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Dr. Jessica Wogsland, doctor of veterinary medicine

Do you remember when your pet first showed up at your house? Of course, Yes! The emergence of a new family member is a very exciting life discoveries, games, and endless tips that you, even if you will not be able to do all of this. New owners in the course of integration of a pet into their Affairs filled with life get lots of advice about everything — from food to care and training.

But then what? If you do not count routine annual examinations, many Pets disappear from the view of experts for a long time — until, until something happens and they don’t have to visit a vet in connection with any medical problem. Animals age faster than we do, and this means that all the little things that we do to maintain their health and give faster results. I really saw a lot of animals with late stage disease, and their owners said, “what a pity that I started to treat it early!”

At our disposal many tools for the treatment of animal diseases, but, of course, it is always better to try to prevent problems. As you might imagine, this means that you need to begin well to care for the health of the animal when your dog or cat healthy. So how can you prevent or minimize the most common health problems?

Diseases associated with excess weight

It may be hard to believe, but the first thing you can do as a pet owner to provide him a long and healthy life is to ensure that your pet has always been slender. About half of Pets in the United States are overweight which causes a number of health problems, such as osteoarthritis, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

Many owners overestimate the amount of food that you want their pet. In an effort to give your pet the best, some owners choose a high-quality food because it contains proteins from good sources and a limited number of fillers, but they often do not realize that such rich nutrients foods contain more calories per serving than feeds of lower quality. Moreover, Pets often get too many treats because they are fun to share, and they like animals. Ask your veterinarian how many calories a day should get your pet; it can also help you calculate the appropriate amount of servings. And when you give treats, be sure to choose healthy treats for animals without artificial colors or flavors; most animals just love rich in protein freeze-dried meat!

Oh, those aching joints!

Of course, excess weight exacerbates symptoms of arthritis, but degenerative joint disease can occur in any animal. In General, it is the age issue. Therefore, all older Pets, including cats, I recommend to take supplements for the joints! Did you know that 60-90% of older cats have joint disease? They’re just good at hiding them. One of the common misconceptions among pet owners is that Pets can clearly show when they experience pain. But often the subtle signs of chronic pain.

Supplements for Pets that support the joints, contain nutrients from a variety of sources, the most common ingredients — glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and green lipped mussels. Many dietary supplements for joints include few ingredients to enhance the impact.

The intestines should be fine

Gastrointestinal disorders is one of the most common reasons for treatment to a veterinarian. When Pets are spoiled at home, the owners don’t want to wait and see what happens. Although chronic problems and deserve the attention of a doctor, in most cases, diarrhea, fortunately, is not dangerous and goes away.

Stress, wrong food, or even certain medications, such as antibiotics, can disrupt the normal intestinal flora and cause problems. Prevention aims to maintain a healthy microflora with ingestion of prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are nutrients for beneficial bacteria, while probiotics are the bacteria themselves. Because prebiotics promote healthy growth of probiotics, nutritional supplements for the gastro-intestinal tract may include one or both of these components. While selecting supplements with a prebiotic or probiotic for your pet, make sure that it is designed specifically for animals, as their microflora is different from ours.

The normal immune system

Until recently, most people did not attach much importance to the immune system. The immune system protects the body, usually do not notice it and not give it value, until, until it begins to work incorrectly attacking the body, resulting in diseases such as Allergy or lupus. Any person dealing with such diseases can tell you that the immune system has an extraordinary power.

As soon as we learn more about prevention and good health, we begin to understand the importance of maintenance of normal functioning of the immune system. In normal operation, it destroys the infection blocks the foreign substance and detects abnormal cells before they start to cause problems. Therefore, many owners of Pets added to their diets with nutritional supplements to maintain immunity. Their composition may be different, most importantly, they contain vitamin C and antioxidants to combat destructive free radicals.

The best we can do for our Pets is to prolong their life and make it comfortable and painless. Along with physical activity, good nutrition and love, disease prevention, including the acceptance of appropriate supplements is a great way to give your cat or dog a chance for a best life.

This article was written by Dr. Jess Vogelsang, a veterinarian and bestselling author in San Diego, California. Her website pawcurious.com awarded, and he is one of the first and most successful veterinary websites on the Internet. She specializiruetsya on veterinary care in hospice and palliative medicine using the “Paws into Grace”, and often lectures for families on how best to make the transition to end of life. She is a regular participant petMD, Vetstreet, Crayons and Collars, DVM360, and Petfinder. Dr. Vogelsang also frequently writes and is an editor DrAndyRoark.com, website with more than 200,000 fans the veterinary field. Her debut book “All dogs go to Kevin” was published in July 2015 and is a bestseller on Amazon.