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The biohacking movement originated in Silicon Valley, California. His enthusiasts seek to extend life, improve health, to gain, if not immortality, then longevity. To achieve the set objectives, biohackers set a special daily regimen, adjust nutrition, exercise and use certain medications and biological additives. But this is not all ways to improve the body. For an upgrade of the body and mind, people of the future decide even for surgical interventions. Who are biohackers and what bans in consumption have they chosen for themselves?

Biohacking as a health optimization

Biohacking is called a new trend or subculture. The course is a system of health control and optimization of the body. Often the work of biohackers is compared to breaking into the body in order to increase its productivity. For this, experimenters regularly carry out diagnostics of health indicators and develop a program for their improvement.

The human body in biohacking is comparable to a car or a computer. For his "pumping" biohackers use a variety of methods – from the abandonment of semi-finished products to the implantation of chips. Or from respecting sleep hygiene to taking growth hormones or neuroleptics. Enthusiastic for the improvement of organisms are in search of the mistakes of their bodies and their correction. The main methods of creating superhumans include:

Nutrition. Refusal of sugar, convenience foods, inorganic food, overeating. Using the practice of fasting, detox.
Physical activity. Use interval high-intensity workouts. Work on fat burning, muscle strengthening, hormones.
Stress relief. A visit to a psychologist, regular meditation, tracking mental health.
Normalization of sleep. Compliance with the established regime, control over the quality of sleep through the creation of special lighting, the temperature in the room.
Control of hormonal status. Check, maintain the desired level of hormones with the help of diets, workouts, methods of dietary supplements, drugs.
Work on genetics. Search for risks, propensity to certain diseases associated with genetic deformities.

Biohackers set different tasks for themselves, although they have similar goals. It is a victory over disease, aging and, ultimately, death. The transformation methods used also vary. You can consider them with examples of the most famous enthusiasts to upgrade their bodies.

Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick Source: factroom.ru

The founder of the course of biohacking is considered to be Professor Kevin Warwick. In 1998, a cybernetic scientist implanted an RFID chip into his hand, with which the computer was able to track its movements and perform certain operations. Later, a similar chip was introduced into the organism of the spouse of the doctor of science, and himself. They were identical, and with their help, the man received neural signals similar to those emitted or received by his wife.

Further experiments helped Warwick get closer to the idea of ​​combining technology, electronics and biology. Today, the professor is studying the brain of rats. Man-cyborg, as the scientist is also called, plans to begin experiments with cells of the human brain in the foreseeable future.

Kevin is a grinder or biohacker grinder who implants electronics into his body. He has a lot of followers abroad. These people use neurostimulation, implanted antennas into the skull, inject themselves with substances to obtain the ability of night vision and not only. Russian biohackers, as a rule, choose safer transformation methods for themselves.

Sergey Fage

Sergey Fage Source: i.guim.co.uk

Entrepreneur Sergey Fage is one of the most famous biohackers in Russia and the main popularizer of this trend in the country. He is not shy about voicing the sums he spends trying to become a superman. Taking an upgrade of your body is not a budget hobby. So, in his interviews, Phage voiced that he had already invested more than 250 thousand US dollars in work on himself.

Phage uses cyclic fasting, practices moderate exercises in the gym and running, meditates, does not forget about the daily intake of more than a dozen supplements and drugs. Among them are antidepressants, lithium, growth hormones, nootropics and more. The entrepreneur refused sugar in any form, salt, alcohol. He also does not eat processed food, but only organic food, tries to keep himself in dietary ketosis, that is, follows a ketogenic diet, eats a lot of fat and few carbohydrates.

Sergey has been researching the body for several years. According to him, the methods chosen by him helped to “roll back” the health indicators from 32 years old to 25. For example, in terms of cholesterol, sugar and not only. A businessman uses biohacking to stay healthy for as long as possible. He seeks to live to at least a hundred years. And ideally – to keep the eternal youth. The phage admits that it was experiments on himself that made him more energetic, calm, open and happy.

