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Raw harmful does not happen: fanatics HLS on the raw food diet

The contents

  • The principles of nutrition
  • What is driving the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and raw food?
  • Health benefits
  • The dangers of raw food diet for the body

What food systems and diets do not exist today! Fanatics of healthy lifestyle, and just anyone wishing to get in shape, going to the whole community and promote the direction far from the principles of a healthy and balanced diet. Here is the raw food diet attracts more and more followers under his banner. What are the principles of their nutrition and as an ignorant person to understand all their subtleties and nuances?

The principles of nutrition

In fact, the raw food diet is a very strict diet — a power system to withstand that is not all. It eliminates the use of any thermally processed foods, so meat and fish disappear immediately, although the list includes cereal, after all, without boiling, their use becomes impossible. There are only fruits, vegetables and other fresh fruits and nuts. However, the same grains can also be sprouted, so that’s another bonus to such a diet. What is driving the raw foodists? The fact that in the evolution of ancient ancestors of modern humans simply could not consume fried, boiled or stewed food, and so this option remains the only true and natural type of food.

But if fructarians you can still somehow understand and accept, what to do with those followers who go even further and eat raw meat? But these really are. Although the raw food diet there are plenty of other varieties, which are essentially nothing other than the exemptions established for himself by the followers. Some, for example, eat dairy products and eggs, and other cooked porridge.

What is driving the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and raw food?

Raw foodists argue that when heated, it destroyed a large part of vitamins and nutrients, therefore, the greatest benefit to health can only bring the raw food. Scientists and doctors do not detract from the values for the body of the gifts of nature and also suggest to actively include them in the diet, but about some of the miraculous effects they could argue with adherents of such a healthy lifestyle. Without a doubt, fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, they are more easily absorbed, facilitating the work of the gastrointestinal tract, are the main prevention of early aging due to the presence of antioxidants and help maintain a healthy weight and a beautiful figure.

However, raw foodists give your system a power and ground for questionable health properties. So, many believe that raw food is able to protect the organism from cancer, allergies, hypertension, oxalacetate to the body, cleanse the skin, improve appearance of hair and nails, get rid of toxins. They don’t mind that scientists have proven that there are toxins in the human body there, and alkalization increases the risk of developing such condition as alkalosis. It reduces coronary and cerebral blood flow, blood pressure and mental performance, enhances neuromuscular excitability.

Health benefits

However, this power is able to really make the human body a favor, otherwise he would not have so many supporters. The studies aimed to determine the effect of fresh fruits on the cardiovascular system, it was found that a large number in the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables significantly reduces the risk of developing ailments of the main “motor” of the body. Also these followers HLS diagnose lowering levels of “bad” cholesterol and increasing “good”. Anyone wishing to lose weight using the raw food diet reach their goal, and the plumb Bob comes to truly huge numbers.

Many experiments were conducted on animals, particularly rodents. Scientists have divided them into two groups, giving one meal raw and the other thermally processed. Rats from first group showed excellent health, they were energetic, cheerful and gave good offspring, whereas their counterparts from the second part suffered from obesity, arthritis, cancer, cataracts. Many of the participants died prematurely, and their bodies after autopsy were found to have pathological changes.

The dangers of raw food diet for the body

Partially about the dangers of raw food diet for health mentioned above. Often women who seek through such healthy lifestyle to get in shape and increase your own attractiveness, gets the opposite effect. Painful thinness bordering on anorexia, amenorrhea, hair loss, brittle nails, deterioration of the skin — here is a partial list of what becomes a follower of the raw food diet. Doctors attribute this to the imbalance in the diet. Such food is not able to provide all the needs of the organism in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which leads to various unpleasant consequences.

In the body increases the concentration of homocysteine, which is associated with a lack of b vitamins, which are found mainly in cereals, meat, offal, bread. This significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, vitamin b 12, necessary for bone growth and increasing levels of “good” cholesterol, can be obtained only from foods of animal origin. In its absence, in the body there are a variety of undesirable changes, from anaemia and ending with neuralgia. Putting in the forefront the lack of raw food toxins, supporters of the raw food diet does not suspect that you are getting them with a vengeance unlike those who adhere to a usual diet.

First, many toxins neytralizuya in the cooking process, and secondly, it is difficult with modern achievements of genetic engineering and methods of preservation of food to rely on the purity of purchased in supermarkets of the gifts of nature. It turns out that all the benefits of a raw food diet neutralizes him harm. That’s not to mention the fact that raw food can impair the digestive tract, to provoke the appearance of pain, cramps, flatulence, particularly in people with gastritis and stomach ulcers.

While scientists agree that raw food can improve health and to benefit him only if practised for a short time. To all the fans and supporters of HLS is to adopt its principles for fasting days. Even if that person will eat some fruits and vegetables only twice a week, he will be able to lose weight, improve the gastrointestinal tract to get rid of constipation. The abundance of antioxidant vitamins nobody got hurt, but here it is necessary to warn that a particular value represents a local fruit grown in the region. You have to buy the fruits and vegetables you need for the season and then it will the body a real favor.

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