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Regular abdominal exercises will not give you a sound cubes and a flat stomach.

Studies have shown that most of the usual exercises that make people want to pump up the press, did not give any results. They are working on completely different areas: the muscles of the neck, lower back and others. So forget about the usual pumping, take into consideration these 5 exercises. With their help, you will strengthen abdominal muscles and improve the terrain. Can do all exercises in succession, resting a bit between sets, about 30 seconds.

5 best abs exercises

Leg lifts in the supine position

Lie on your back. Hands take the lock behind your head or place them under your buttocks.

Tighten your core muscles and lift the leg off the floor alternately: first one 15 inches up, then another. When lower your leg, do not put it on the floor.

Rise straight down

Lie on your back, legs, pull, hands along the body. Slowly lift legs up until they will be perpendicular to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly return to starting position.

Side plank

Lie on the floor on his side, to make an emphasis on one elbow. Slowly lift your hips, Contracting the abdominal muscles. The body and pelvis should form a straight line.

Stay in this position as much as you can. Then run to the other side.

Alternative twisting of the hull

Lie on your back. The hands attach to the head. Scrutinies and bring right elbow to left knee and then Vice versa.

The rise of the hip in the supine position

Lie on your back, hands along the body. Tighten your core muscles, slowly lift your legs up, resulting in the lifted thigh. Hold at the top for a few seconds, then lower hips.

These exercises are seemingly simple, but after a certain number of sets your abs will be burning. So if you want to fly to the belly, then start to practice and sweat right now.published econet.ru.



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