Myths about good nutrition (Part 1)

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Myths about good nutrition (Part 1)

Good nutrition (PP) – for many even sounds terrifying. For those who don’t know, the imagination immediately draws the rejection of everything tasty, sweet, fried, constant control over themselves and insatiable feeling of hunger. But how badly did you make a mistake? There are a lot of rumors about how difficult it is to stick to PP. Is it true?

Myth #1 of PP is a strict diet

It’s not like that. Very often they think that a good diet is equivalent to a diet. Diet is a short-term measure, which is used to lose weight by summer, wedding, fit into favorite jeans, etc. There are many “scary” diets that exhaust the human body in pursuit of a slender figure. But the right diet is a balanced and healthy diet every day, it is a way of life in which the body gets all the necessary nutrients and thus loses weight. The main thing is to calculate your portion correctly.

Myth #2 of PP is not tasty

For a beginner, of course, it is difficult to feel the full taste of food after all the harmful ketchups, sauces, burgers, spices, sweeteners and flavors. Taste receptors are not used to healthy food without all the harmful additives. There are a lot of recipes that are not only healthy, but also insanely delicious. You can cook many of your favorite dishes by simply finding useful substitutes. Wheat flour on oatmeal, butter on avocado, jams with sugar on fruits, etc.

Myth #3 of PP is expensive

This is the point that stops a lot of people from switching to PPs. Is that so? You don’t have to run straight to the store for expensive salmon, tuna, marble beef, avocado, lentils. There is a lot of video on the Internet with budget PP prescriptions. Habitual chicken and hake, buckwheat and rice, any vegetables and fruits in the season will not beat on your wallet. The only thing left to do is to cook them properly.

The myth #4 PP is to stand by the stove all the time

If you think about your diet for the next 3 days, you can spend only 1 hour in the kitchen to prepare all the main dishes and forget about cooking for a couple of days. Bake chicken breasts with cottage cheese, boil buckwheat and disperse everything by pike-perch. Make cottage cheese casserole and divide into portions, prepare oatmeal with raisins and apples in the morning, make preparations for salads (you only need to slice and season with oil). When everything is ready and standing in the fridge, it will not be tempting to eat something harmful.

Myth # 5 PP – refusal from “delicious”

By limiting yourself too tightly in the diet, there is a high probability of breaking down. Then this balanced diet is more like a diet. 80-90% of your diet should be made up of healthy food for your body, and the remaining 10-20% should be “delicious” for your soul. You came with a girlfriend to a cafe and saw your favorite cake in the window. “But I can’t, I’ve been holding on for so long…” Yes, eat it and do not torture yourself, otherwise the breakdown and a complete return to the harmful diet is ensured.

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