Overweight or normal body weight?


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Overweight or normal body weight?
The contents

  • Overweight women and menstrual period
  • That’s the beauty of the body without the extra weight?
  • Weight: the numbers and proportions
  • Fat and hormones
  • Weight and injury prevention

Women wonder upset, meticulously looking at the creases on my waist. In some cases, a little extra weight may even be beneficial, what can be said about the state of the full “obezzhirennogo”, which itself brought some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Overweight women and menstrual period

Proponents of alternative medicine believe internal fat of some animals a panacea almost all diseases. And the fat man declared the greatest evil. How is this possible? Yes way! Body weight a little more than normal — this is normal. And how useful a small amount of fat, will talk further.

First of all, a minor overweight women is a secondary sex characteristic. Blame for the emergence of estrogens that trigger a set of fat mass in adolescence. For the start of the first menstrual period the body would have to accumulate a threshold amount of fat that is at least 20% of the total body mass. In average weight girls must achieve forty pounds. If it falls below normal, periods can stop because of how depleted the body is unable to perform the reproductive function. However, if a woman has too large weight, that is, develops obesity, the result may be the same — infertility. Most likely to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby in women, with 25-30% fat, even a little more.

That’s the beauty of the body without the extra weight?

What could be more tempting belly dance? Only here to fulfill it, you need at least to have the stomach. And this is without the extra weight does not work. Feminine shape, so attracting men who appear on the body of the fair sex at least three to five extra pounds. But who said that overweight women? You just need to understand the difference between weight perfect and normal.

Ideal weight calculated according to the standards and tables taking into account gender, age, height and build. But only one woman out of forty-meets scientific standards, and it has a figure without the extra weight. The rest should strive to have a normal shape, which look good and feel comfortable.

To determine ideal weight from growth need to take a hundred and ten. So it is accepted. However, scientists have shown undue rigidity of such calculation. Closer to the truth is the formula of normal weight: “the growth of minus one hundred” allowing for fluctuations of two to three kilograms in one direction or another. Such parameters correspond to much simpler.

By the way, scientists have found that weight which is considered to be ideal (like top models) does not guarantee good health and long life. More chances for longevity in people with a small number of extra pounds. Scientists from America and the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula for the past ten years have seen a large number of people, which were divided into the groups according to BMI (body mass index).

As a result of the experiment was that a large overweight (body mass index more than thirty) is not the best way affects the life expectancy, that is, fat people live shorter lives. However, live less and those whose index is below twenty (this figure was previously considered ideal). Most likely to become centenarians in women without harmful habits, with a body mass index of 24 to 27, that is, a 2-3 kg weight loss. To determine your BMI, you should weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.

Weight: the numbers and proportions

For the beauty of the female figure is important not so much the presence of excess weight, so how is it fat. If overweight women is not a cause of a violation of bodily harmony, and then her figure was all right. The fact that one bust, waist, or thighs solves nothing, it is important to their relationship. By the way, modern endocrinologists can figure to rate female hormonal balance and metabolism. According to experts, the ratio of waist and hip from 0.67 to 0.85 guarantees the lady the attention of males, even if it is without excess weight. All in a sexy female curves, which are the genetic memory of the men she perceives as powerful aphrodisiac.

In addition, the researchers found that women with a figure with perfect proportions waist and hips, even if they are overweight, have more health than girls astening physique. In addition, it is easier to get pregnant and then carry and give birth to a healthy baby.

Fat and hormones

Subcutaneous fat — this is the place in which throughout a woman’s life accumulate a strategic reserve of estrogen. If for some reason (stress, infection or menopause), the ovaries reduce production of these hormones, the body to maintain normal hormonal levels begins to consume the savings.

Getting rid of minor body fat, the woman loses the hormones that make it tempting, attractive, as well as ensuring health and longevity.

Weight and injury prevention

Extra pounds can be a good prevention of injury, particularly fractures. And it’s not even that fat a certain way softens the blow. Thanks for this need the same estrogens that promote bone tissue.

And body fat performs a heat insulating function. Of course, for the people is not so important for animals, since they have clothes. However, it is proved that thin people in most cases more difficult to endure low temperatures than people who are overweight.

Do not forget that every kilogram dropped the price of enormous effort when a small amount of fat will the body more harm than good. Trust your body and don’t force him to do the impossible. He knows what weight is normal for him.

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