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Why are we eating more? How do you constantly want to eat something in your head? So how do we fight it? Let’s consider the top 6 reasons for such a bad habit and how to get rid of them.

Why are we overeating?

If you look at this problem on a larger scale and go back at least a few decades, then there was no such question. In pre-war and post-war times, there wasn’t an oversupply of food, such a variety of available products, advertising (which attracts you to buy an extra chocolate bar at the supermarket ticket office, even though it wasn’t on your list of products).

Technological progress has also affected the problem of overeating and overweight. Everyday hard physical work (in the fields, factories, even at home) did not contribute to the set of extra pounds. People worked more with their hands, spent more calories, when now all our basic work is done by special equipment, sitting at the computer in the office or at home also do not contribute to the burning of calories.

Today, children don’t run around with a ball in the yard or jump into “classics”, but instead ride whitefish. Most of them have got their own cars, which has also reduced their daily activity. Someone is even lazy to walk up the stairs, preferring the elevator. So exactly what reasons do you need to fight against in order not to overeat?

Psychological and physiological dependence

When we eat (especially tasty and often the most harmful food), the body produces a hormone of pleasure, perhaps the most important thing in our lives. This makes our brains perceive every meal as food=pleasure, which makes us want to look in the fridge again and again at the delicious delicacies. Often the greatest satisfaction from food brings the most harmful products for our body – sweet, fat, fried, smoked. And in many of our favorite products simply add special substances that cause the desire to constantly use the same product, cause addiction (emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, sweeteners).


Harmful products cause a greater desire to overeat, from which our stomach increases in volume and there is already a physiological overeating (increase in portions to fill the already increased stomach).


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