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Fashion requires of girls is almost impossible: to spend the whole day in heels, walking in uncomfortable shoes or boots, tormenting fingers and feet, but to keep the skin smooth. Sooner or later, be ugly corns and calluses that are not just sloppy, but sick. To get rid of them is not easy. Come to the aid of medications and home remedies.


  • Causes of corns
  • Appear like dry corn
  • The right treatment
    • The mechanical method
    • Drug
    • Special plasters
  • Salon treatments
    • Laser therapy
    • Burning with liquid nitrogen
    • Pedicure
  • Folk remedies
  • Useful tips

Causes of corns

No need to be a psychic or a doctor of medical science, to understand the basic cause of corns on the feet. She is only one, and it’s the mismatched shoes. The situation is aggravated by several factors:

  • Wrong size. Hundreds and thousands of girls at least once in your life bought tight shoes hoping they’ll be able to post, but never carried. Another option — the shoes are too wide and large. The foot is not properly clamped, fingers and heel slip, resulting in dry and wet corns.
  • Uncomfortable shoes. The 90s and early 2000s was particularly capable of the invention of the Shoe styles, able to literally break legs. In a fashionable pointed shoes, the toes pinched, as under pressure, and high stud did not give stability. The constant wearing of such shoes has led not only to relatively harmless corns, but also to deformation of the toes.
  • Too high heel. When wearing such shoes the body weight is transferred from the entire foot to toe. Increased load leads to the appearance of dry corn.
  • Cheap shoes. Fashion experts recommend that to save money on clothes, but never shoes. And it’s not just the beauty. Bought for 300 rubles sneakers or boots for 800 often sewn from substandard materials. Foot rot and poor quality seams irritate the skin, leading to formation of corns.
  • Physical labor and constant work on his feet.
  • Some of the dry corns and calluses on toes may appear even when wearing good quality shoes. Often this is due to the natural characteristics of the organism. Some women used to have a dress of poor quality and uncomfortable shoes, leading to foot deformities. As a result, even the most comfortable shoes you have time to break in, suffering from rubbing and calluses dry.

    Appear like dry corn

    The formation of corns is a process that takes more than one day. In normal circumstances dead skin cells are shed and quickly disappear. But if the Shoe is constantly pressing and rubbing, the epidermal cells remain in place and grow on each other layer by layer. While dry corn is small, it is possible to cut yourself. But worse situations need professional help.

    There is another principle of formation of dry corn. She can be reborn from conventional wet. This usually happens if it is wrong to treat the wear and tear and still wear the same tight shoes or boots.

    The right treatment

    Calluses on toes must not be overlooked, by themselves they will not be lost. Someone thinks will get used to the feeling of “walking on stones” and the discomfort, but a painful aggravation of dry corn can occur at any time.

    There are several ways of getting rid of RUB sores on fingers:

  • Mechanical. This option is ideal for small and not too rough calluses. You will need a pumice stone or scraper, which removed dead skin layer.
  • Medication. On the shelves of pharmacies you can find many ointments and creams that help to soften or solid blister or remove dead skin cells.
  • With the help of special plasters. They are sold in any drugstore. Select the patches depending on the type and stage of development of calloused education.
  • Salon treatment. This includes laser therapy, treatment with liquid nitrogen and pedicure.
  • Folk. This category includes all natural recipes that are easy to cook by yourself: poultices, compresses, ointments, creams.
  • Each option is suitable for the treatment of different dry calluses on the feet, so you should consider the methods of treatment in more detail.

    The mechanical method

    If the bunion is still not hardened, it can be removed independently at home. This will require a pumice stone or a special scraper for the feet. Pre-dry feet with calluses steamed in hot water, you can add chamomile or any other natural infusion. Soak feet should be 10-15 minutes. Then the feet should be thoroughly wiped with a towel.

    After bath, wear and tear needs to become more soft and pliable. So it can be removed without pain and discomfort. It is desirable to go over the surface several times to remove all the layers of dead skin cells.

    Important! In no case should one try to cut a callus using a nail scissors. You can easily damage the skin and introduce infection!


    To use ointments or compresses with pharmacy medicines have the appearance of painful and large blisters. To cope with the problem will help:

  • Salicylic ointment. It is made on the basis of benzoic acid, which helps to relieve pain and inflammation, healing of microfractures.
  • Ointment Super Intimately. Tool is one of the most effective for removing dry calluses on my fingers and feet. The main active substances – urea and lactic acid. With their help, the ointment does dry the corns softer, after which it is easily removed by conventional pumice.
  • Ointment Benzamycin. One medication on the basis of benzoic and salicylic acids. For best effect before applying the ointment it is necessary to make a hot foot bath to steam the skin. Then the problem area, apply a pea ointment, the top is pasted a band-aid. It is recommended to repeat the procedure every couple of hours.
  • Most creams and ointments have similar composition and include salicylic and benzoic acid. Therefore, if the selected drug was not in the pharmacy, you can safely take equivalent. It will work as it should.

