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Israeli food — the secret of longevity
The contents

  • What is Israeli food?
    • The most popular dishes
  • All year round on the table fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Kosher: food guard health
    • Meat, fish, poultry
    • How is the slaughtering
    • The prohibition of the use in food of blood
    • The prohibition of mixing meat and dairy foods
    • The prohibition of the use of insects
    • The purpose of the kosher laws
  • The factors contributing to longevity: results

Israel holds a high place among other countries in life expectancy. For this indicator, it is ahead of such highly developed countries like the UK, Germany, USA, etc. the Reason for the longevity of people in this country are many factors. A considerable role plays the food.

What is Israeli food?

Israeli cuisine is part of Mediterranean cuisine. Scientists have long noticed that the food of the inhabitants of this region, the beneficial effect on health. They conducted many studies in which it was revealed that the people living in this region compared to other less likely to suffer high blood pressure, suffer less cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease. The reason for this is the abundance in the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, goat cheese, and also a large number of fish and seafood.

Israel was created by Jewish immigrants who came from many countries. His cuisine combines dishes from Eastern Europe, Spain and the Middle East. Given this, it becomes clear why the power of the Israelis is different so lots of variety. I should add that a great influence on the cuisine of Israel have kosher requirements (see more below).

The most popular dishes

  • Gefilte fish — stuffed fish, which represents fish skin, stuffed with minced meat from the same fish, seasoned with savory spices.
  • Chicken soup is a traditional dish of the Jewish cuisine
  • Liver pate — a dish made of beef or veal liver, to which is added butter, boiled carrots, onions, wine and spices.
  • Mincemeat — a herring pie, which, besides herring, also lay hard-boiled eggs, Apple, onion and white bread.
  • Macabre consists of matzo, soaked in milk, then in the mass add eggs and fry in butter.
  • Kugel — a casserole of noodles with goose fat and eggs.
  • Tzimmes — sweet dish made from carrots, which can be added raisins, cinnamon, etc.
  • Bagel — bakery products such as bagels, sprinkled with poppy seeds, nuts, sesame seeds, etc.
  • Hamentash — open triangular cookies filled with poppy seeds.
  • Pita is a round flat unleavened bread with a “pocket” into which you can put the filling (meat, salad).
  • Couscous — semolina resembles millet, is prepared industrially from semolina; cooked couscous complement the vegetables and peas chickpeas.
  • Shakshuka — spicy, spicy scrambled eggs, which is cooked together with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.
  • Hummus — a paste of mashed peas chickpeas mixed with sesame paste, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and crushed red pepper.
  • Falafel — balls of pasta, peas, chickpeas, deep fried and seasoned with spices, they are often stuffed pita.
  • Burekas — pies of flaky pastry stuffed with cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, pickles, etc.

All year round on the table fresh fruits and vegetables

For the Mediterranean diet, which was discussed above, is characterized by a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. They are an important part of the food of the Israelites. Eat them daily and all year round. After all, in Israel the sun is always shining, the air temperature even in winter it almost never drops below 11-12 degrees Celsius. And in summer it reaches 30 degrees or more.

Therefore there are favorable climatic conditions for ripening a variety of fruits. In Israel, growing not only apples, pears, grapes, persimmons, peaches and apricots, which are sold in our stores. There also grow the fruits that are exotic. This is pitaya, loquat, mango, lychee, carambola, guava, passion fruit and many others.

The Israeli fruit tastes incredible. They cannot be compared with apples, pears, bananas, plums, peaches, sold in Russian stores. The reason is that the fruits coming into our trade, come from afar. They are removed from the trees unripe, so they came to maturity during the long journey to the buyer.

And the Israeli fruit growing right there on the spot. They soaked in the hot subtropical sun. They are removed completely ripe and juicy and immediately sent to the stores and markets.

Kosher: food guard health

An important element of Israeli power is the conformity to the requirements of kashrut (“kosher”). The term refers to the suitability of different things for adherents of Judaism (not only food, but also much more). However, most often the word “kosher” is used to the rules relating to food. These requirements are aimed at maintaining the health of the people and are very strict.

Meat, fish, poultry

According to the rules of kosher can be eaten and use only grass-fed meats. They should be both ruminants and artiodactyls (cloven hooves). This is the meat of cows, goats, sheep, moose, mountain goats, etc.

The birds are allowed to use only chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, quails and pigeons.

Fish, corresponding to kosher must have fins and scales. Other types are not allowed.

How is the slaughtering

Requirements apply kosher slaughter of animals. For this there are strict rules. Slaughter animals is only entitled certified Resnick, past special training. The main rule is that the slaughter must be done in one smooth motion the knife, after which the animal instantly loses consciousness and feels no pain. If this rule is not observed, the meat not suitable to eat.

There is even a special religious order, which sets out the requirements for preparing a knife to the face. It set out how it needs sharpening, so it was very sharp and perfectly smooth, without a single indent.

The prohibition of the use in food of blood

The blood of animals should not be used. To remove it, the meat is soaked for 30 minutes in salt water (it absorbs blood). Then it from all sides sprinkled with salt and 60 minutes put on the grill for draining blood. In the end it is washed thoroughly in three waters.

The prohibition of mixing meat and dairy foods

The simultaneous use in a single meal of meat, fish and dairy foods are forbidden. Only a few hours after it was eaten by one of these types of products, you can eat the other (this is mentioned in the Bible).

The prohibition of the use of insects

The requirements of kashrut do not allow the use in food of insects and larvae. In accordance with this flour must be sifted and the grains go through. Leafy vegetables (cabbage, iceberg lettuce, sorrel, arugula, broccoli, etc.) should be soaked in salted water to drive out possible insects. It is also necessary to carefully check the fruit on the subject of worms and maggots.

The purpose of the kosher laws

According to Judaism, the requirements of kosher are installed to follow the moral values. This is done in order to:

  • to minimize the number of animals used for food,
  • to carry out the slaughter as painless as possible (“with respect and compassion”),
  • to develop an aversion to bloodshed.

The laws of kashrut forbid cruel to treat animals. They are allowed to kill only for use as food, for medical research etc.

All food sold in Israel, the packaging is to have a corporate seal and designate the Supervisory authorities that verify compliance with the requirements of kosher. This control is performed under the supervision of the Rabbinate.

Thanks to strict food quality control, the consumption of kosher products has grown into a big business — and not only in this country but also far beyond its borders. Such products are used by people, regardless of nationality. They are especially popular with vegetarians, people suffering from these or other types of allergies, intolerance to certain types of food, etc. in Addition to Israel, the consumption of kosher food in the lead the United States of America, France, UK.

The factors contributing to longevity: results

Longevity of the inhabitants of this country, many factors contribute. First, it is a great climate in Israel year-round warm and Sunny.

Further, the country is famous for its advanced medical expertise — from the perspective of scientific research, the production of new medicines and medical practices. The health of the nation is a state priority.

And of course, very important higher the quality of the products — meat, fish, poultry, dairy food, vegetables, fruits. In the country legally is held to the strictest quality control. Each product is printed check the kosher without her producers closed path in trading networks, shops, markets.

Also Israelis living on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, committed to the Mediterranean diet in which everyday food are Extra virgin olive oil, lots of fish and seafood, various vegetable salads, etc.

All these factors combined explain why in this country has a fairly high life expectancy.

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