Dave Esprit

Dave Esprit Source: mindvalley.com

Foreign biohacker Dave Esprit plans to live to 180 years. He dreams of breaking into the human biocode, but for now he accepts dozens of dietary supplements, practices bathing in infrared rays, and resting in a special oxygen chamber. Dave has already spent about a million dollars to prolong his youth.

Today, the entrepreneur is better known as the creator of bulletproof coffee or bronkofe – food trend in the West. According to him, a drink in butter helps to stimulate the brain, energizes. Esprit also writes books on a variety of topics. Among them is the brain biohacking.

Silicon Valley investor follows a strict diet, lives in the midst of nature in Canada and uses stem cell injections. But these are not his only experiments on himself. The entrepreneur regularly changes physical activity and diet, tries the latest technology to improve well-being. He studied meditation in Tibet and begins his day with practice. Esprit appreciates a low-carb diet that has lost more than 20 kilograms. However, now a businessman follows a high-fat diet, the principles of which are outlined in his book, Bulletproof Diet.

The multimillionaire actively introduces everyone to body experiments. Esprit opened a laboratory in which you can visit the cryochamber, plunge into the flotarium or experience the power of electromagnetic radiation.

Stanislav Skakun

Stanislav Skakun Source: rbth.com

Another popular Russian biohacker can be called Stanislav Skakun. The financier is known for conducting a large-scale experiment on himself. He tests over 700 indicators of health and aging on the example of his own body. And yet – conducts experiments with changing dosages, types of drugs. In this he is assisted by scientific articles, on which a man spends about 4 hours a day.

Every day, Stanislav takes over three dozen dietary supplements and drugs. The principles of his diet are quite simple. This is a rejection of fast carbohydrates and trans fats, refined sugar, convenience foods, processed meat. Skakun also excluded from the diet foods that cause individual intolerance. The list includes red fish, eggs, citrus fruits, nuts and some other types of food. In addition, biohacker takes the opportunity to limit calorie intake.

Stanislav Skakun believes that experiments on the body allowed him to move his biological age from 35 to 26 years. In his opinion, he has already achieved other impressive results. For example, reduced the risk of cancer by taking a certain drug.

Aubrey di gray

Aubrey di Gray Source: 52-insights.com

The seller of immortality, as they call biohacker, promotes an engineering approach to aging. Aubrey de Gray believes that old age is just a disease. British gerontologist and author of the book "Cancel aging" believes that you can defeat the natural processes in the body with the help of modern medicine. In total, he identifies 7 types of damage characteristic of aging. For longevity, you just need to deal with these defects.

Gray has repeatedly stated that work on anti-aging methods is being actively pursued. Most of the necessary research that allows people to live for 1000 years has already been completed. The only question is lack of funding and time. But it is quite possible that the first person, “doomed” to longevity, has already been born.

The developer of the concept of SENS, which can be translated as a strategy of controlled minor aging, is not a classic biohacker of health. He does not practice the implantation of electronics in the body. However, abroad, the figure of Aubrey di Gray is a cult, it is an example of enthusiasts who have decided to fight age with all available means.

Denis Varvanets

Denis Varvanets Source: rbth.com

The biogerontologist is also Denis Varvanets, a Russian biohakting adept. He promotes the concept of anti-aging. Like many other biohackers of health, Denis conducts regular research on the parameters of his body and, based on them, develops a diet, uses dietary supplements and medicines, and corrects physical activity. He believes that biohacking will soon become the world mainstream.

Varvanets engaged in interval running, practicing meditation. To maintain health, he installed air purification filters in the apartment. Denis gives blood biochemistry once every 3 months, and conducts more basic research every six months. At the beginning of the journey, the enthusiast abandoned sugar, introduced regular exercise into the diet, normalized sleep, and made other changes for everyone better for everyone.

In addition to pumping his body, a biohacker from Russia also works on the capabilities of the brain. Today he is the creator of the biohacking lab. Denis Varvanets specializes in confronting atherosclerosis, aging, and is also looking for methods of brain development and athletic performance.

