How to use a melon for weight loss?


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How to use a melon for weight loss?
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  • Like sweet melon helps in weight loss?
  • Diets melon
  • Recipes useful and delicious dishes
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Juicy sweet melon are a favorite treat for many. It is used for many different desserts, salads and drinks. And yet the melon is often used in summer diets. Because this fruit good for weight loss.

Like sweet melon helps in weight loss?

Honey-flavored melon is a rich composition. It contains vitamins a, C, E, PP, b group, fatty acids, cobalt, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, zinc, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, pectin, cellulose, phenols, flavonoids, enzymes, organic acids, carbohydrates, lots of water and not enough fats and proteins. As for the calories, it ranges between 30 and 50 kcal per 100 g

Useful than a melon for weight loss? First of all, high water content and potassium. Melon helps to remove the excess water and remove the swelling, speed up the metabolism. In addition, a very useful fiber, which promotes long-term saturation and a great colon cleanse. This sweet fruit normalizes blood sugar levels, reduces sugar cravings and improves mood, which is very important during dieting. And melon has a mild laxative effect.

Weight loss will be really effective if you eat a melon in fresh or without caloric supplementation. For example, a fruit salad, smoothie or dessert with low-fat cottage cheese with no sugar is perfect.

Choose a melon properly. The fruit should be ripe, fragrant, the skin has a little bounce, with no cracks, stains and blackouts. Immature melon can give a laxative effect, and overripe — serious poisoning.

This sweet fruit can be consumed not for everyone, despite his favor. It is not recommended to eat melon with acute diseases of the gallbladder and of the urinary organs, inflammation of the pancreas, exacerbation of ulcers, gastritis, diabetes, allergies.

Diets melon

There are many different diets for weight loss on the melon. There are short and long options. You can choose any diet.

Here are a few short diets. They are not too big variety of the allowed foods.

Melon-watermelon diet involves eating only two fruits: melon and watermelon. They cannot be combined. That is, for Breakfast you should eat the melon, and for dinner a watermelon. The fruits should be alternated. Sticking to a diet can be no more than two days.

You can just eat the melon within two days. And also drink green tea and pure water. You have to be prepared for the fact that a diuretic effect is very pronounced.

Three day diet just enhances the diet. You can eat vegetables, chicken and melon. Allowed to drink tea, herbal infusions and decoction of rose hips.

Diet menu:

  • Breakfast: 400 grams of melon;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled chicken, salad and tea;
  • dinner: 300 grams of melon.

The five-day diet more varied. For example, the diet on cereals and melon lasts 5-7 days. During this period you can eat any cereals (except semolina), vegetables, lean meat, rye bread. Allowed to drink yogurt, yogurt, liquid yogurt, tea.

Menu should be:

  • morning: melon (about 400 g);
  • snack: yogurt;
  • lunch: brown rice, melon and green tea;
  • snack: toast and tea;
  • evening: roasted meat, salad and buckwheat.

Another version of the five-day diet involves eating melon after each meal. In diet can include lean meat, mushrooms, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, eggs, vegetables, branny bread, brown rice. You should eat small portions.

Here is a sample menu:

  • Breakfast: melon, toast with cheese, or omelet with vegetables and juice from the melon;
  • snack: yogurt;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, beef and salad; rice or brown rice, fish with roasted vegetables;
  • snack: smoothie with melon;
  • dinner: cottage cheese with vegetables or mushroom soup.
  • Week diet the most balanced. During this period, you can eat all healthy foods. And during the second Breakfast and afternoon tea it is important to eat three slices of melon. In day you should eat 1.2 kg of sweet fruit. It is also recommended to prepare the fruit extract which will help to speed up the metabolism. Any fruits and berries, pour boiling water for ten minutes, then you can drink.

Diet menu it is possible to make so:

  • morning: oatmeal with raisins, infusion; or buckwheat, boiled egg and tea;
  • second Breakfast: melon;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, stewed chicken, salad and juice; or chicken soup, salad, and baked fish, or vegetable stew and boiled beef, berry infusion;
  • afternoon snack: melon;
  • dinner: roasted vegetables and yogurt; or cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin and a tea or make a salad and a smoothie with melon and berries.

Night melon you can eat only in small amounts. Since it is difficult to digest, can cause discomfort.

Recipes useful and delicious dishes

So, what can be made from fragrant ripe melon? The recipes are very different, but all meals must be low-fat, no sweet additives. Here are some recipes.


Two slices of melon cut into cubes, add a handful of strawberries and a little liquid honey. All beat up. Honey you can not add, then the recipe will be even less nutritious.


150 grams of melon cut into cubes, grapes cut in half (you will need about 80 g), 100 g of hard cheese cut into thin strips 50 g walnuts chop. All mix, season with lemon juice and any vegetable oil.


A small melon, a cucumber, red onion finely chopped. Leave a handful for decoration, and the rest to blend. Add half Cup olive oil one third Cup water, salt to taste and black pepper. Mix well, spread on top the sliced handful of products and decorate with mint.


The melon, remove seeds and make balls with the help of Noisette or spoon. Put them in a bowl, sprinkle with lime juice, sprinkle with chopped mint. Add a little grated ginger and liquid honey. Leave the dessert for half an hour in the fridge.


Slice the melon cubes and mix in blender. RUB through a sieve. Mix a half Cup of lime juice with sugar to taste. To combine melon juice with lime juice and cool. To serve, adding to the brew over ice and raspberries.


Three slices of melon and three bananas cut into cubes and RUB through a sieve. Mix the resulting juice, add half a litre of drinking yogurt. Decorate with any berries and orange slices.

All recipes are simple. Dish has a wonderful taste. While they are low in calories. So, weight loss with these dishes is not only simple but also effective.

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