Natural ways to improve the growth of eyelashes

Use these tips and techniques to increase length and thickness.

Long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty, but many people have lashes are naturally short. The building — this is a temporary solution, besides, it can permanently damage the lashes. Instead use this quick action, try natural remedies that can help to make eyelashes longer.

Apply oil to lengthen eyelashes

It is believed that some oils promote the growth of eyelashes. One reason for this is that these oils contain fatty acids that can nourish the eyelashes. In addition, the oil on the eyelashes creates a protective film that helps prevent damage so lashes are less likely to break or fall out. And finally, applying oil on your eyelashes can improve the blood circulation in the follicles and adjacent tissues.

Oil to stimulate eyelash growth:

For grooming the lashes so the lashes are coated along the entire length of one or more of these oils. Handle them, moving from the base to the tips. Be careful not to accidentally pull out your eyelashes.

  • castor oil
  • olive oil
  • jojoba oil
  • coconut oil
  • lemon essential oil
  • lavender essential oil

Stimulate eyelash growth with the help of green tea

Green tea contains healthful compounds known as flavonoids. Applying green tea on your eyelashes can promote the ingress of flavonoids to the hair follicles. Tea can also help cleanse the skin, which can also stimulate the growth of eyelashes.

To try this method, brew the tea in hot water. Let the tea cool before use. Moisten the cooled tea on a cotton ball and swipe across the length of the lashes. Remove the tea after five minutes.

Prepare homemade serum for lashes

Serum for eyelashes possess a number of useful properties of oils included in their composition. Home serums you can pick up your favorite flavors and the oils.

Try the recipe of this serum for the growth and increase the density of eyelashes.


  • 2 tbsp of castor oil
  • 1 tbsp fractionated coconut oil
  • 6 drops lemon essential oil
  • 6 drops of lavender essential oil


  • Mix castor oil and coconut oil in a glass bottle with a lid.
  • Add to the vial of both types of essential oil. Stir.
  • Close the bottle cap. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Wipe the eyelash serum along the entire length every night before bedtime with a cotton swab.
  • Daily massage the lashes

    When the follicles get good nutrition, it promotes better growth of eyelashes. Improvement of blood circulation in the adjacent tissues also improves the condition of the follicle. A daily gentle massage lash line can improve the blood circulation in this area. During the massage, it is helpful to use tools such as grapeseed oil and aloe Vera.

    Also massage can be done with a comb for eyelashes. The combing of the eyelashes, as well as massage, can improve blood circulation in this area. In addition, the comb can help to spread the oils along the entire length of the lashes so they look thicker, and this can give them extra strength for growth.

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