Natural remedies from chapped lips

Easy to care for chapped lips by using these natural products.

Lip balm

If chapped lips not to care, they can crack and hurt. This common problem can be easily overcome with a quality lip balm. There are many types of natural lip balms designed to solve different problems.

Organic lip balm

The composition of organic lip balms is made with natural organic ingredients that help nourish chapped lips. Look for these nutrient-rich ingredients like cocoa butter, Shea butter, tea tree oil, coconut oil, green tea, berries and mint.

Lip balm with protection from the sun

In the same way as other parts of the body, lips if you frequently stay outdoors exposed to environmental factors, including sun. Lip balm with sun protection protects lips, blocking harmful UV rays.

Therapeutic lip balm

Therapeutic lip balm uses special formula to soothe and heal dry lips. They can moisturize lips, struggling with the constant dryness.

Belongings for lips

Before applying the balm, oil or lip gloss to make them smooth and remove dry dead skin. The lip scrub gently eliminates dying skin and makes lips soft and gentle. This allows the balm to fully absorb after application. Natural scrubs for lips may contain sugar or another exfoliant, gently removing the dying skin when applied on the lips.

Lip gloss and lipstick can serve as protection for the lips, preventing their chapping. However they can exacerbate the dryness that leads to chapping. Before applying newflename pigment, such as a matte lipstick or gloss, make sure that the lips no dying of the skin, and that they are soft to the touch. After applying the scrub nourishing lip balm will absorb into the lips to prevent drying before applying gloss or lipstick.

Enlarger of volume of the lips for chapped lips

Use volumizer lip — another effective remedy to fight with crumpled form of chapped lips. The means to increase lip volume and smoothes out the bumps on the lips, making them full and giving it a healthy look. Means to increase lip volume is often added to balms, primers, gloss or lipstick.

Other useful tips for dealing with obwedennogo lips

Water: the state of the lips can be improved and the inside. In the colder months there is often dehydration, which is associated with air quality and temperature. When the skin becomes dry, you can just drink more water and this will help fight dryness of the skin, including of the lips and skin and increase its elasticity.

Try not to lick your lips: when cold air and wind increase the dryness of the lips, people automatically begin to lick them. In the result, the lips become even more dry and chapped.

It is important to remember that the lips require care, as well as leather the rest of the body. Because the skin of the lips does not produce sebum, to maintain the volume and moisture it needs extra care, including protection from environmental stresses.

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