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Interesting facts about tofu recipes with food
The contents

  • Unusual facts about cheese tofu as a food product
  • Benefits and harms of tofu, the rules of use in food
  • Original and simple recipes with tofu

Cheese or tofu is one of the most versatile and useful products. Today, its nutritional value was appreciated not only by vegetarians. Tofu is a great source of protein, and also iron, calcium, fiber, essential amino acids. Because of this, it readily include in the diet and meat eaters. Made from natural raw materials food product has a neutral taste, so it is successfully combined with a variety of ingredients in recipes of salads, appetizers, main dishes. What is more interesting is to learn about the “meat without bones”?

Unusual facts about cheese tofu as a food product

Tofu is one of the oldest foods on Earth. According to legend, he was first received 2000 years ago, the official from China. Like many other inventions, tofu was “discovered” at random. The man was engaged in the evaporation of salt from sea water. The fluid gets into the pounded soy beans, then salt caused them to setting. Thus and get cheese made from soy, tofu. Fortunately, the officer ventured to try the resulting mass — after a meal he felt much better.

Today tofu is used in various recipes. The production process is similar to making cheese from cow, goat and sheep milk. That’s why tofu and was called soy cheese. Setting protein vegetable milk occurs when filtering or heating. In the raw material is added citric acid, salt in the manufacture.

And did you know that in Asian countries produce many varieties of tofu? Popular foods with dense texture, firm consistency and soft, this cheese is also called silky. In the East of the popular variants of tofu with different toppings — herbs, nuts and more.

Interestingly, for the manufacture of soybean curd requires a small amount of soybeans. 1 kg of this cheese, you can get a total of 600 g of raw material. For comparison, 1 kg of conventional milk cheese you will need about 10 liters of milk.

Curious is the fact that on 8 March in Asia celebrate stinky tofu — the original cheese non-animal origin. This species is common in the cuisine of Shanghai. It is a holiday stinky tofu sold everywhere.

In Japan, the product of vegetable origin added to baby food. But in Europe, cheese made from soya spread recently — approximately in the middle of the twentieth century, despite its long history. Appreciate it for what bean curd is well absorbed by the body, has a positive effect on metabolism, slows the aging process of the skin. It is known that tofu contributes to the prevention of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis.

Benefits and harms of tofu, the rules of use in food

Tofu is the perfect food for the people seeking to lose weight. Soy foods are an excellent source of energy, they have a low calorie. One small piece of vegetable cheese weighing 100 g contains just 85 calories. And this despite the fact that soybeans, and thus tofu are sources of essential amino acids.

Regular consumption of soy cheese has a beneficial effect on human health. In food, it is not only vegetarians because tofu is low in cholesterol and saturated fat, and protein abound. So, in 100 g of product contains only 6 g of fat, and in the same amount of pork 24. Protein in the “meat without bones” is more than in chicken eggs, beef or fish. In 100 g tofu are 11 grams of protein.

Tofu is incredibly useful for women’s health, because it has a positive effect on hormonal balance. There is a perception that soy is harmful to male reproductive health. However, the researchers from Minnesota found that the plant does not affect the reproductive capacity of representatives of the stronger sex. The only thing to eat soy products should be in moderation — not more than 100 g per day.

Cheese made from soy is suitable for nutrition of people of different ages. With the exception of pregnant women, children under the years, men with endocrine diseases. Be sure to check if you have allergic reactions to tofu before you start to use the recipes with him.

Tofu to bring maximum benefit to health and shape, you need to choose quality food. First and foremost you need to evaluate the color of the masses — it needs to be white, not yellow. The yellow color tells about freezing cheese. It is best to buy bean curd in vacuum packaging, after it was opened tofu should be eaten within a few days.

Original and simple recipes with tofu

As already mentioned, due to the neutral taste of “fake” cheese can be a great ingredient for desserts, main dishes, sandwiches and many other types of food. For different recipes of tofu are chosen based on consistency. So, cheese is more suitable for frying. And for desserts, cocktails use silk soy cheese with a delicate texture.

Versatile tofu is often called the product of a chameleon. Depending on condiments, sauces it can be salty or sweet, and sour, or spicy. It’s easy to experiment in the kitchen, adding food new dishes. Soy cheese can be baked, pickled, fried, boiled, steamed and even smoke.

Proven themselves the following recipes with tofu:

  • Berry cocktail. To combine 1 Cup of almond milk and 1/3 Cup soft soy cheese, a little less than a Cup of your favorite fresh or thawed berries, optional — 1 tablespoon of agave syrup. All components in a blender until smooth and sprinkle the cocktail with flax seed, Chia.
  • The fried tofu. Cut solid on the consistency of the product into small pieces with a thickness of approximately 2 centimeters. Heat the pan, add a little vegetable oil and fry the cheese over medium heat until Golden crust. Using recipes with grilled soy cheese, you need to remember that for a long time after cooking it can not be stored.
  • Vegetable salad. Cut into cubes 200 grams firm tofu and ripe tomatoes, add some chopped peppers and greens, 80 g of green peas. Fill the dish with soy sauce and lemon juice.
  • Mushroom omelet. Saute the finely diced mushrooms — 100-150 g. When the mushrooms are almost done, add to the pan a little vegetable oil, fry the chopped onion and 250g sliced or grated tofu. Beat 6 quail eggs and pour them into the container. Fry under lid until ready.

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