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Friends, this year iHerb once again threatens to lock, they say alarming news from Ulyanovsk. Because of the subtleties in the legislation of the Russian Federation can suffer all buyers from Russia.

Formally iHerb does not break anything and has always offered a range of precisely in accordance with the laws of Russia.

So, it is already prohibited to import any raw nuts, cannabis products, and even a new line of cosmetics, Andalou Naturals extract stem cells cannabis. In Russia, the creams of this line easy to buy =)

iHerb threatens to lock in Russia

But according to Farmvestnik, in the production of American online store found illegal in Russia components. The plaintiff, Alexander Zhestkov conducted its own study and ordered on iHerb supplements which violate the legislation of the Russian Federation.

This is a Supplement with melatonin (in Russia, are registered as drugs) and DHEA (contains hormones, which in Russia not to sell to BAA).

It is necessary to tell about Alexander Jeshkove, which is filed in court and requires to block the access to the online store of iHerb in Russia. Is the Executive Director of the self-regulating organization “Union of manufacturers of dietary SUPPLEMENTS to food”, which includes the well-known company Evalar, Amway, Herbalife, Oriflame, the Russian representative office of Solgar and other.

In October 2018 the iHerb website was visited by more than 6 million Russians, the average check amounted to 3 thousand rubles. and apparently these figures are much in the way representatives of the domestic market of supplements.

And Melaxen and other supplements are sold at pharmacies in Russia are 3-4 times more expensive. Melaxen (Melatonin) is 15 times higher than it is sold on iHerb, I wrote about this 4 years ago.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this story is that in 2016 the Ulyanovsk court has already ruled on blocking iHerb. Interests iHerb was then represented by legal company “DLA Piper Rus”, which managed to prove that iHerb did not know about the sanctions and the access to the site was unlocked.

How the situation this year, nobody knows.

In the best case, iHerb will be removed for Russian buyers the opportunity to order all the supplements melatonin and DHEA, avoiding blocking.

About the worst option to speak until we.

If you need any special supplements or cosmetics, get all available at iHerb now. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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