Meals without meat: can it be healthy

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Meals without meat: can it be healthy

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  • Meat is primarily protein
  • What other minerals and vitamins contained in meat
  • What happens if you completely remove from your diet meat
  • What should be the diet, not including meat

Around the permissibility of the use of meat in the daily diet for quite a long time there are heated and ongoing controversy. And so if you need this product and what would happen if you completely eliminate it from your diet? Let’s face it.

Meat is primarily protein

On the one hand, the situation also affects the opinion of the adherents of a healthy diet and a considerable number of nutritionists who believe that regular consumption of meat contributes to the intense aging of cells and can even cause cancer.

And on the other there are many fans of this product, justifying his position by the fact that people ate meat in ancient times. In a dispute involving celebrities that tries as much as possible to maintain health and youth.

Your transition to food without meat they tend to publicly declare and even call to follow their example.

Opponents of eating meat hard to deny that such a product very rich in valuable proteins, vitamins, iron and other components needed by the body in the process of life. In turn, vegetarians refuse from eating meat, face a number of challenges, provoked by the necessity of finding adequate sources of all the same important components that normal people get from meat dishes.

In the first place are proteins, essential amino acids and iron. Qualified nutritionists believe that only when there is a reliable alternative sources for all necessary components of diet which does not contain meat, can be complete and balanced. So is it worth to give up meat in the daily diet? Or leave everything as is, just taking control of the observance of the acceptable standards of use of the product? What are the pros and cons of such a move?

What other minerals and vitamins contained in meat

In meat products, regularly add to your daily routine, there are many important components such as sulfur, copper, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and, of course, iron. Adherence to a strict diet, which excludes meat, can cause anemia and other serious violations in the work of almost all systems. Meat contains b vitamins, as well as A and D.

In turn, the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on their own, should be considered as a unique component of the diet. Without them, the completion of most restoration processes, providing the support of an adult, is simply impossible. And their importance to growing and developing the body of the child in General cannot be overstated. On top of that a serious argument in favor of eating meat can be considered easy to obtain immediately the whole set of necessary substances simply take the corresponding product, to cook it properly and serve.

It is known that many vitamins, minerals, protein and iron, found in meat, there are other components of the diet. In particular vegetables, fruits and dairy products. But it contains much smaller and they are usually digested by the digestive system much worse. That’s why many vegetarians and vegans is so difficult to balance your daily diet, especially if they lead an active lifestyle, doing sports or going to have children. In many cases, such people have to resort to special pharmacological preparations which is a supplements that contain high doses of iron and vitamins.

What happens if you completely remove from your diet meat

The most significant disadvantage of eating meat, most often, consider a high content in this product is animal fats can significantly increase cholesterol and raise the spectre of not only atherosclerosis, but also some other diseases in the cardiovascular system. Also nutritionists believe that too often the addition of meat in the daily diet may cause excess weight and be prone to obesity. And yet — the excess of saturated fatty acids in sufficient quantity contained in meat products, can cause cancer diseases such as colon cancer, prostate and breast cancer.

This is especially dangerous when you consider the inclusion in their diet of mutton, pork and beef, and also meat birds, such as geese and ducks. Scientific studies confirm that people too often use excessive amounts of meat, often develops the tendency to macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis and even diabetes.

What should be the diet, not including meat

The solution to this problem for quite a few years working nutritionists in different countries that have achieved some success. Some of them believe that meat is completely should not give up. It is only necessary to restrict its use to a reasonable amount. They question the authenticity of the research results of some scientists actively fighting for total transition of the world’s population only on vegetable food. And vegetarians often enough complain of the lack of availability of certain products required in their diet to replace the components that are contained in meat.

The fact is that the consumption of meat as well, and many other products, you need to properly normalize. Harm to the body is easy to apply, even adding to the menu not containing meat is just eating them in excessive amounts. A good example of such “kinks” could provide a special diet for weight loss, implying long-term use of a limited number of products.

The result is quite often the weakness, anemia, disturbances in the digestive system, constipation, syncope, and other undesirable symptoms. In turn, added to the daily menu in reasonable quantities and properly cooked meat will not cause harm, but will serve as a truly indispensable source of valuable nutrients.

Any food must be balanced. Properly selected diet, which includes not only meat, but also other necessary products is the Foundation of our health and longevity.

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