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Myths of power: aluminum cookware dangerous?

The contents

  • How does it affect health?
  • For the followers of healthy lifestyle: participation in metabolism
  • Use in cooking food

    • Still, this cookware is dangerous or not?
    • The use of aluminum utensils for cooking
    • Care rules

“Immediately throw away aluminum pans! You bake the meat in foil? Don’t do this!” — heard such statement? Very often they repeat supporters of the HLS. How much truth in them, and how many outdated stereotypes? Eating healthy is very important, so let’s try to understand whether it is possible to use aluminium in your kitchen.

How does it affect health?

In recent years aluminum cookware was made almost anathema. Is it really dangerous to health or is it just a common prejudice? It is time to figure it out, as they say, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Let’s start with the fact that aluminium is a common natural element of the periodic table, which number is it on the third place (the first and second locations are oxygen and silicon). Note that aluminum has low toxicity.

This element is very important for the health and functioning of the body. It can be detected in almost all organs and systems of the body. Here are his benefits:

  • affects enzymes of digestion
  • important for correct functioning of the parathyroid glands
  • restores bone and connective tissue.

However, I must admit that if the quantity of this element in the body is exceeded, this has a negative impact on health, which appear disorders in the body. In particular, can occur irreversible changes in tissues and organs to develop osteoporosis and to suffer the nervous system. However, doctors emphasize that such conditions occur rarely and appear on the background of already existing renal failure. Also they are the result of taking certain pharmaceutical drugs for a long time.

In 1998 published the results of medical studies on another aspect. Scientists studied the question of how this element affects the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that the link between aluminum and developing Alzheimer’s disease has not been detected.

However, some scientists disagree, therefore, they continue surveying. In General, have not yet set the final point in the study of the influence of this element on the development of Alzheimer’s disease. But in any case, the researchers noted that public perceptions about the dangers of aluminum cookware are greatly exaggerated.

For the followers of healthy lifestyle: participation in metabolism

The aluminium needed by the body, it is involved in metabolism. It should be mentioned that the need for it almost completely covered the aluminum originally contained in the food, air and water.

The large amount is contained in food of plant origin: fruits, vegetables, cereals. He also is in meat, fish, but in smaller amounts. You get it from cosmetic products and some medicines.

It is also found in cookware, Cutlery, etc. So it is in any case included in our metabolism.

Use in cooking food

Why many types of cookware — pots, pressure cookers, cauldrons, bowls, Cutlery — are made from aluminum? Because it is a cheap material that does not corrode, things from it light and heat conductive. It was only in the early twentieth century, but it quickly became popular and spread. Currently, it is widely used in public facilities: canteens, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, prisons, etc.

Aluminum cookware is divided into two kinds: extruded and cast. Stamped is cheaper, but the cast is better in terms of quality. We will add that at the present time for the production of pottery often used alloys of aluminum with other metals, or apply different types of coatings.

Choosing dishes, prefer one that has a thick bottom, then it will be durable to shocks and deformations. Yes, and dishes in the pot with a thick bottom work better as they are languishing.

On the surface of aluminum cookware in contact with oxygen forms a film which provides resistance to rust. In addition, in the process of making metal especially occiderit, because of this the film becomes even thicker. This provides a more reliable protection.

Still, this cookware is dangerous or not?

Following the seated repose, many people believe that aluminum has a negative impact on health. So many people are interested in the answer to the question: can it be exceeded a dangerous dose of this metal in normal household conditions?

Most importantly, we must know that the transition of this element in foods from pots, pans and foil is so small that this number is negligible and they can be neglected. It is especially important to remember that the surface of aluminum cookware is always covered with oxide that is not soluble in water. It protects and prevents food from going in them aluminum and its compounds. From the chemical point of view, the aluminium oxide is the same clay. People used it for making tableware since time immemorial, even before our era. Virtually all power over the centuries was prepared in clay pots.

The use of aluminum utensils for cooking

So, this cookware can be safely used. It is permitted even for children’s institutions: kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc., and there food is subject to strict control. The same applies to the foil, Cutlery, etc. They also do not harm.

There is one caveat. The aluminum pan is not necessary to store the food with a sour taste: soup, borscht, Solyanka, sauerkraut, food cooked in tomato sauce, etc. Acid can destroy the protective film. Therefore, cooked meals are necessary to shift into another bowl — glass, clay, ceramic and put in the refrigerator. This cookware is inert to the action of acids, it does not interact with the products, so metabolism will not suffer.

Care rules

After purchase, wash the pan, a bowl, a ladle with a sponge and liquid detergent. But clean it with abrasive powders or metal sponges and brushes, as it may damage protective film.

If cookware is heavily contaminated, apply a strong solution of soda. Clean the dishes, then pour it in clean water for half an hour. Then rinse it and wipe it with a dry cloth.

So, the myth about the harmfulness of aluminum cookware debunked. The ancient Romans used to ask: “Who benefits?”. It seems that the imposition of this myth is most advantageous to the manufacturers of expensive stainless steel pans. As you know, to defeat the competitor, it is necessary to support the myth that its products are harmful.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that aluminum cookware is worthy of a place in our kitchen. Given its practical nature and low cost, it can be used without fear for health.

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