Psychological diet: the Best diet for weight loss

The secret of rapid weight loss everyone has their own – someone generally eats nothing, and someone exhausting itself, reinforced training. But both are not very positive impact on health. Maybe the secret to losing weight is very simple, and the whole thing in your relationship to food?

Habits laid down in childhood, affect your current relationship to food. And attitude determines how and how much you eat. You will be able to change old ideas into new, more rational. There will be a glut, if you eat when not hungry. Habit, which does not stop in time, was laid in childhood. All old habits “to expose”. Then we can deal with them and to change attitudes to food.


Which of the described situations fit you? Think about how they affect your current habits.


10 situations from childhood that affect your current eating habits


1. Every time you cried as a child you were given something delicious. Now do you think that food can calm you down.


2. You might not to feed when you were crying from hunger. Your mother believed that children often cry, there is nothing wrong, and it may have been just too busy. Soon you become afraid of hunger. As a result, now you eat constantly, so as not to give him to approach you.



3. Your mother was feeding you and punished you when you refused to eat. Now, when you to eat, you can’t say “no” because I’m afraid you’ll hurt.


4. Your parents extolled the restraint. Now do you think that spontaneous action is a sign of weakness. If you overeat, then feel guilty(oops).


5. You were taught not to leave anything on the plate. Now you think that throwing away food is a sin. And be sure to eat all that is on it.


6. You’ve never seen anyone in your family openly expressed their anger. Instead, all had to extinguish that feeling. Now, when you feel anger, you eat.


7. Eating was always done at a set time. Now you just eating by the clock. It is a bad habit says: “There is no time – is harmful and even dangerous.”


8. Always, when you were good-good, you were rewarded with something sweet. Now, when you think you are clever, you reward yourself with chocolate or cake.


9. All your family eat fast because the food is not looked upon as something important. Now there’s a fast your habit.


10. The food was given a lot of time and attention. Now in retaliation, you do not consider it necessary to treat her this way, and all the time chewing.




Check your old ideas and start to get used to the new


Old ideas: Food will make me fat(oops).

True: Extra weight you gain due to overeating. The body is not able to burn so many calories. You can lose weight even eating ice cream if total calorie intake is not great.

New complaint: Too much food will make me fat(oops).


Old ideas: There are “bad” and “good” food.

Truth: food must not be approached from the point of view of moral criteria. You will not become better or worse depending on what I eat. Just, one diet is useful, the other harmful.

New idea: Food can be helpful or harmful for me.



Old ideas: If I eat a little, all right.

Truth: the Amount of food eaten depends on how much you pay attention to the signals of the stomach. If you are waving a hand to the feeling of hunger, you are not better than the one who eats. Food is essential in order to maintain vitality.

New ideas: I eat as much as you need to eat without harming their health.


Old ideas: If I have overeaten(a), means I’ve lost(a) control.

Truth: When you eat, food “hijacks” the brain control over your stomach. You need to hear that “says” your stomach.

New views: Overeating says that I have to(for) change their perceptions about food.


Old ideas: My appearance tells me how much I need to eat.

Truth: Because the amount of food you eat affects your health. Listen to your body.

New ideas: If I eat the amount of food that requires stomach, I look better


Old ideas: Food improves my emotional health.

Truth: If you don’t hate yourself for overeating.

New ideas: To improve the emotional well-being, I will praise himself.


Old ideas: Food — a lesson that helps you to relax.

Truth: Sometimes it’s nice to relax and have fun. You will be more productive, taking time for fun. But the food is not the best substitute for entertainment and recreation.

New representation: I have the right to relax at any time at my request. During the holidays is not at all necessary.


The best diet for weight loss mental.published

Based on the book “How to get rid of food addiction – a step-by-step technology”, the author – a practicing psychotherapist Alice Katz

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P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption – together we change the world! © econet

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