill over hot coals without flame for 10-15 minutes, turning the spit so that the meat is evenly fried.

Serve green or onions, sliced ​​lemon rings or tkemali sauce, tomatoes as a garnish. Garnish with herbs and barberry before serving.

Pork shashlik with beer

Cut the cooled, not very fatty pork meat into small pieces of the same size. Fold into an enamel pan, shifting a large amount of onions, season with salt and pepper to taste, pour mayonnaise (about 250 ml per 2 kg of meat), mix thoroughly and put in a cold place for 2 hours to marinate.

15 minutes before preparing the kebabs, pour 0.5 liters of light beer into a saucepan and mix everything.

While the kebabs are being fried, you can prepare the sauce: fry the onions remaining in the pan until tender, mix with mayonnaise and ketchup.

Fold ready-made kebabs in a saucepan and leave to sweat for 10 minutes (kebabs are soft and juicy).

Sturgeon shashlik

Products: 1 kg of sturgeon, 1 tsp. butter, 400 g tomatoes, 150 g onions, 150 g green onions, 2 lemons, pepper and salt to taste.

How to cook the right kebab?

Remove the skin from the fish and remove the cartilage, cut into pieces of 40-50 g. Stir the fish with grated onions, pepper and salt, skewer and fry for 10 minutes.

Serve as a garnish with fresh tomatoes (preferably fried over a fire), onions cut into rings, coarsely chopped green onions, lemon slices.

Chicken leg shashlik

Products: chicken legs – 2 pcs., Lemon juice, tomato juice, or dry wine – 1 glass, onions – 2 pcs., Salt, ground black pepper, thyme (dried), garlic greens – to taste.

Cut each leg into three parts, pickle (in lemon juice, tomato juice, or dry wine – to taste). Add bay leaf, salt, black pepper, thyme, onion, chopped into large rings. Marinate the meat for about an hour.

Skewer the marinated legs on skewers, alternating with pickled onions, slices of fresh tomatoes and eggplant. Serve the kebabs on skewers, sprinkle generously with finely chopped green garlic feathers.

Tkemali sauce

Products: 100 g dried plums, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley or cilantro.

How to cook the right kebab?

Sorted, washed dried plums are placed in a saucepan, filled with water so that it only covers them and boiled. The broth is filtered, pitted plums are rubbed through a sieve, diluted with broth until sour cream is thick, crushed garlic, ground pepper, finely chopped greens, salt, paprika are added, mixed, boiled and cooled.

Tomato sauce

Products: 1.5 kg of tomatoes, 300 g of butter, 2 g of ground pepper, salt to taste.

Sort fresh tomatoes, remove the stalks, wash in cold water, cut into slices, rub through a sieve, boil until the consistency of heavy cream, season with melted butter, ground pepper, salt.

Enjoy your meal!

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