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Irga proper nutrition
The contents

  • How to use GDI with proper nutrition?
  • Are there diets Saskatoon?
  • Healthy recipes of tasty dishes with the berry
    • Compote
    • Smoothie with banana
    • Smoothie with kiwi
    • Tychonic with rice
    • Salad
    • Pie
    • Iced tea
    • Drink with Basil

Saskatoon is found in suburban areas, but not often. But this berry is very useful due to its composition. So in season it is very desirable to include it in the menu if you practice proper nutrition.

How to use GDI with proper nutrition?

The rich Irga? The berry contains a lot of valuable substances from vitamins to volatile and flavonols. A lot of the berries vitamins C, d and group B. There are pectin, organic acids, sterols, fiber, phytosterols, tannins, anthocyanins, volatile, fatty oil, fiber. And in the fruit contains micro – and macroelements, including such rare, as lead and cobalt. While the berries are almost no proteins and fats.

Because proper nutrition involves the use of all useful products, the Irga should definitely include in your diet. Begins to ripen in Saskatoon around the end of July, and to feast on the berries almost whole August.

How to eat the berry with a proper diet? Of course, the most useful thing would be to use the game fresh. If not interested to eat the berries just so you can prepare different desserts and drinks. If you want to save berries for the winter, you can freeze or dry the fruit. Naturally, like other berries, the Saskatoon can be used to prepare the filling for pies. But such food will be more nutritious, so often it is not worth it, especially if you wish to lose weight.

It is very important that to use the Irga should be in moderation. Adults need 250 g of berries per day or even less. The fact that excessive consumption of fruit can lead to a decrease of pressure, fatigue and drowsiness (berry has a strong sedative effect). It is not necessary to combine GDI with milk, kefir, yogurt, and cottage cheese, as you may experience diarrhea and bloating. Children are quite a handful of berries a day.

Do not eat a berry if you have diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, hypotension, allergies. In any case, it is better to consult a specialist. If there are no contraindications, the game will bring only benefits.

Are there diets Saskatoon?

Delicious berry useful for weight loss. Irga contains just 43 calories per 100 g. And yet these fruits help to speed up metabolism, processes of digestion, reduce sugar cravings. There are many diets this fruit.

Short diet, for three days, has a limited menu. Allowed to eat only berries, vegetables and cheese. It should be remembered that the cottage cheese with the Irga to combine impossible. Of course, hunger does not arise, but for a long time to adhere to such food is not worth it.

Diet menu might be:

  • morning: cottage cheese and green tea;
  • snack: Irga;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, stews, and berries;
  • afternoon snack: salad;
  • dinner: baked vegetables.

There are long diet. It is designed for ten days. During this diet are allowed to eat all wholesome foods and nutrition. Baking, sweets, fatty foods, semi-finished products is prohibited. As for GDI, you can drink fruit drinks, fruit drinks, juices or just to eat a berry snack. You can also add fruit to cereal or milk to prepare the smoothies.

Diet menu should be:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal on the water with the Irga, compote;
  • snack: smoothie with Irga and other fruits;
  • lunch: soup of vegetables, baked fish, salad, juice;
  • afternoon snack: half Cup of Saskatoon;
  • dinner: baked cottage cheese pudding with apples and tea.

To make the menu can be different. Importantly, the diet was balanced and full, and of course, to the menu was the berries of amelanchier.

You can just do the unloading on the berries. This day should eat only the Irga, as well as other fruits like apples or pears. It is important to remember about moderation: a glass of berries and half a kilogram of other fruits, not more.

Healthy recipes of tasty dishes with the berry

Proper nutrition involves eating healthy meals, so choosing the recipes, you should give preference to low fat and not too sweet options. Sugar should be used minimally, especially since berry sweet. Here are some interesting and simple recipes.


Slice five apples and three pears cubes, cover with water, add a half Cup of berries of amelanchier. Cook for four minutes. Cool and you can drink. Fruit is best to choose sweet to not use sugar.

Smoothie with banana

In a blender, whip half a Cup of strawberries and raspberries, half a banana and 250 g of Irga. Pour 250 ml of Apple juice and beat again. The juice is better to use fresh.

Smoothie with kiwi

Two kiwi and a nectarine cut into cubes. Add a half Cup of Irga and whip. Then add a little mineral water (to taste) and beat again.

Tychonic with rice

Cut the pumpkin in small cubes, mix with boiled rice (proportions are arbitrary). Put in a pot, sprinkle with Irga and dried cranberries, add honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Cook in oven for about twenty minutes. If desired, this dish can also add dried apricots or raisins.


Dice the banana, two peaches, kiwi. Mix, add a handful of Saskatoon berries and blueberries. Sprinkle with lemon juice. You can mix lemon and orange juices (they must be fresh).


Grind 100 g of butter 120 g of sugar, add two eggs, a teaspoon of baking powder and about 350 g of flour. Knead the dough, put into a form, to make bumpers. Pour on top of berries of amelanchier. Bake for about half an hour. You can pour sour cream and a small amount of sugar and pour over the top.

Iced tea

Three tablespoons of Saskatoon, pour a glass of boiling water, boil for three minutes. Brew green or black tea. Connect two of the drink mix. Cool, add ice cubes. This drink not only helps keep you cool and quench your thirst, but will also improve metabolism.

Drink with Basil

Mix a handful of fresh Basil and the same amount of Irga. Tablespoon of the mixture brew boiling water (one Cup). Infuse for ten minutes can be drunk hot or cool.

The recipes are simple, the dishes are very tasty and useful. Therefore, in the season of ripening berries is to diversify food and exciting dishes with the Irga.

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