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Improper diet: 5 reasons eternal hunger

The contents

  • Imbalance diet
  • Hormonal storm vs weight loss
  • The habit of snacking on the go
  • Fast food
  • Violation of the traditional sequence

You want people to go on a diet, the whole world seemed to oppose his will: luring the contents of the kitchen fridge, constructing barricades of “Goodies” in the shop, teasing the advertising of food on TV, attracts flavors of fast food on the street. As a result, we often eat not what I want. However, the human consciousness, and after it the body “dancing to the tune” hunger, being not so much victims of circumstances, how many remaining hostages to certain habits.

The owners of extra pounds, seriously who decided to put in order health and shape, as well as those who have been able to get rid of excess weight, while reviewing the menu and having collected will in a fist, must realize that effective, sustained weight loss is only possible with a revolutionary change vicious eating behavior.

Imbalance diet

Permanent weight loss impossible, if the person battling with excessive weight cuts the usual diet, disrupting the optimum ratio between the major nutrients.

For example, refusing intake of fat or sitting on a Keto diet and severely limiting the share of carbohydrates in the menu, it is impossible to give all necessary for the proper functioning of organs and systems and for… happiness. Exactly!

Hardly anyone will be able to fully rejoice in each new day, if on his plate yesterday, today and tomorrow will rest solely cucumbers and celery.

Deprived of proteins, fatty acids and other important nutrients, the body will strive at any cost to regain what he has ruthlessly taken away, complicating the life of various psycho-emotional disorders, rosalea appetite (in General) and an obsessive desire to eat it “forbidden fruit” (in particular).

Hormonal storm vs weight loss

Each of us bears the burden of care. Than it weight, the harder it is to put one foot, the “angrier” the feeling of hunger that makes, upon her return, wolf to pounce on yesterday’s pasta that motivate clean empty pan with fried potatoes at eight o’clock in the evening, driven to the breadwinner cooler at night.

All because of chronic psycho-emotional stress, mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion provoked bursts of production of the hormone ghrelin, responsible for appetite and inhibit the production of its antagonist of leptin, which acts as indicator of the level of saturation.

The same effect on the body prolonged sleep deprivation. No wonder the companion chronic apnea during sleep is obesity. Patients who have diagnosed numerous stops breathing during sleep, unconsciously compensate for the shortage of recreation food, experiencing the wild bouts of hunger during periods of wakefulness.

The more ghrelin and less leptin circulates in the blood, the intolerable desire to rush into the stomach any fatter, sweeter, high-calorie to the brain, which requires emergency help, quickly got the food. Unfortunately, if at some point the accumulated fatigue is too heavy a burden, despite the coached will power, stress the impact exceeds the limit, sometimes about losing weight forget even the most loyal adherents of a healthy lifestyle, pushing into the far “corners” healthy habits formed over many years of hard, conscious work on yourself. The winner’s brain, at the subconscious level causing the body to follow the instinct of self-preservation.

The habit of snacking on the go

The dynamic life of the modern person often does not leave room to fully enjoy the high quality food. Even healthy food, we sometimes swallow on the run, and not having to feel saturation, driven by a relentless hunger, after send the next batch, and then another… And so on without end.

Even in 2015, British scientists conducted an interesting study. Women volunteers from one group were received to the normal diet of a granola bar to eat it sitting down, maybe even while watching some TV series or favorite TV show, the main thing — slowly, really slowly. Participants in another group received the same “allowance” to the daily menu, only “swallowed” their grain and energy “batteries” on the run, for example, on the way to work or to the gym.

The analysis of the objective condition of participating in the experiment, the scientists came to the conclusion that identical calorie snacks on the go not only eliminate effective weight loss, but also encourage the growth of overweight. The trouble is that one food violation leads to another: after the granola bar should be a normal chocolate bar, followed by a bag of snacks and then a glass of sweet drinks, ice cream, chips, etc., throughout the day, filled with hunger, growing from one meal to another.

So instead of bad habits mindlessly snacking on the run, pushing all indiscriminately (helpful and harmful), should develop a tradition to eat healthy food sitting down, ideally over a beautifully set table, using not only the hands, and Cutlery.

Fast food

Known fact: since the beginning of the absorption of food before the arrival of satiety takes about 20 minutes. The body needs time, not only that the food filled a certain part of the stomach but also the nervous system has time to send a corresponding signal to the brain that food has arrived, and he, in turn, gave the command “retreat”, pacify the appetite.

And the more time it will take to deal with the dish, the faster is reached the feeling of satiety. So it makes sense to exacerbate the problem by artificial means, armed with Breakfast, lunch or dinner that what will be more difficult to eat “first, second and compote”:

  • a tea spoon is for soup;
  • a knife and fork for meat or fish;
  • sticks to pasta and risotto, etc.

Meal time will be extended, will be reduced by the amount of food eaten over a certain period of time and therefore decrease caloric intake and, as a consequence, will decrease or, at least, will not grow weight.

Violation of the traditional sequence

Many of the traditions prevalent in the society and accepted as axioms as a given, without explanation, are quality products of centuries of experimental work of the society.

For example, the traditional sequence of meals.

  • Lunch or dinner it is advisable to Preface vegetable salad, rich in fiber, and complete high-carbohydrate dessert.
  • Breakfast or afternoon snack useful to start with natural yoghurt, boiled eggs or other protein product, adding to it whole grain, greens, etc., and to crown it maybe a handful of fresh or frozen berries, a Cup sweetened with a spoon of honey tea, etc.

Because of this the body will first receive a portion of the fibres and/or proteins, maximally approximating the saturation. Closer to the end of the meal he may be offered a treat, as a compliment for “good behavior”.

In these pleasant moments of the digestive system in tandem with the nervous happy and happily reports to the brain about the coming meeting, and that, in turn, says, “the meal is finished,” and settles.

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