Myths about good nutrition Part 2.

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Myths about good nutrition Part 2.

Good nutrition (PP) is not a short-term diet or a grueling diet to fit into your favorite jeans or lose weight in the summer. It’s a way of life. Do you want to be not only slim, but also healthy? Always keep yourself in good shape, while eating delicious and varied meals? But then why is the phrase “good nutrition” itself quietly horrifying and immediately associated with starvation, the rejection of everything tasty? Let us dispel a few more myths about rational and balanced nutrition.

Myth #6
PP – ban on specific products

“If I stick to the right diet, it means you can’t eat: potatoes, pasta, flour, salt, sweet…” and a bunch of normal foods. But why do they think so? There are no bans on such products in PP. As mentioned earlier, 80% of the diet is healthy food, and the remaining 20% is for the soul. It’s not about giving up potatoes completely, but limiting the amount and method of processing. For example, it is better not to fry potatoes on oil, but to bake them. Eat one piece of your favorite mead, not half a cake. Is there a difference?

Myth #7
PP, you can’t fry anything.

There are many healthier ways of frying when your favorite cutlets do not swim in sunflower oil in a pan. It is better to give preference to olive oil than to an analogue of seeds, legumes or nuts (the latter form harmful carcinogens when frying). One tablespoon of olive oil will do nothing wrong. Cutlets can be roasted to a golden crust in a dry pan and then stewed with a little water. Purchase a pan with a good non-stick coating or give preference to the grill at all.

Myth #8
PP, you can’t get better.

Eating properly and eating healthy foods can be improved if you don’t keep up with your calorie intake. That’s why they start by calculating the calorie content of food so that they know how much to eat. Is it possible to lose weight by eating burgers with fries and drinking cola? You can. Only with such a calorie a day, you can only afford to eat burgers with fries and drink coke… children’s hippies-mill. Even with useful products can not be searched. A couple of spoons of salad or a bowl? A couple of spoons of cottage cheese with raisins and a spoon of honey or cottage cheese with 5 spoons of honey, raisins, sour cream, banana and compote?

Myth #9
Reusable nutrition accelerates metabolism

It’s a fresh myth from nutrition scientists. Is that so? It is possible to argue. If you take 2 different people, the first one wakes up early, leads an active lifestyle, works in the gym and goes to bed late, in the second one wakes up by lunch, does not move much during the day, does not do sports and goes to bed early. Who needs six meals a day to maintain energy, and who will gain extra weight? Therefore, this question is very individual.

Myth #10
All fitness bloggers and celebrities are perfect

Many people think that their favorite celebrities and fitness bloggers and coaches in the gym are ideal. It strictly adheres to all the rules, every day they go to training sessions, eat only the right food, never get sick. Imitating their “idols”, they sometimes give up. But all of them are the same people out of work, behind-the-scenes, who get tired, allow themselves to eat bad things, get sick, skip training and just want to fail all day on the couch without doing anything. Don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t be so hard on yourself for eating a cake. Strive to look better and be healthier is certainly worth it, but never compare yourself with others.

It turns out that the right diet is not so terrible, if you understand everything. All you have to do is get used to it, find your favorite recipes and get into the rut. And then the body will say “thank you very much”, and the results will not keep you waiting.

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