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No.1 Food diary

In order to balance your diet, you should always keep in mind the conditional “scales”, where one cup is your activity and how many calories you spend a day, and the other – how many calories you consume. In order to keep fit or lose weight, you should always follow the DEFICITY CALORIES (more activity, less food). To do this, make a diary of your diet, everything you eat during the day. Just be honest with yourself by describing even a piece of cake, bite off a piece of sausage, eat candy, drink tea with 4 spoons of sugar, etc. Count the calories of your meals first, getting rid of harmful foods and reducing portions. Get rid of the habit of “biting”.

2 Learn to recognize hunger

Often in a stressful situation you want to eat your favorite pizza, so as to drown out the experience. After such products, a hormone of pleasure is produced and our body gets used to such a reaction – “I have stress, so you have to eat”. This is not the way out. Learn to recognize real hunger or just a desire to “eat” in stressful situations. And very often hunger is confused with appetite (the desire to eat something delicious) and even thirst (drink enough simple water a day, perhaps your body just wants to drink, and you push yourself into another sandwich).

3 Conscious purchase of food

As you stand in the shop, ask yourself, “Do I really want this pack of mayonnaise with a new cheese flavour?”, “Do I need this snicker near the cash register?” when my hand automatically throws it into my basket. No. It’s just that it’s become a habit, you always do that, your brain is so used to it that you don’t even notice it. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, reconsider and change your diet. If you don’t change anything, you will never change yourself.

No. 4 There is no such thing as a bad day

“I’m gonna start a new life on Monday, sports, proper nutrition, etc.” Or watching a bunch of motivational videos and cardboard in the evening, you think “in the morning I’ll definitely pull myself together”. But… In the morning, something is always going on: problems at work, children are capricious, they had an argument with their other half. Stressful and guilty again. Everything! A day to be fooled! But tomorrow I will definitely start!

Do not deceive yourself and adjust your diet on any day of the week.

No. 5 Vacuum cleaner complex

First of all, forget about eating after the children, after the other half and the rest in the fridge. “There are only two meatballs left there. What will they be lying there for? Should I throw them away? Yes, I don’t want them. But I’ll finish them, I’ll choke on them, because it’s a pity to throw them away.

No. 6 Complex of “full plate”

I guess a lot of people have taken over this complex since they were kids. A plate of soup should be up to the edges, the porridge in the plate should be with a slide, more vegetables and meat on the edges, so that everything was “rich”, the first or second dessert and compote. In fact, you don’t need that much food. You’d eat a third of that too.


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