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Feeling pain in the knees, hips and other parts of the feet, You can be faced with quite common joint diseases. Arthrosis, arthritis and other ailments cause discomfort and pain, and today, not only older people but children have such problems. How to be? Maybe it’s time to reconsider Your diet?

Cure sore joints will help not a strict diet, and a number of products that should be on the menu daily. we offer to your attention a list of foods for the joints and the effect of certain trace elements in bone.

1. Painful joints what chemicals are suitable
2. List of best foods for diseased joints
3. “Clever diet” for the sick joints

Painful joints what chemicals are suitable


Often the cause of diseases of the joints lies in a properly balanced diet. In the course of a number of studies have shown that high-calorie foods affect the joint tissue, making it less elastic.


Most useful for the lack of joint problems food that has antioxidants and fatty acids.

What antioxidants can fight free radicals in the body that cause joint pain in different disease States.

Enrich your diet with antioxidants – so will include food products that contains vitamin C, A, E and selenium.

Useful fatty acid that will help with the swelling of the jointsfound in fish.

List of best foods for diseased joints

Every joint disease has its own set of products for a healthy menu.

But experts have identified 10 that are suitable in all cases:

● olive oil, which has anti-inflammatory effects;


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● fish (prefer mackerel, trout, tuna), which is high in omega-3 fatty acids;

● soybean, where there is little fat, but lots of fiber and healthy protein;

● citrus and kiwi, in which a sufficient amount of vitamin C;

● dairy products (yogurt, cheese, yogurt) are necessary for the joints, because it delivers vitamin D and calcium that strengthen bones;

● berries, which have anthocyanins that reduce the number of gout attacks, these berries include cherries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries;

● broccoli suitable in the treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis due to the presence of large amounts of vitamins K and C;

● green tea reduces inflammation and slows the destruction of cartilage, due to the presence of antioxidants.

“Clever diet” for the sick joints


Scientists conducted a study among respondents who have pain in the knees. They were diagnosed with arthritis.

To improve the condition of the respondents, they had an interesting diet. The essence of the diet consisted of a daily fiber intake of 20 g.

Few weeks patients had significant improvement: the pain is rarely have to bother them.

In the experiment, the experts came to the conclusion that such a result is due to the presence in the tissue C-reactive protein.


One of his abilities is to bind fatty acids, which are the cause of arthritis.

Thus, if You wish to provide joint health, enrich the body with fiber, but extremely healthy. Enough her number is in Brussels sprouts, beans, broccoli and whole wheat bread.

Joint health depends on nutrition. Picking up the menu, include healthy foods that contain vitamins, essential for strong bones and antioxidants.


Proper diet will help to cure painful joints and acts as an excellent prevention of diseases.

Significant incidence of joint diseases is associated not only with a constant load on the bone, poor environment, but Your menu.


Painful joints can be cured, but it is easier to alert them of the disease.

As You noticed, the right products with vitamins C, K, D, A, fiber, selenium and calcium will help resist illnesses.

Not the last role is played by antioxidants, which are sufficiently present in the food and beverages. Reconsider your own diet and forget about the sick joints надолго.estet-portal.com

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