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Orbitrek for weight loss: benefits and features exercise
The contents

  • What is the “elliptical”?
  • Weight loss with elliptical cardio equipment
  • The benefits of exercises performed on the ellipsoid
  • How to choose elliptical trainer for home fitness workouts
  • The features of the simulator

In order to successfully work through all the muscles, make an attractive silhouette and lose weight to desired parameters, do not need to constantly visit the fitness room. Enough to buy a elliptical cross trainer and exercise at home with this efficient machine. Orbitrek (or ellipsoid) is one of the best shells to bring the body in shape, so in recent years it actively buying for home weight loss.

What is the “elliptical”?

Orbitrek is a powerful treadmill with pedals for the feet and holders for the hands. This shell allows you to simulate walking or skiing with high amplitude movements, making the positive effects of fitness training is achieved much faster than conventional workouts are weight bearing.

Elliptical cardio machines are divided into mechanical and magnetic. The first requires the greatest effort when performing exercises, but are not used anymore in modern gyms, though are cheaper. The second type are often equipped with additional devices: heart rate monitors and pedometers to heart rate monitoring.

Weight loss with elliptical cardio equipment

The ellipsoid is a multifunctional apparatus, which efficiently loads the heart muscle and promotes weight loss due to the acceleration of the pulse. Simultaneously, the shell allows you to develop all muscle groups, including legs, buttocks, and muscles of the upper shoulder girdle.

In order to enhance weight loss with simulator ski step, you need to train at least 3 times a week for 40-45 minutes. The best effect bring a combination of fitness training, which are different types of cardio (treadmill training, jumps, lunges, complex types of stretching).

The benefits of exercises performed on the ellipsoid

Orbitrek allows you to not only lose weight, but also brings many other positive aspects. In particular, exercises that mimic ski step help:

  • to get rid of stress, depressive and anxiety States, neuroses;
  • to improve your stamina;
  • to strengthen the heart muscle and respiratory system;
  • to develop the mobility of joints and elasticity of ligaments;
  • improve mood and enhance performance;
  • to establish blood circulation in all the soft tissues;
  • to improve lymphatic drainage;
  • to prevent the occurrence of stagnant blood diseases, varicose veins, disorders of hematopoietic function;
  • to increase the elasticity of the skin.

How to choose elliptical trainer for home fitness workouts

Before you buy a pear for home training, you must consider some aspects that will help to protect yourself from an unnecessary purchase.

  • Do not buy the first available trainer. The projectile must be adapted to the physical characteristics and the level of training of the athlete. The beginner should abandon the mechanical units that can injure ligaments and tendons. First of all, is to determine the step length. Try a shell in the sports shop: exercises for lifting and lowering the foot should not slide off the support of the pedals. Too wide a step threatens to tear the muscle fibers and damage to the joints, but too short a step would be ineffective for weight loss. The best option — cross trainers, which are self-adjusting step length.
  • Pay attention to the drag system. Mechanical recommended for advanced athletes. Magnetic system suitable for beginners and is convenient for home use, as such simulators require less.
  • Try a smooth ride. Is slower than step, the less the likelihood of injury. With the smooth elliptical trainers to work comfortably. The load on the pedals is distributed evenly under body weight, and sudden movements will have to make additional efforts that may adversely affect the health and distribution of stress on the muscles.
  • In order to ascertain the quality of the ellipsoid, make sure that the projectile is certified and has all required supporting documents. They are the guarantee of its security and quality characteristics.
  • The features of the simulator

    The modern market of sports equipment offers people a great choice of equipment. Depending on the parameters of the room, you can choose how a powerful elliptical trainer, a simple and compact option for the home.

    Trainer, like any other slimming equipment, requires compliance with certain rules of use. Only at the account of important recommendations to get rid of excess weight without harm for health.

  • Elliptical trainer — a trainer for intensive fitness training at cardiologia. To start burning, need to accelerate the pulse up to a certain point. To do cardio you need at least 40 but not more than 70 minutes. In this case, the pulse reaches a safe level, at which time the body will begin the process of splitting of fat cells.
  • You should train for 1.5 hours before or after a meal. To drink during exercise is not only possible, but necessary. Fluid helps prevent dehydration and restores the water balance, which also positively affect weight loss and metabolism. Keep close to the ellipsoid a bottle of water, not to forget about the mission.
  • The best time for cardio on the elliptical in the morning from 7 to 9 o’clock. During this time period the most active the body breaks down body fat, since the hormones responsible for their safety, have not yet begun to throw in the circulatory system.
  • Before fitness training, it is recommended to perform a warm-up. It will help the muscles to warm up thoroughly before the main exercises. Also after practice on the ellipsoid you need to perform a hitch, the final training: a complex of simple warm-up type movements to relieve stress from the muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • During training on the elliptical, increased sweating, so dress in clothes from natural fabrics and don’t forget about the correct sports shoes. In many respects the shoes affect the quality of the step and the position of the foot during movement. The better cushioning of the sole, the softer will be a step when working on the simulator.
  • Orbitrek is often called the shell of the new generation. Not only is high-intensity device that helps in losing weight, but a shell, allowing you to fully heal the body.

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