Nutrition and a set of exercises for effective weight loss

Excess weight is not only an aesthetic problem, because of which the figure looks unattractive. A large amount of adipose tissue hinders the work of all body systems, which leads to the development of various diseases and early aging. Therefore, it is necessary to struggle with extra pounds by regularly exercising. In addition, it is important to change the eating habits, which are often the main cause of weight gain.

Basics of proper diet for weight loss

Basics of proper diet for weight loss

The process of combating obesity should begin with a revision of the usual diet and eating patterns. Without compliance with the principles of proper nutrition, physical activity is ineffective. To decrease the amount of adipose tissue, it is necessary that energy consumption exceeds the number of calories entering the body. The lack of energy that occurs after fitness classes can be compensated either by splitting fat cells or recovering with the next portion of food. To reduce excess weight, of course, the first option is preferable.

Nutrition that promotes weight loss should be based on the following principles:

the menu should be balanced so that the amount of nutrients (BJU) corresponds to the formula 60/15/35. At the same time carbohydrates should be complex. They are found in cereals, pasta made from durum wheat, whole grain bread;
All high-calorie foods that are not classified as healthy should be excluded from the diet. These include: sweets and muffins, fried foods, pickles and smoked meats, fast food and convenience foods, sweet soda and packaged juices, alcohol, mayonnaise and other sauces;
The total caloric content of the daily menu should be within the daily norm. The exact number of calories must be calculated individually, taking into account gender, age, type of constitution and the number of fitness classes held during the week;
5-6 receptions of small portions of food – this is the best meal schedule. It prevents the occurrence of acute hunger, because of which a person eats more than the body needs;
A healthy diet requires at least 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day.

Rules for conducting fitness

Rules for conducting fitness

In order for fitness to be as productive as possible in the process of losing excess weight and extremely safe for health, it is necessary to observe the following important rules when they are carried out:

Each training is required to start with a warm-up exercise. This is necessary for the smooth introduction of the body into the mode of active work. A warm-up should necessarily include a light cardiovascular load, which increases blood circulation, and movements that work on the articular-ligamentous apparatus. Such preparation for the main load increases the efficiency of fitness and minimizes the risk of injury;
In order to reduce excess weight, emphasis should be placed on cariogenic loads, since it is they who activate the processes of fat loss. Such activity includes jogging, walking, jumping, paddling, cycling and any other activity, as a result of which cardiac and respiratory rhythms are greatly increased;
to complete each fitness workout should be a hitch, during which it is necessary to normalize the pulse rate and stretch the muscle fibers, which were loaded. Thanks to such actions, it is possible to relax the muscles, stimulate the regeneration processes and prevent strength – muscle pain, which often occurs after workouts with intense physical exertion;
conducting cardio, you should not forget about strength training. Exercises with their own and additional weight strengthen muscles and contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Due to this, the body becomes more slender and fit;
the intensity of the loads must be constantly increased in order to prevent the muscles from adapting to the effects on them and to ensure the most favorable conditions for stably progressive positive results;
should be trained in comfortable clothes that do not create discomfort during exercise.

The best slimming exercises for the whole body

The best slimming exercises for the whole body

For effective slimming of the whole body, such training movements can be included in a fitness workout:

Waving lower limbs, which can be performed both standing and lying on its side.

In the first case, it is necessary, holding the support, to move the leg back or to the side, and in the second – to lift up to the formation of a right angle in the groin. The recommended number of repetitions of each option is 3-4 sets of 20 strides with each leg.


To perform this exercise, you must first take a step forward, and then bend both knees, dropping into a squat, in which right angles are formed in the kneecaps. After pressing the heel of the supporting lower limb into the floor and straining the abdominal muscles, return to the upright position and repeat the lunge, taking a step forward with the other leg. For each lower limb, you should perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 times.


Their technique involves smoothly lowering the pelvis (after its preliminary abduction back) to a level at which the back of the thighs is in the same parallel with the floor. In this case, the kneecaps should be parallel and be on the line of the socks. Squat should be 2-3 sets of 10-15 times.


This is the best exercise for working out the press. To extract maximum benefit from it, it is necessary to detach from the floor only the upper part of the torso. Feet can be put on the floor or put on a hill. The optimal number of repetitions is 3-4 approaches 10-15 times.

Push ups.

Depending on the level of development of muscles can be wrung out in different ways. Carrying out this exercise in the classical technique, you need to rest on the floor with your toes and palms and during inhalation bring the torso to the floor. Exhaling, bend your elbows and return to the starting position. Wring out is recommended in 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

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