Josiah Seiner

Josiah Zeiner Source: img-fotki.yandex.ru

A famous biohacker is Josiah Zeiner. He is famous for being the first on the planet to try to change the DNA with the help of innovative technology for changing genes. By the way, a man shares a way to edit DNA for muscle growth with everyone. For this, Seiner issued instructions on how to use the CRISPR gene hacking technique.

Josiah conducted other experiments in his home laboratory. Former biochemist NASA believes that everyone should be able to manage their genes. The biohacker conducted an experiment with the introduction of an injection for DNA editing on live broadcast. But by his own admission, this attempt to influence the growth of muscles did not affect his body too much. It is still early to evaluate its results, the safety and efficiency of the introduction of the edited myostatin genome. Not the fact that gene therapy has worked at all.



CRISPR is one of the most promising technologies of recent times. It is called the gene editing method. Experts say that the possibilities of the tool are almost endless. With it, you can change, add or remove consecutive sections of DNA. The technology is actively tested in various fields. For example, CRISPR tried to use to get rid of blindness. In the California Salk Institute, a study was conducted in which the methodology led to a partial restoration of vision in experimental rats. It is believed that CRISPR will help rid the world of cancer, HIV and other problems.

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov Source: s0.rbk.ru

The Russian entrepreneur and dollar billionaire is also a health biohacker, not a grinder. The founder of the social network "VKontakte" and the Telegram messenger has been practicing self-restraint for more than 15 years. All these years he has not consumed fast food, meat, caffeine, alcoholic beverages, nicotine and medicines. Not long ago, Pavel Durov went even further – refused dairy products, fructose, eggs, gluten.

The diet of the entrepreneur for a certain period of time consisted exclusively of seafood and fish. These products Durov considers the most healthy. Of course, provided that they are mined in the wild. Fish and seafood serve to increase productivity, achieve clarity of mind.

Later, the Russian biohacker announced the transition to starvation within a month. According to Paul, fasting will help him achieve clarity of mind, increase creativity, plus it is an opportunity to cleanse and restart the body. In addition to a certain nutritional strategy, Durov practices swimming in icy water in winter.

Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil Source: topspeaker.ru

Ray Kurzweil, a scientist and futurologist, shows by his own example that following biohacking can improve one’s well-being. Today he is over 70 years old, but the biohacker himself believes that his health indicators are close to 50 years. Google technical director takes about 100 different drugs daily. Among them, metmorphine, which slows down age-related changes and reduces the risk of cancer, coenzyme Q10, other additives and drugs.

An enthusiast in the extension of life wants to live before the onset of the singularity. He predicted that this event should occur in 2045. Ray Kurzweil believes that in the future in each person will be built part of the machine. The American inventor was thinking about increasing life expectancy after 35 years, when he learned about his impaired glucose tolerance. Then he developed a special program. At that time, the futurologist consumed 250 drugs, drank a lot of green tea, mineral water and red wine. But later he changed his views a little.

Today he is working on creating a diet to prolong life. Now Kurzweil uses berries and black chocolate and coffee for breakfast. On its menu there is red fish and mackerel, oatmeal, soy milk, stevia. The millionaire is confident that in order to maintain vitality it is necessary to eat healthy foods and control the amount of calories consumed.

Phil libin

Phil Libin Source: png.cmtt.space

An entrepreneur hailing from Russia is also a health biohacker. To improve well-being, Phil practices fasting according to a special scheme. A businessman from Silicon Valley for several months every week refused to eat for 2-8 days. This technique helped him lose about 40 kg. In addition, Libin notes other positive changes. For example, increased concentration and mood improvement.

Long-term fasting to increase productivity and other changes Libin, together with like-minded people, combines with tracking health indicators. These include markers such as blood glucose, ketones. Restrictions in the diet do not interfere with the entrepreneur to lead a normal life in the days of non-food. The experimenter believes that the method of interval starvation helps him look younger, and in the long term, it can also extend life by 40 years.



Interval fasting is also called fasting. This alternation of cycles, when a person eats in the usual way, or completely refuses to eat. The direction of fasting diets has become especially common in the United States. Scientific evidence of the benefits of fasting is still not provided.

