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How to use a Turkey for weight loss?
The contents

  • Turkey for weight loss
  • Diet on Turkey
  • Healthy recipes
    • Soup
    • Meatballs
    • Turkey, baked in mustard sauce
    • Burgers
    • Roll
    • Salad

Turkey is a very healthy and tasty meat. It is often recommended to use for weight loss. Because Turkey contains useful protein and a little fat. How to cook and eat the Turkey?

Turkey for weight loss

Turkey meat contains amino acids, vitamins PP, E, group b, sodium, phosphorus, selenium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids. While 100 g of Turkey breast contains from 105 to 160 calories, depending on the part of the bird. Of course, the breast contains a minimal amount of calories.

What exactly is helpful is the meat weight loss? First of all, it perfectly nourishes, because Turkey contains easily digestible protein, and low-fat meat.

Turkey contains high amounts of b vitamins, which can improve digestion, get rid of chronic constipation. Choline contained in the bird, helps to normalize blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of meat contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

Weight loss will be effective if you eat a Turkey correctly. It is best to bake, boil or stew meat. The dietary meat — fillet. But you can use other parts. The meat is combined with vegetables and greens.

The Turkey need to cook. Cook the breast should be half an hour, thigh — hour, and the whole carcass or three hours. Bake the carcass weight of 4 kg to be 2.5 hours, and esticalopram — 3.5 hours. Grease the Turkey with mayonnaise or sour cream is not necessary, it is harmful for weight loss. In addition, the bird is bad get baked inside. It is better to RUB chicken with lemon juice, spices and leave for a couple of hours to promarinovatsya. Can be used for marinade, honey, red wine vinegar, champagne, garlic.

Turkey meat is hard to call it harmful, but sometimes it is necessary to restrict its use. This must be done with gout, kidney disease, kidney stones. Of course, we should not use the product if you are hypersensitive.

Diet on Turkey

Is this product available in any diet that allows eating meat. But there are diets that require the consumption of this bird.

For example, a four-day diet involves eating fruits, vegetables and meat. It is important to observe the drinking mode, so as not to harm health. During the diet allowed to drink coffee, green tea (without sugar), unsweetened natural juices, mineral water without gas, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, drinkable yogurt.

Diet menu would be:

  • Breakfast: steamed vegetables, green tea;
  • lunch: boiled Turkey meat and greens;
  • dinner: Turkey meat and salad;
  • second dinner: 100 g boiled meat.

Vegetables should be favored eggplant, sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, carrots.

There are more long-term diet. It is designed for a week. Weight loss on this diet is easy, because it is softer and more diverse. In diet can include dairy products, berries, copper, greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs. There is a dish of Turkey should be once a day. It may be soup and stews, baked poultry with vegetables. Importantly, the dish was dietary.

The menu should be build like this:

  • morning: omelet with vegetables and greens, oranges and green tea;
  • snack: fruit smoothie;
  • lunch: baked chicken breast with vegetables, fresh juice and a half Cup of berries;
  • snack: yogurt and fruit;
  • evening: cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin and honey, yogurt.

This diet is easier to endure a sweet tooth. Indeed, during such a power system is allowed to consume honey, fruits and berries.

Healthy recipes

Recipes Turkey a variety. You can choose anything. But it is worth remembering weight loss and to make a choice in favor of low-calorie dishes. Here are some interesting recipes.


The wings of a Turkey to wash and chop, put in a saucepan. Cook for ten minutes, removing the foam. Add grated carrot, chopped onion (you can take and red onion), stalk, and 100 g of celery root. Cook for an hour. Add the chopped garlic, sweet pepper, three chopped tomatoes, a little hot pepper. Cook for another fifteen minutes. To serve, sprinkle with herbs.


500 g of ground Turkey mixed with chopped bell pepper, onion, two cloves of garlic, chopped parsley. Add the curry powder, a little ground cinnamon, oregano, black pepper and salt. Pour in the beaten egg and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Mix well. To form balls and slightly fry. To put them into shape and cover with sauce. For the sauce we mix the chopped shallot, three small chopped tomato, a little cinnamon, oregano and some water. Put out all five minutes. To cook meatballs in the oven for half an hour.

Turkey, baked in mustard sauce

Turkey RUB with salt and pepper, and dry Basil. Wrap in clingfilm and leave overnight in the fridge. Slice 1,5 kg of apples, to stuff the bird, coat with the mixture of mustard and olive oil, wrap in foil. Cook 50 minutes at 200 degrees, then at 170 degrees for another three hours. To deploy the foil and brown the bird.


300 g Turkey fillet grind in a blender. Add the sour-sweet Apple (grated), 50 g of hard cheese, nutmeg, salt, pepper, a couple tablespoons of rolled oats and egg. To form patties. Slightly fry it, then simmer with the lid closed.


Turkey fillet repel, salt and pepper, sprinkle with paprika. Place it in the middle of the chopped walnuts and spinach (must be pre-scald). Wrap roll, tie threads, and wrap with foil. Bake in the oven for half an hour.


Cook half Turkey breast in salted water, cut into thin slices. Slices cut five of the tomatoes, stripes, two colored sweet peppers, rings of red onion. Spread on lettuce leaves vegetables, meat, add chopped Basil and sprinkle with lemon juice with olive oil.

Weight loss with this meat efficient and fast. Most importantly, recipes to choose suitable and to use the bird correctly.

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