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Is it possible to eat after six, and what “night weight”?

For a long time in literature and in life, it is believed that for successful weight loss you need to avoid meals after 6pm. Wishing to get rid of the extra pounds willingly believe in this theory, but it does not bring tangible results. What is the reason?

The body’s defenses and refusal to eat after 6 PM

The human body adapts very well to stress, including to hunger. The rejection of food after 6 p.m. leads to almost 10 hours of hunger, and it’s great stress. During the lack of nutrients include defense mechanisms, slowing down the metabolism.

After a hunger strike, the brain can prepare for the upcoming stressful situation and sends as many arrived with food substances in reserve, that is, in adipose tissue. It may turn into obesity and other endocrine diseases.

But at the beginning of this diet possible weight loss, but this effect is achieved by removing excess fluid, which will soon be back.

How to make a diet tonight?

For dinner a must, but you must know the foods that you can eat in the evening.

The evening menu to include lean meats, cottage cheese up to 5% fat, any low-fat fish, vegetables, except potatoes, beets and carrots, egg whites, yogurt or fermented baked milk, plain yogurt.

At night it is forbidden to eat sweets, fruit, any breads, potatoes, cereal and pasta.

What is “night” diet?

Night the body’s ongoing metabolic processes, but they are slow. Correctly controlling your evening diet and lifestyle can accelerate the metabolism and to get rid of a few extra inches at the waist. Under certain conditions, starts a cascade of reactions that breaks down fatty tissue while you sleep.

We all know that children grow during sleep. All the matter in the somatotropic hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary gland. This hormone promotes growth of muscle tissue and accelerate the breakdown of fat.

To stimulate the production of growth hormone needs a few simple conditions:

  • healthy sleep;
  • the lack of carbs in the evening diet;
  • amino acids;
  • adequate amounts of magnesium, calcium, zinc and b vitamins.
  • It is also known that growth hormone is produced in the period from 23 to 2 am. At this time you need to sleep.

    Carbohydrates block the production of growth hormone. They are the main source of energy for the brain, during their excess slows down the synthesis of growth hormone and damage of adipose tissue.

    For successful weight loss night need to easily have dinner about 3 hours before bedtime. Best in evening menu to include protein foods.