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Eastern medicine uses in the treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis of physical exercise, strictly incompatible with the act of breathing.

Therapeutic physical culture is a method of therapeutic effects, used for prevention and rehabilitation. Includes very affordable types of exercise (dosed walking, running, terenkur, swimming, morning hygienic gymnastics). Outside the period of exacerbation are shown skiing and outdoor sports (volleyball, basketball). Therapeutic physical culture can be conducted in the form of morning hygienic gymnastics (physical exercises performed daily in the morning hours of the day).

Therapeutic physical culture for prostatitis

For 5-6 min use a simple warm-up exercises (bending and twisting of the head, rotation of the trunk, rotation in the joints of the limbs). Necessarily, combined with breathing exercises.

Physical exercises tone up the sympathetic nervous system, regulate the function of the adrenal glands, stimulate adequate processes of the nervous regulation of blood circulation and vascular reactivity in General, contribute to the elimination of residual effects of inflammation, consequences of physical inactivity to the overall strengthening of the organism and rehabilitation.

In the period of the night during a long peace as a result of declining circulation is the deposition of blood in the muscles, reducing diureza (mocheotdelenia) and development of moderate edema of tissues. In this respect, the main importance of exercise, accelerate blood circulation especially in the pelvic area. Recommended motion flexibility of the spine (flexion, tilt, rotate, rotation of the trunk), shows the muscles of the hip joint. Exercises should be performed with maximum amplitude and from different starting positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, lying on your back and abdomen).

Held alternating simultaneous leg movements: pulling up feet heels to the pelvis, lying on back, pinch the bent legs, lifting straight legs, pulling up to his chest legs, bent at the knees and hip joints, and rotational movement of the feet, raising the legs by crossing them.

Improved circulation in the pelvis facilitates walking (lifting on socks, high knee stretch; raise knees to your chest, stroke the straight leg forward, to the side, walking with a variable crossing and lunges forward, polupriznanie full squat, with obstacles). To strengthen the abdominals using an exercise involving direct and oblique abdominal muscles. Peripheral circulation increases with the movements of the distal limb (up to the shoulder and hip joint). These exercises are entered when the patient’s condition does not allow to use special load.

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Active motor mode contributes to the neuro-mental status, eliminates depression, depression, preclude the development of inappropriate reactions in the Central nervous system, improves the functional state of vital organs.

What is important to patients has the ability to breathe correctly. The breath should be slow so as to allow air to get to the lung. Then follows a bit to hold his breath, making a short pause and then slowly begin to exhale the air. Gradually you must learn to exhale (through the mouth) to do a slower breath (through the nose). The pause between exhalation and the next inhalation, first do not exceed 2-3 with, and then they extend.

Exercise in chronic prostatitis

Exercise 1. Performed in the supine position. Retraction of the anus with subsequent muscle relaxation. Mixing and dilution of straight legs, legs bent at the knees and hip joints. The same exercises with resistance instructor. Lifting the pelvis with a support stop on the floor and the simultaneous dilution of the knees. Sequential and simultaneous pulling up of the legs, knees bent, toward your chest. Intense bending of the spine based on heels and elbows. Pinch with straight legs with the subsequent crossing. Alternating and simultaneous circular motion straight legs from the inside outwards.

Exercise 2. Performed in the supine position on the back with the lifted pelvic girdle. Leaning feet on the wall at the highest possible altitude, conduct mixing and dilution of straight legs. Alternate and simultaneous rotation of the legs to the outside and the inside. The lifting belt to support the foot and shoulder.

Exercise 3. Runs in the sideways position. Pulling up the bent leg to your chest. Circular motion straight leg. The circular movements of the leg, bent at the knee and hip joints. Sequential and simultaneous abstraction of direct legs in the opposite direction.

Exercise 4. Running in position on the abdomen. Sequential and simultaneous lifting of direct feet. The movement of the legs as in swimming style crawl, breaststroke. Breeding straight legs with subsequent crossing. The deflection of the back resting on his hands and without support.

Exercise 5. Performed in the standing position. The turns, the slopes of the body, combinations of turns with tilting, movements of the hand in the direction of rotation.

Each exercise should be repeated starting from 4-8 with a gradual increase up to 10-12 times twice a day half an hour before meals or 2 hours after.

Physical exercises from Oriental medicine

Eastern medicine uses in the treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis of physical exercise, strictly incompatible with the act of breathing.

Exercise 1. Contusion of the coccyx. In the supine position to bend feet in knees, hands put under his head. Breathe in the stomach 10 times at a fast pace, then 20 times a little to move the pelvis from side to side, rubbing the red-footed Falcon. To breathe evenly. If after the exercise the lower back is not warmed up, the exercise should be repeated.

