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In the fight against excess weight all good… even the Moon! The lunar diet is the easiest and perhaps the most effective way to keep your appetite in check and weight — in a decent framework. This is one of the few diets with proven long-lasting effect. In addition, it helps rid the body of all the accumulated harm in it. And, importantly, awakens the senses and clears the mind.


The essence of the lunar diet is to coordinate your meals with the phases of cold light. And there’s what to try: a month 2-3 pounds of useless weight disappear forever. Loss for the year can be 24-36 lbs!


How to lose weight on the lunar diet

  • New moon. The moon in the sky is almost not visible.
  • Growing (1 and 2 phases) — if you mentally put the Crescent moon wand, get the letter “P” is growing. The moon was full. Bright round pancake in the night sky? All clear is a full moon.
  • Flawed (phase 3 and 4) — sickle resembles the letter “C” — the aging of the Moon.


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Let’s start from the beginning with the new Moon


These days the body is on the decline of vitality, weakened immunity, may worsen chronic diseases. On the other hand, renewal and liberation from the burden accumulated during the past lunar month. It’s time to start a new life. Help your body, because it is configured for maximum cleansing. But the extra food may slow down or interrupt this important process.


So fasting in this period is very good for health, easy to carry, prevents many diseases and promotes weight loss. A good alternative to fasting — fasting day (Apple, kefir).


At this time it is very important to drink a lot — decoctions of herbs, pure water, fresh juices. Thereby you will accelerate the excretion of toxins, fats and toxins.


The new moon imposed strict taboo on sugar and salt (be careful with store-bought juices, which can contain both, just don’t buy them).


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Waxing moon



1 and 2, the phases of the moon — a great time to conduct restorative procedures, vitamin and drug therapy. No wonder doctors naturopaths recommend that immediately after the new moon to start any health course, for example, to introduce fasting days on Fridays. It is likely that such initiatives on the growing moon will enter into a beneficial habit.

But physical activity is recommended to reduce (just to reduce, not eliminate), so as not to waste energy potential. Lack of physical activity can compensate for breathing exercises — use for figures from them significant.


And the best part: in the days of the waxing moon with a clear conscience can afford… the real gluttony!



New moon


The full moon is a difficult period for the body. It was at this time he shifts from the accumulation of forces and energy to active their expense. Energy flows and may become unmanageable. And all because the body is under stress on the most subtle levels. Your task is not to succumb to lunar magic and keep calm. Do not fuss, put all the cases requiring nerve expenses, tune in to a pleasant wave and… another fasting day.


In the diet should be excluded “dry food”, i.e. all sorts of chips, crackers, croutons, drying and bagels. And along with all the salty, spicy and smoked. In General, all that is water retention, as the full moon water from the body “cast”, and together with her “swim” and extra pounds.


And the appetite on your side — usually during the full moon it is reduced itself. In the days of the full moon is useful to all “lunar” vegetables — cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin. If you urgently need to part with 2 kg of these vegetables are best and limit.



Waning moon


Further, the moon is losing weight, and with it you lose weight: go natural purification processes of the organism, the easier it displays products of metabolism. These days, in no case do not overeat and even eat.


The rule is to cut your usual portion in descending order of the moon. To do this is not difficult, for example, instead of a whole chocolate bar, eat three quarters, then gradually go to half dose, and after a week and just use a couple of slices. Maybe by next new moon you will learn to do without chocolate at all!


When the Moon is at a loss, choose more vegetables (except potatoes), fruit (except bananas) and cereals (except semolina).


Permissible meats and dairy products. Desirable seafood, especially cabbage, i.e. kelp. In General, the diet of normal, but at half the dose. Tasted like lightweight menu, you will certainly feel a pleasant lightness in the body: you will want to run and jump.


Do not limit yourself! Besides, physical activity is absolutely essential to your thin body. The simple exercises will consolidate the result achieved for the entire lunar cycle.


In the waning moon, visit a beautician, because period is important for health and anti-aging procedures. It is noticed that in this time of cosmetic manipulation almost never leave scars.


Just before the new moon date her shrink (if current exists), because these days conducive to intimate conversation, “digging” in itself and the solution of psychological problems.


Immortelle, rose hips, sage and nettle, brewed as a tea, improve fat metabolism and accelerate metabolism. Drink tea 2-week courses on the growing moon — and the result will not keep itself waiting.published econet.ru.

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