Is biohacking harmless as a body and mind upgrade?

Biohacking itself is not a negative phenomenon. This modification of healthy lifestyles, including the correction of diet, exercise, sleep and other indicators to the needs of your body, is focused on achieving longevity, improving the quality of life. However, biohackers do not always use safe methods to upgrade the body and mind.

You can compare biohacking with medicine. After all, a person is pushed to work on himself a desire to improve his health, to avoid diseases, and early aging. But in addition to simple prevention, biohackers are engaged in long-term intake of dietary supplements, medicines in large quantities. Without control and doctor's prescriptions, this process can be compared with self-treatment. Acceptance of self-selected drugs can lead to disastrous consequences.

Another controversial point is the observance of diets and the rejection of certain categories of products. Often, biohackers follow a ketogenic diet, are addicted to raw food eating, exclude simple carbohydrates, meat or salt from the diet, and practice fasting. In some cases, these methods may be beneficial, but medical advice is also needed to evaluate their effectiveness.

Is biohacking a tribute to fashion or will this system really help people to prolong life, to gain longevity without diseases? Shows time. Однако для получения адекватных результатов придерживаться программы совершенствования себя необходимо постоянно, сделав эксперимент над организмом образом жизни.

Комментарий эксперта

Андрей Рыжакин, мастер йоги и боевых искусств

Андрей Рыжакин, мастер йоги и боевых искусств

Жить долго и счастливо, при этом сохраняя молодость и энергию… С незапамятных времен это заветная мечта исследователей реальности. Во все эпохи и в любой точке мира мы встречаем упоминания о таких исследованиях — даосские практики и йога, магия античных времен и алхимия, эликсир бессмертия и амрита ведических мифов. В наш век бразды правления в этой сфере берет биохакинг.

Биохакинг — наука и искусство изменения физической природы таким образом, чтобы она работала на вас. Одним словом — власть над своей природой. Современные биохакеры ставят перед собой цель прожить 150, 180 и даже 200 лет, сохраняя здоровье, функциональность всех систем тела и ясность сознания. В практику биохакинга превращается вся жизнь. Каждая сфера жизни становится инструментом достижения поставленных целей. Движение, тренировки, сон, питание, и очищение организма — составные части достижения долголетия и активности.

Одним из ключевых элементов практики биохакинга стало голодание в различных вариациях. Особенно после того, как японский ученый Есинори Осуми получил Нобелевскую премию по медицине и физиологии за открытие механизмов аутофагии. Аутофагия — процесс расщепления ненужных клеток тела, который активизируется уже в период 24-часового голодания.

Один из главных принципов биохакинга — это осознанное воздействие на гормональную систему, которая управляет всеми процессами нашего тела. В ход идут все достижения науки и медицины — данные лабораторных анализов, применение биологически активных добавок, медицинских и даже запрещенных препаратов. Цель одна — сделать так, чтобы процессы обновления превалировали над процессами разрушения.

Особую роль в этом процессе играет двигательная активность, которая разжигает и запускает импульс энергии всех внутренних процессов. Все самые передовые методики тренировок составляют арсенал биохакеров. Это йога, цигун, бег, плавание, функциональные и силовые тренировки. Все это искусно вплетается во все остальные сферы жизни.

Обратным полюсом активности лежит сфера восстановления и сон. Одним из важнейших способов достижения качественного сна является устранение соприкосновения глаз с любыми источниками света. Это запускает выработку мелатонина во время сна и способствует правильному протеканию восстановительных процессов. Для этого мы можем плотно закрывать окна и выключать все приборы или использовать повязку на глаза.

Биохакинг подобен огромному айсбергу, и мы сегодня коснулись только самой верхушки. Но точно можно сказать, что именно это направление способно увязать воедино знания современной науки и древние методики самосовершенствования, а итогом станет долгая и счастливая жизнь.