Exercise 2. To sit on a chair facing the backrest. Holding on to the back, constantly smoothly rotate the pelvis in a circle the diaphragm to breathe and while exhaling sharply involve the anus (back passage). During one rotation it is recommended to inhale and exhale. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Exercise 3. To stand at a distance Polushka from a wall (facing it) so that, slightly leaning the fingers on the wall, conveniently shifting from foot to foot, not tearing off socks from a floor. A “run” like a dance, it involves the whole body. To breathe rhythmically. The exercise duration 1-3 min.

Exercise 4. Simulates the movement of a Cobra. Lie on stomach, arms bent, palms lean on the floor at the armpits, the elbows lift up. Straighten your legs and to close, pull the socks. During inhalation, slowly raise your head. Leaning on hands, lift the shoulders and bend the back so that the torso from the pubis to the chest tightly pressed to the floor. Breath for a few seconds to hold the head to tilt back. During inhalation, lower the chest and head, lie down, relax the muscles.

Breathing exercises for prostatitis

Basic rule: not to hold exercises in the unaired room. Better to hold classes outdoors. Breathing exercises have always played a significant role. It is recommended to conduct daily standing in the following order the following motion:

1. Both hands pull up. A deep breath with the breath for a few seconds. Three hands go up and down. You then exhale and hands are freely lowered.

2. Hands pull forward. Take a deep breath, holding the breath, twice with the power of a big arms to the side at shoulder height. After exhalation, the hands are freely lowered.

3. Hands are freely lowered. Is a deep breath, then swing the hands forward and down. Exhale through the mouth.

4. After a breath to pull both arms forward. In this position, squeeze both hands into fists with force and draw them to your chest. Does a full exhale.

5. First, deep breath. Hands up over your head and connect. A few tilts to the right, then to the left. Exhale.

6. Deep breath. Holding the breath, massage your hands lower ribs. End the exercise, exhalation and relaxation.

It is important to breath with concentration. Closing your eyes, you should focus thoughts on the feeling of inhalation and exhalation. Need to focus on feeling good health (repeating to myself: “how wonderful that fresh air, I am completely calm and feel my own breath”).

The Foundation for healthy gymnastics is a very relaxing exercise, particularly lying on the back, which you need to finish the class. To perform the exercise lie on the back. Feet extend so that your heels touch each other. Hands are relaxed along the body palms up. You should avoid stress any of the muscles. Deliberately to achieve a sense of muscle relaxation, the distribution body is a fertile heat. If the feeling appeared, it can be assumed that the relaxation is fully managed.

A state of relaxation should last as long as the previous exercise in a certain position.

To massage pelvic exercises are performed “triangle” and “closed ring”

Exercise “triangle” as follows. From straight stand legs are arranged as wide as possible and try to cover both hands and left foot. At the same time, the face pressed against the knee. Upper part of the housing should be pressed against the thigh as close as possible. The duration of the exercise – 10 s, after the pause is repeated.

The activity “closed ring”. From the prone position on stomach, raise upper body as high as possible. Then raise the legs behind the back trying to grab them by the ankles. In the pose of a circle you can swing. Duration – from 10 to 30 C.

Stimulate the potency, the pose of the eagle, the swinging of the housing on one knee, circular leg movements lying

The pose of the eagle is executed in the following way. Is done alternately on the right and left legs. Knee of standing leg slightly bent. The other leg wraps around the standing on top of thigh and back of calf. To benefit from this exercise, it is necessary the raised leg put on the hip of the standing leg. Hands are such that one hand captured the other. Elbows rest on the thigh. Breathing is deeper. One hand rests on the other, and on them rests the chin. The duration of the exercise on each leg 30 sec, gradually increased to 2 min.

Rocking of the body on one knee. The exercise is performed alternately in both directions. Should be on one knee, the other leg to pull to the side. The knee of the outstretched leg straight. The position of the body vertical, hands raised, palms crossed. Done a few tilts by the outstretched leg. After relaxing the exercise is repeated in the other direction. Duration – 1-2 min to tilt to the side.

Circular motion down. Starting position – lying on his back. Hands placed under the head. Legs with bent knees lift up. Should be free of cramps and tension. The circular movements of the feet must be executed calmly and evenly, once clasped his knees. The circular line passes as close as possible to the head. The hips are not lifted from the floor. To feel the rhythm of movements, you should close your eyes. Ankle circles are performed alternately left and right. The duration of the exercise – 1-2 min in each direction..published econet.ru.

From the book “chronic prostatitis”, Sergey Suvorov


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