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How the liver copes with its tasks, depends on our mood and health.

The role of the liver cannot be overestimated. Its major function is neutralization of harmful substances entering the body or formed in it in the course of his life. How the liver copes with its tasks, depends on our mood and health. A problem with the liver lead to various diseases. How do you determine the status of this important organ in order to take action?

The most typical signs of possible problems

The liver is a prude


The complexity of diagnosing many liver diseases that from time to time many of them are asymptomatic. The fact that the liver itself has no nerve endings, and hurt itself, it can not, even if the disease has begun. Due to the lack of a clear pain syndrome, you can skip the beginning of a serious illness. But it’s not fatal – a disease of the liver can be detected on circumstantial evidence, despite his modesty, the liver still signals to us about malfunctions in it by all available means.

Weakness and fatigue


Of course, by themselves, weakness and fatigue nothing to say. They may be the result of recent illness, problems with blood pressure, a symptom of cardiovascular disease, gastritis. They can be a sign of an impending colds. In short, any illness can cause weakness.

But, if there is no hint of an infectious disease, people are constantly getting enough sleep, go to bed on time and not suffer from heart disease, however, are constantly experiencing weakness, fatigue, feeling unwell without reason, you should check the liver.

Such as evidence of intoxication. The liver is responsible for neutralizing toxins. As soon as it ceases to deal with it, there are growing signs of self-poisoning of the body. Hence, the first symptom is weakness and fatigue.


Still hurts?


Pain in the right upper quadrant may indicate a malfunction of the liver. If it really hurts doesn’t it. The nerves are not in the liver, and covering its shell. Enlarged liver in size due to disease leads to the stretching of the shells her shares and the pain.

This pain is never sharp. She’s a dumb, vague, but persistent and lengthy. The increase of problems leads to the fact that the pain can become constant ache. Increase it can in your movements.

Also the pain can give under the right shoulder blade and in the back. So if was often sore back or shoulder, no need to blame osteochondrosis makes sense to check the liver.

Strong, cramping pain does not indicate liver disease, and the problems of its neighbor – the gallbladder and biliary tract. Severe pain, aggravated by pressure, talking about purulent cholecystitis. In this case, it’s time to call an ambulance.


Heaviness in the side


Another characteristic feature. It may be accompanied by chronic cholecystitis. If the heaviness bothers constantly, you should undergo a detailed examination – this symptom is characteristic of cirrhosis of the liver in the initial stage, the hepatitis, the development of tumors.

Skin is the mirror of the health of the liver


Any problems with it sooner or later affect the skin. And no wonder – the liver ceases to destroy the toxins as it should, and the skin, being a secretory organ, takes on the part of the job. But working in this mode for a long time can not, therefore, soon begins to suffer itself.


So, to think about the fact that the liver is not in order, if you find the following signs.

  • On the body began to appear spider veins. The more, the worse feeling in the liver. Especially worry if asterisks appear on the cheeks or the back.
  • On the body spots appear. Change of pigmentation almost always indicates a problem with the liver. Moreover, the skin color may vary in certain places. Bronze or ashen-gray tint of the skin in the palms and underarms should make immediately to go to the survey. Pale skin is not talking only about anemia cirrhosis and hepatitis can cause it. But do not immediately panic if there is only pallor. This may be a property of the skin or the consequence of iron deficiency or other terrible problems. Should we be worried if persistent pallor combined with other signs of liver disease.
  • On a body there are bruises: chronic cirrhosis of the liver can lead to clotting disorders and capillary fragility. In this case, even slight pressure can cause bruising on the body.
  • Plaques on the body. If there are problems with the flow of bile, on the eyelids, feet, knees elbows can appear on plaques, surrounded by a yellowish skin.
  • Red palm. A vivid symptom of hepatitis and cirrhosis is a discoloration of the palms and soles. They redden. If you press it, the skin first turns white, but then again it will become reddish.
  • Yellow skin. This is the only sign, which, perhaps, they know everything. Indeed, when problems with the liver often there is yellowing of the skin, sclera of the eyes, mucous membranes. This is due to the fact that the liver ceases to bind the bilirubin and excrete it, and it accumulates in the skin. Most often, the skin turns yellow in hepatitis and cirrhosis. However, not always need to be alarmed immediately, especially when it comes to yellowed child. It is worth remembering, did not eat any old people lately, a lot of carrots and was not interested in whether he treatment of carrot juice. Excessive consumption of carotene carotene causes jaundice, which looks like hepatic jaundice.
  • Hair loss. Often liver disease accompanied by hair loss. This is because liver disease lead to the development of hormonal imbalances – the liver is involved in the development of insulin, but it also removes excess estrogen from the body. The changes in hormonal balance hair react first.
  • Itching. This is a very common symptom.

Often liver disease have all the symptoms of diseases of the digestive tract. Therefore, the appearance of unstable chair, causeless diarrhea, heartburn, unpleasant taste in the mouth, vomiting and nausea should be alerted and be forced to go to the doctor.

Typical signs of liver problems are the change of urine color to dark yellow and the color change of the stool. As a rule, it shows the development of Botkin’s disease and other types of hepatitis. Combined with yellowness of the skin is almost an exact proof of the presence of hepatitis A.


Unusual signs of liver disease


Sometimes liver diseases can talk symptoms that seem unconnected with it. Many will be surprised, but about the problems with liver can talk menstrual disorders in women. Although if you dig deeper, there is nothing strange – the liver rids the body of excess estrogen. Violations of its work leads to a hormonal imbalance in the body.

Also in men liver disease can cause problems with erections and even impotence. It is also a consequence of hormonal disturbances.

Also pay attention to the appearance of adult acne. Acne is often a symptom of hormonal disturbances or liver function.


For unusual signs of liver disease also include:

  • the emergence of a strong thirst,
  • blurred vision,
  • intolerance to fatty foods
  • flatulence.


These signs should be considered in conjunction with the other. And if there are few signs of liver diseases, it is necessary to go to the survey.

One of the characteristic signs of trouble with the liver is a persistent low-grade fever for several months with no signs of colds and other infectious diseases. If there is a temperature of 37 degrees – it is necessary to check the liver – this may be a sign of liver cirrhosis. A sharp rise in temperature to high limits says on suppurative processes and acute cholecystitis.

This is a complex issue. It is believed that a disease of the liver cause poor diet, the abundance of fatty foods, adherence to diet, stress, alcohol abuse, use of certain drugs. But that’s not all. In some cases, the disease can lead to infections, parasites such as giardiasis, genetic predisposition.


Signs of hepatica


You should pay attention to the following signs – increasing wanton depletion, especially if there is no change in nutrition, periodic yellowness, nausea, fatigue, flank pain, itching, bloating and the appearance of veins on the abdomen.

Indirect signs may be changes in cholesterol metabolism, blurred vision and soreness in the joints.

Chronic hepatitis may manifest initially, weakness, fatigue, jaundice and itching of the skin.


Signs of tumors


A malignant tumor may be suspected if there is a sharp depletion for several months in combination with pain in the right side. This pain can be strong or very weak. Benign tumors most often are totally asymptomatic.


Signs of an abscess


The reason for the development of an abscess may be parasites in the cavity of the liver or bacterial infection. The main feature here can be continuously kept high temperature. There are no signs of colds. Combined with fever and soreness in his right side, which is felt when pressure is applied.

Liver disease can be very dangerous and lead to a sad outcome for life. Therefore, it is important to notice them and to begin treatment. In this case, very useful to know the symptoms indicating problems with the liver.published econet.ru

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