How to make mayonnaise at home?

The word “sauce” is usually understood as a kind of thick aromatic seasoning for a hot dish. Sour cream, mushroom, garlic … But the words “mayonnaise” and “sauce” for me, for example, are not identified. Maybe the whole point is that we habitually buy this product in the store, fill it with a dish and it does not even occur to us how quickly and simply it is possible to make the sauce at home. And the result, I assure you, will surprise you to the core! It’s so delicious!

Culinary experts, by the way, claim that most people not only did not eat real mayonnaise, but did not even see it.

Let’s try to figure out what the original recipe should consist of real mayonnaise:

1. Oil. The mayonnaise contains about 70% vegetable oil. It is preferable to use the best unrefined olive oil – and then mayonnaise suits all occasions. In the case of using any other vegetable oil, it should only be refined, but mayonnaise will already lose in taste.

2. Raw eggs. Eggs must be fresh, and the yolk – have a pleasant bright color. Eggs of waterfowl are not used (God forbid to get infected – they need to be boiled before use, but this does not suit us). Eggs should be carefully cracked into a cup, inspected, sniffed and then carefully separated. Leftover proteins can be fried or meringues made.

How to make mayonnaise at home?

3. Sugar and salt. Instead of sugar, it is better to use a natural substitute such as fructose.

4. Lemon or vinegar. Freshly squeezed lemon juice should be used as an acidifier. As a last resort, you can use citric acid solution or table vinegar. Don’t experiment with apple cider vinegar – it won’t taste so hot.

5. Mustard. If you want to boast in front of your friends or family that you yourself have prepared not just mayonnaise, but Provencal mayonnaise, add the usual table mustard or dry powder to the first one.

How to make mayonnaise at home?

6. Additives. All kinds of spices, herbs, horseradish, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, capers, dill, onions, garlic, cheese, etc. can be used as additives, as far as the imagination is rich.

And, finally, the cooking process itself.

All components must be at the same temperature.

Separate two yolks, take half a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Put it all together and mix it by hand (please, don’t use your hands – take a whisk for whisking better) clockwise (well, as a last resort, use a mixer) until the salt and sugar dissolve.

Now comes the most important thing. Without stopping whisking, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil. There is about a glass of oil for two yolks. The sauce will be thick enough. If you want thinner, add more oil.

When all the oil is poured out, the sauce becomes smooth and yellowish. Now put a teaspoon of mustard and a tablespoon of lemon juice in it. Here it is – the familiar mayonnaise of the usual color. And the taste … Bliss!

How to make mayonnaise at home?

It seems to you that the home option is more expensive than the store option. Well, of course, if in order to save money you consume a dubious product for 10 rubles, I agree with you. But if you are used to buying something more expensive, compare the costs.

Salt, sugar, mustard are taken in such ridiculous quantities that you can not take into account. Remains a lemon, 1 egg, a glass of vegetable oil (if you want olive oil, it will, of course, be more expensive, and maybe very expensive, but this option can be left for VIPs). Well, what happened, very expensive? 20 percent more than you pay at the store.

Now compare the composition of your dish and the purchased one. Read, read. Do you feel the difference? Will your body feel? That’s it, no preservatives, dyes and other rubbish. Plus the taste …

The only trouble. You can store homemade mayonnaise even in the refrigerator for no more than a week. But for some reason it seems to me that he will disappear from there much earlier. Enjoy your meal!

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