How to have dinner if you go to bed soon?

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Everybody knows what to eat at night is to fill the body with extra calories, which will not be spent during sleep, but will only burden the stomach with work. But after a working day like never before you want to eat and go to bed, so dinners are inevitable. We figure out how to eat dinner without getting extra calories and without burdening the body with night work.

How to have dinner if you go to bed soon?

Fish for steam.

This is a nourishing option, which is easy and fast to prepare. White fish is best suited, such as pollock. Steam cooking will not take long. Fresh pollock on steam turns out juicy and fragrant.

You can add 300 grams of cabbage or 100 grams of beans as a side dish. This option of dinner will be easy and very nourishing, and you will get a lot of useful trace elements that will give you energy and strength the next day.

Boiled chicken breast.

It is better to take a volume of no more than 300 grams. Chicken is a very nourishing product that can be boiled or steamed. Fill the cooked chicken with a small amount of low-fat sour cream or skimmed yoghurt. Also, no more than 100 grams of broccoli or Brussels sprouts are suitable as a side dish.

If you want to add some “energy” to this dinner, drink a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice. This is enough to stay awake for about two or three hours before bedtime.

Cheese and tomatoes.

An option for those who are ready to go to bed, but are afraid to eat. Mozzarella cheese, which can be cut into cubes of no more than 100 grams, is the best choice for taste and quality.

You can take more tomatoes. Do not season with oil – tomatoes will give the juice themselves, just a little salt. This is a very easy dinner, which is easily perceived by the body.

Honey and cottage cheese.

This is an option for those who have not eaten for a long time and risk eating a lot of food overnight. Even a teaspoon of honey can give a person energy and strength for a couple of hours, and the honey is easily digested. If you are not afraid of honey and did not exclude it from the diet, the spoon of this sweet product in combination with 200 grams of cottage cheese – something that can save an empty stomach in the evening.

Boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs are suitable for dinner for people who severely limit their diet in calories. If you haven’t eaten for too long and feel unwell, choose a more satisfying dinner. Two boiled eggs for dinner can quench hunger and will not be digested for long.

But keep in mind that in the morning you should have a hearty and healthy breakfast!

Boiled beef.

If you play sports and sit on the right food, but boiled low-fat beef will not hurt if you eat it three to four hours before sleep. Plus, it’s a good option for people who have knocked down their diet and don’t get their carbohydrates back during the day.

But beef can be hard on the stomach, even if it is soft and lean. So have a glass of kefir or lean yogurt with it.

Such simple quick dinners will allow you to stay in tone, but not to sacrifice your figure.

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