Комментарий эксперта

Эмилия Викторовна Цыбикова, кандидат медицинских наук, врач клиники тибетской медицины в г. Москва, клинической базы Первого Московского государственного медицинского университета им. И. М. Сеченова

Эмилия Викторовна Цыбикова, кандидат медицинских наук, врач клиники тибетской медицины в г. Москва, клинической базы Первого Московского государственного медицинского университета им. И. М. Сеченова

Биохакинг — модный тренд, но все новое — хорошо забытое старое. Тибетская наука питания — классический биохакинг. Она не забыта, она широко используется в мире, и ей как минимум пятнадцать веков. При этом она вполне соответствует принципам новейших тенденций в диетологии, таких как биохакинг. Примеры?

1. Индивидуальный подход. Каждый биохакер подстраивает систему питания под себя. И это совершенно естественно. Ведь каждый организм отличается только ему одному свойственным обменом веществ, нейрогормональной регуляцией, нервной системой, психикой.

С точки зрения тибетской медицины, системы Ветер и Слизь связаны напрямую. Первая отвечает за психическую активность, работу мозга, индивидуальность характера, а вторая — за гормональную регуляцию, обмен веществ. Таким образом, диета должна учитывать совокупность индивидуальных черт, в том числе психику, характер, образ мыслей.

2. Отказ от сахара. Прекрасный принцип биохакеров, который полностью укладывается в классическую тибетскую систему питания. Сахар — один из мощных охладителей, а охлаждающие продукты — причина болезней холода.

К этой группе заболеваний относится большинство патологий внутренних органов, иммунной, дыхательной, сердечно-сосудистой, выделительной, репродуктивной, пищеварительной, других систем. К болезням холода относятся также болезни позвоночника, суставов.

Таким образом, сахар провоцирует множество болезней, и то, что биохакинг предполагает отказ от него — правильно, с точки зрения тибетской медицины.

3. Системная организация питания. И это прекрасно! Например, картофель содержит не меньше витамина С, чем цитрусовые. И если общий шаблон — поедание цитрусовых как источника витамина С, то биохакеры над этим смеются.

Они получают столько же витамина С из картошки. Вместе с ними смеются и тибетские врачи. Они знают этот секрет, по меньшей мере, триста лет. И таких секретов множество. Это только один из них.

4. Максимум жиров, минимум углеводов. Это золотое правило биохакинга, которое полностью подтверждается тибетской медициной. Болезни холода, к которым относятся избыточный вес, ожирение, происходят не от жирной пищи. Жирная, вернее маслянистая пища совершенно необходима для нервной системы. Она также необходима для гормональной системы, то есть основы Слизь (Бадкан).

Недостаток жиров приводит к сбою нейрогормональной регуляции, нарушению гормонального фона, дисбалансу нервной системы. В итоге это может привести к неврозам, депрессии, даже психическим расстройствам.

Пища должна быть маслянистой, а углеводов следует избегать. Но не всех углеводов. В первую очередь, следует избегать пищи, которая обладает сладким вкусом и выраженным охлаждающим действием. Это кондитерские изделия, белый хлеб, выпечка, хлебобулочные изделия, сахар.

С другой стороны, такие полезные жиры как топленое масло, жир, содержащийся в морской рыбе — настоящие эликсиры молодости, здоровья. Так утверждает тибетская медицина, и в этом с ней согласен современный биохакинг.

О больных людях Тибете говорят, что «они мало пили в детстве масла». Да, детей в Тибете поят горячим топленым маслом, при этом никто не боится избытка жиров. Это основной источник энергии для организма. Весь секрет в том, чтобы жиры были правильными. Биохакинг и тибетская медицина в этом солидарны.

Между тибетской медициной и биохакингом есть серьезные расхождения. Например, преимущественное употребление растительной пищи, с точки зрения тибетской медицины, ошибочно. Отказ от соли или сокращение ее употребления также ошибочно.

Но, несмотря на расхождения, общие принципы биохакинга и тибетской науки питания схожи. В свое время, в VII-VIII веках тибетская система питания также была революционной. И воспринималась так же неоднозначно, как воспринимается биохакинг сегодня. Но спустя столетия она доказала свою правоту. Посмотрим, что будет с диетами биохакеров через столько же лет.

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