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Proper nutrition: how to overcome sugar cravings
The contents

  • Healthy lifestyles and the harm of sugar for health
  • Stress is one of the reasons cravings for sweets
  • Methods of getting rid of cravings for sweets
  • The power to overcome cravings for sweets

Most of us can’t live a day without dessert, justifying it by habit, a need for stimulation of brain activity or just a desire to have fun. Actually there is nothing wrong, but only as long as sugar cravings becomes uncontrollable and does not harm health. The reasons for its development are many, and among the methods of disposal main is the adjustment of your diet and nutrition.

Healthy lifestyles and the harm of sugar for health

A healthy lifestyle involves maintaining an active lifestyle, regular exercise exercise and be sure the correct balanced diet. Sugar is part of a large number of products, for example, it is contained in mayonnaise, sauces and chips. And although they are not a priori useful, the presence of sugar only exacerbates the situation. People who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of sugar-containing products to a minimum for the following reasons:

  • He refers to the fast carbohydrates that are instantly raise the level of sugar in the blood and release large amounts of energy. This effect is transient, but sufficient to ensure that excess carbohydrates were converted by the body into adipose tissue. Excessive consumption of sweets can lead to the development of obesity.
  • When ingested sugar into the bloodstream stimulates the pancreas and secretes the hormone insulin. When sugar in the diet very much, in the process failing. Also violated the metabolic processes in the body affecting other organs and systems.
  • Despite the fact that sweets is able to briefly freshen the breath, their small amount remains in the oral cavity on teeth, causing putrefaction and being a good food for bacteria. It all provokes the destruction of enamel and causes bad breath.
  • Excessive consumption of sugar severely affects health, causes inflammation, lowers immunity, increases blood pressure, causing the development of a number of diseases. Cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease can be the result of a large number of sweets in the diet.

In addition, the consumption of sweets may reduce concentration and stress, and it worsens the skin condition and reduces the amount of energy. In addition, due to the permanent excess of fast carbohydrates in the diet there is an irresistible pull to it, is addictive and the addiction is quite difficult to get rid of.

Stress is one of the reasons cravings for sweets

With all the dangers described above of sweet that is contrary to the principles of healthy lifestyle, sugar still has some positive properties. It may well be the means of emergency aid in stressful situations, for example, during exam preparation or after a sleepless night. It causes a quick burst of energy, stimulates brain activity and the production of the pleasure hormone serotonin, which helps calm, reduce anxiety and lift mood. This method is good in a few cases, but when the stress in a person’s life takes on a chronic form, there is a habit of using sweets as an anti-depressant. Gradually it becomes addictive, and if you encounter any difficult situation and there will be a huge craving for sweets. Because the rhythm of modern life is very fast, it is invariably accompanied by stress, which is the most common cause of sugar addiction.

Insufficient number in the body of chromium, which is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism and normalization of level of glucose in the blood stimulates the desire to eat something sweet. The main culprit for the decline in its level is excessive intake of sugar. Thus is formed a vicious circle which leads to the necessity of limiting sweets in the diet for establishment of optimal levels of chromium.

An unbalanced diet in which a significant place is occupied by fast carbohydrates also causes cravings for sweets. Such products cause a large burst of energy, but it will be consumed quickly, so the body is continuously in need of new its receipt.

Methods of getting rid of cravings for sweets

To overcome the strong cravings for sweets some willpower is not enough, therefore, to achieve the purpose, you can use one or several methods:

  • Find your motivation, which can be a desire to lose a few pounds for every significant event and wear your favorite dress.
  • Remove all sweets out of the house and ask relatives not to bring anything like that, because sugar addiction is sometimes difficult to control and better if you do from Smoking will not at hand.
  • Avoid long breaks between meals, prepare healthy snack.
  • Instead of sweets eat fruits, berries and various dried fruits. Leaders in the diet should be grapefruit, apples, plums and pineapples.
  • Honey is not only a good alternative to sugar, but also brings significant benefits to the body.
  • Increase the consumption of foods containing tryptophan, which boosts serotonin levels.
  • Drink plenty of fluids — approximately 2 litres of clean water per day.
  • The power to overcome cravings for sweets

    Identifying the cause of cravings for sweets, it is possible to outline the main direction in the struggle with her, which mainly concerns the adjustment of supply. If the constant desire to eat sweet caused by stress, you should eat more foods that increase serotonin: beans, cheese, mushrooms, grains, beef, Turkey.

    To establish the optimal amounts of chromium in the body should increase in the diet the amount of seafood, different types of fish, broccoli and eggs.

    Completely and dramatically eliminate sugar from the diet is not necessary, as it threatens to fall energy level and health, can cause irritability and even stress. Instead, it is more logical to displace it gradually, replacing other sweet products such as honey, dried fruits, dark chocolate, candy, fruits and berries.

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