    Special plasters

    Unlike regular plasters to prevent rubbing antimasonry is fastened to a gauze pad impregnated with the active active ingredient. Such patches must be glued to the problematic section and after a while change to a new one. If the tool is adjusted correctly, when peeling off the tape there will be pieces of dead skin.

    Legs, as with ointments, it is advisable to steam in hot water, wipe dry and only then glue antimasonry patch. If the skin is well warmed, therapeutic components from the gauze pads will begin to act.

    Salon treatments

    If dried corn on the toe persists, home remedies do not help, you should turn to professionals. They offer 3 ways of getting rid of the problem.

    Laser therapy

    It is typically used if a blister on the leg arose not because of wearing uncomfortable shoes, but because of the fungus. The essence of the procedure is simple: corn is sent to the laser beam, which burns the keratinized skin, destroying bacteria and fungal infection. The procedure is completely painless, the doctor can usually do it under local anesthesia. To completely get rid of corn on foot is enough for one session. After burning corn does not need to go for the dressing or use a healing medicine.

    But the procedure has serious contraindications:

    • Oncology;
    • diabetes mellitus;
    • skin herpes.

    If the patient has a weakened immune power of the body, the session removal of dry corn, too, will have to be postponed until better times.

    Burning with liquid nitrogen

    Method is ideal for removing warts, but also dry corn helps cure. During the procedure, liquid nitrogen freezes keratinized, after which the skin layers begin to be peeled and to fall away by themselves. Beneath them appears smooth, clean skin without dead cells.

    As with laser therapy, liquid nitrogen will help to get rid of corns at a time. Then the doctor will prescribe special medicines for healing open sores.


    The essence of the procedure is the same as that during mechanical removal with pumice. The only difference is that the master in the salon uses a special machine with nozzles-the Boers. They will help to remove the corn and carefully sanded the skin. The procedure is suitable if the skin of the toes and fingers were formed many small blisters that still don’t require treatment, but cause discomfort.

    Video: the Process of removing corn in the cabin

    Folk remedies

    To get rid of dry calluses on your toes were even before the emergence of pharmacology as a science. Some still prefer to delay the need to use drugs, replacing them with people’s recipes. Fortunately, the issue of removal of dry corn they are a great help.

    The wrap with potatoes and onions

    Vegetables crushed with a grater to a pulp, and then mixed in equal proportions. Spoon mixture wrapped in a bandage and apply to dry corn. You need to keep 15-20 minutes.

    Compresses with aloe

    For the procedure, you will need one sheet of aloe. Cut it in half and apply the cut to the problem a finger. For best effect you need to wrap the top polythene or cling film. It is advisable to do the procedure at night and go to sleep. The longer you keep the compress, the better the result.

    After 10-12 hours the wrap is removed and the softened callus is removed with pumice. After the procedure is necessary to put fat cream.

    Baths with soap and soda

    You will need a basin of hot water, in which dissolve the liquid soap and baking soda in a ratio of 1:1. Feet dipped in water and keep for half an hour. You can periodically pour hot water as it cools down, it will improve the effect. Steamed skin be sure to RUB with pumice. It is advisable to do the procedure daily until complete disappearance of the blisters on the finger.

    Lemon wipe

    If a Grand corn has not yet formed, and the skin was just beginning to grobet, will help ordinary lemon. You need to take a slice and carefully rubbed it on the problem area. For best effect, you can attach a slice of lemon to stop and go to sleep.

    Alcohol compress

    A cotton ball or piece of gauze impregnated with alcohol or any visokogradnya drink (tequila or whiskey), and then the compress applied to dry corn. From top to put a piece of plastic and put on warm woolen socks. For best results, compress I need to leave for the night.

    Baths with boric acid

    The substance helps to soften dry corn and prepare it for removal. In hot water add a small amount of boric acid solution with a concentration of 2%. Continue this procedure for 15-20 minutes, then wipe feet with a towel and apply a nourishing cream.

    Video: the causes of and ways of getting rid of calloused formations

    Useful tips

    In any case it is impossible to cut a dry corns with scissors trying to stab or chop the skin (especially if corn stem). Do not try to burn the dead skin with the help of acidic compounds, even if they pharmacy.

    The key to a proper treatment of dry corn — the lack of haste. Quickly get rid of the dead skin will not work. The action of ointments and plasters based on the progressive softening of the layer and the removal of dead cells. Let it will take a lot of time, but the result is impressive: clean, smooth skin without a hint of corns. After is only one thing: to choose the right shoes and look after their health.


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