Proper nutrition: little-known facts about cereals


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Proper nutrition: little-known facts about cereals

The contents

  • Proper nutrition and cereals at the heart of Russian cuisine
  • Weight loss and barley
  • Buckwheat for sound sleep and good mood
  • Millet for thick hair and supple skin
  • Rice is the most popular cereal
  • Semolina is only for the elite
  • Corn porridge to reduce appetite

Cereals, it is recommended to include in your diet those who adhere to proper nutrition and health care. They are perfectly saturated, contain many valuable substances and help to diversify the menu, because cooking them can be different. It would seem that we know everything about cereals. In fact, there are many interesting and little-known facts about this product.

Proper nutrition and cereals at the heart of Russian cuisine

Cereals appeared in 9-13 centuries. It was then that farmers began to cultivate oats, rye, millet, wheat, barley. And cereals and bakery products have become a must on the table.

Particularly grains formed the basis of traditional Russian cuisine. On the table of our ancestors was always porridge. They ate during lent, served at weddings, baptisms, and also on the occasion of military victories, the completion of the Church. Porridge cooked, and at the conclusion of a peace Treaty between the warring parties. As a sign of friendship adversaries sat opposite each other and ate cereal. If an agreement failed, said: “he won’t get anywhere”.

Of course, I prepared porridge in different ways. It could be a simple option (porridge on the water) or savoury (with honey, raisins, bacon, eggs).

Today on our table often appear different meals. And rightly so. Because cereals contain a lot of nutrients, they are able to improve condition. Therefore, with proper nutrition the menu should be different delicious cereals.

Weight loss and barley

Proper nutrition is not only oatmeal for Breakfast, but also different meals throughout the day. For example, barley copes with the problem of excess weight. Yes, cook this cereal is not very easy, but the effect is wonderful.

Weight loss will be fast if to include in your diet barley porridge. Why? It’s all in the composition of the cereals. Barley contains lysine. This substance helps to fill your stomach and promotes the production of collagen, which is essential for skin elasticity. Therefore, in the process of losing weight you can get not only slim figure, but also elastic skin.

In addition, in pearl barley contains plenty of fiber, which reduces appetite, helps to forget about hunger, normalizes the bowels, relieves constipation. All this is very useful for weight loss.

To cook barley it: soak overnight and cook in the morning. In porridge, you can add dried fruits, fruits, herbs, vegetables. Of course, the fries should not do. Better to stew or boil vegetables and then fill porridge. Weight loss will be effective if you eat barley for Breakfast or lunch, and not to overeat.

Buckwheat for sound sleep and good mood

Buckwheat is often advised to those who care about their figure and health. Yes, this cereal is very useful and it should definitely include in menu if you practice proper nutrition. But the buckwheat a few interesting properties.

This grain helps to lighten the mood. Buckwheat has a positive effect on psychological state and brain. Therefore, a portion of cereal will make you forget about sadness, and positive emotions.

And buckwheat is able to deal with insomnia. Sleep is necessary for normal human life. And this can help buckwheat. How? Not before bedtime. And it is better to purchase a pillow filled with buckwheat husk. Try it and you will see that sleep will become strong and healthy.

We must remember that buckwheat is not combined with sugar. If you add a porridge a spoonful of sugar, it can neutralize all the beneficial properties of buckwheat.

Millet for thick hair and supple skin

Millet is not very popular cereal. But in vain! Because this product contains vitamins PP and b group, stimulate hair growth and improve condition of the skin. So if you regularly eat millet porridge, a few weeks you will notice changes. The hair will become lush and thick, and the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic.

In addition, the millet does not allow fats to build up and Deposit. And this is very important when losing weight. So this mess can be included in their menu for those who care about their figure.

Rice is the most popular cereal

The word “rice” came into our language only in the last decade of the 19th century. And before that it was called “Saracen wheat”. And this is not all the interesting facts about rice.

Rice feeds more than half the world’s population, and one in six involved in its cultivation. That cereals can be cooked many dishes. And it’s not just cereal and pilaf, but also paella, tortillas, risotto, croquettes, stuffed cabbage and even sweets.

But we must remember that proper nutrition involves the consumption of not too fatty and sweet food. So if you care about your health, you must choose only healthy recipes.

Semolina is only for the elite

Before semolina was served only on the tables of aristocrats. And ordinary people it was not available. But that quickly changed, and the Soviet Union semolina has become a very common and popular. It became mandatory in the children’s menu.

Actually semolina contains a lot of starch and for children’s stomach is very hard. Therefore, children’s menu monkey should not be too much. But for adults semolina useful, it does not irritate the stomach and reduces the risk of developing cancer of the colon. Recommended semolina and patients in the postoperative period.

Corn porridge to reduce appetite

This cereal is very useful for those who is in the process of weight loss. It reduces the appetite. So, if you often feel hunger, you should include in your diet of corn porridge. Is it morning, afternoon and evening. Most importantly, do not combine it with fat or meat zazharku of vegetables. It is best to consume this porridge with greens or steamed vegetables, and a salad of fresh vegetables. Also you can add this cereal to vegetable soups.

In addition, corn porridge is very useful for the heart and blood vessels, and it also contains a lot of vitamin E. Therefore, regular consumption of this cereal helps to fight aging.

A healthy diet is a balanced and varied diet. Therefore, the menu should be all healthy foods, including cereals. They help to improve sleep quality, well-saturated and contribute to the rapid weight loss. However, to use them properly and in moderation.

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