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This breathing technique is designed to burn toxins in the body and purify the blood, and therefore it improves the color and condition of the skin and also makes clear vision. Always breathe through the left nostril, and exhale through the right. To ensure that the exercise brought you the maximum benefit, perform it no more than three times in one session and at most three or four times a week.

This breathing technique is used in the middle East with hair loss, to improve eyesight and as a means of fighting wrinkles. It stimulates and normalizes the thyroid and pineal glands.


Persian respiratory equipment centering of the mind


1. Stand and place your feet shoulder width apart.

2. Hold your right nostril with your thumb. Deeply inhale through the left nostril until your lungs are completely filled with air.

3. Hold both nostrils with thumb and forefinger. Lean forward, put your head down and slightly bend your knees. Hold your breath for twenty to forty seconds (or as much as you can). While in this position, you will feel strong pulsation of blood in the head, brain, eyes, jaw and tongue, and a surge in the region from the chest to the throat.


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4. Slowly straighten and exhale through the right nostril.



If you are unwell or have high blood pressure, perform this exercise while sitting and do not bend down. If your health is fine, but you will feel dizzy during or after exercise, shorten the breath hold time to five to ten seconds.

Gradually, over several weeks, bring the breath hold time up to forty seconds. Be persistent. After a few sessions the dizziness will pass and you will feel inflow of forces and energy.published econet.ru.

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