Oregano oil will help to strengthen health

It is important to provide the body with only the best products, oils and nutrients. Oregano oil can be an important component of a healthy lifestyle. This natural product has a number of useful properties and can fight many diseases and ailments.

What is oregano oil?

Contrary to popular belief, oil of oregano does not consist of dried herbs that are found in classic Italian dishes such as lasagna and pizza Margarita. Traditional oregano oil obtained from the leaves and flowers of fimbra capitate and oregano. Immediately after extraction the oil is bottled in standard bottles for home use (as an ingredient for external use).

Useful properties of oregano oil

Oregano oil can be used in most main dishes, as it only requires 2-3 drops. The most important and popular applications include oregano oil in daily life:


The composition of oregano oil include anti-histamine agent which is often purchased without a prescription or assigned by doctors for seasonal and year-round allergies. Because the oil of oregano itself is a potent antihistamine, helps to reduce allergies caused by environmental factors, as well as to combat other respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Improved digestion

Healthy digestion is extremely important, especially in adulthood, when a person grows old and the body adjusts to new habits and way of life. Oregano oil helps to produce bile, helps to normalize digestion, making it a valuable and regular.


It is known that when applied topically oregano can help to ease the pain when mixed with the desired base oil. Oregano oil when applied to the skin gives a feeling of warmth (when used in mixture with the base oil). Always use a base oil in combination with oregano oil, since oregano oil in its pure form can increase the skin irritation.

Infection control

Contained in oregano oil chemical compounds resist bacterial infections. Adding oregano oil to your daily routine, you can strengthen the immune system.


Oil of oregano contains many antioxidants. The antioxidants in oregano oil can help fight inflammation, damage cells and can even inhibit the development of various cancers throughout the body.

Troubled skin

Treat external diseases of the skin such as ringworm, warts, ulcers and even unsightly skin growths oregano oil. Oregano oil (after dilution and mixing with the proper Foundation) can also help to improve the symptoms of acne.

A little oil of oregano

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