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If you have problems with hair and skin, it is first necessary to examine the thyroid gland, as often the first symptoms of the pathology are such violations.

Beautiful, velvety skin, shiny hair and strong nails is not only the attributes of beauty, but also a reflection of the internal state of the organism. If you are healthy, about such problems as hair loss and dryness of the skin, you never thought of. But as soon as something goes wrong, disturbed metabolism because of a disease or pathological state affects the skin and its derivatives. If you have problems with hair and skin, it is first necessary to examine the thyroid gland, as often the first symptoms of the pathology are such violations. Not knowing this, girls and women spend a lot of effort and money to fight a cosmetic defect, but whatever cream was not applied, no matter what cosmetic procedures are not need – all in vain. Only after normalization of thyroid function will leave cosmetic defects.

Mechanisms of development of cosmetic problems

To understand why the affected skin and its derivatives in diseases of the thyroid gland, we must remember what the role of thyroid hormones in the human body. There is virtually no metabolic and energy processes in the body, which would not have involved the now the thyroid gland hormones, no wonder they are called the “hormone of life”.

First, thyroid hormones control energy metabolism, they increase the basal metabolic rate, provide all cells with oxygen and energy. As a lack or excess of hormones leads to disruption of energy metabolism, thus affecting all cells, especially those characterized by rapid growth and differentiation.

Thyroid hormones control all types of metabolism – carbohydrate, fat and protein. They are anabolic – promote protein synthesis (growth and renewal of tissues). In terms of violations of thyroid homeostasis all of the above processes are undergoing pathological changes.

  • You must specify that skin problems and hair often indicate hypothyroidism (reduced function of now the thyroid gland).
  • Thyrotoxicosis may also be accompanied by such symptoms but much less.

Since hair growth and renewal of epithelial cells of the skin, nail growth are quite energy-consuming processes, in conditions of deficiency of thyroid hormones the body tries to limit energy expenditure on non-essential processes in order to provide vital. Thus, hair and skin in hypothyroidism is the first to suffer.

Change the hair as thyroid disease

While decreased production of thyroid hormone all the hair go into a dormant stage (stopped active growth). They become thin, become dull, split ends, hair breakage. The beginning of a greater loss that leads to thinning. When combing the hair is very confused. Baldness, as a rule, it is diffuse. If alopecia has a focal character, you need to look for other causes of hair loss.

Thyrotoxicosis hair to quickly fall out. If the hypothyroidism is a long process, thyrotoxicosis is characterized by rapid baldness. The important role of the alopecia is an autoimmune processes. Hyperthyroidism often develops on the background of diffuse toxic goiter, which is an autoimmune disease. In some cases, autoantibodies can cause damage to the hair of the onion, which is accompanied by alopecia.

Changes in the skin and nails with thyroid disease

Epithelial skin cells belong to the actively proliferating (the skin is constantly updated). Naturally, in conditions of energy deficiency in the thyroid disease this process will suffer. Slow down metabolic processes in the epithelial cells, disturbed differentiation and renewal. The skin becomes dry, starts to peel, the color of her unhealthy (pale yellow, sometimes with an earthy shade). Disturbed function of sweat and sebaceous glands, exacerbating the dryness contributes to hyperkeratosis.

Along with skin and nails suffer. They become dull, slow growing, delaminate, crumble, become unhealthy shade of yellow. Nail plate to lose the smoothness on their surface appear holes and furrows.

The above-described pathological changes of hair and skin appear years before other signs of pathology now the thyroid gland. They are warning the body of impending trouble. Because in any case can not ignore such symptoms.published econet.ru.