Royal jelly — a unique product for slimming and health


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Royal jelly — a unique product for slimming and health
The contents

  • The useful benefits of milk for weight loss?
  • Good health Royal jelly
  • Different recipes for healthy hair and skin
    • With potatoes
    • Olive oil
    • Honey infusion of herbs
    • With strawberries and banana
    • With apricot oil
    • With propolis for hair
    • From hair loss
    • Dandruff

Royal jelly is a product of natural origin, which has amazing properties. It can be used to prevent diseases, promote health and weight loss.

The useful benefits of milk for weight loss?

Royal jelly normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, lowers blood sugar, helps to break down fats. Furthermore, this product has a mild laxative effect, so gently cleanses the intestines. And milk reduces the urge to eat sweets. All of this is important for weight loss, and the latter property is very valuable for those with a sweet tooth.

How to use Royal jelly? To abuse this product impossible. A day is enough to eat one spoonful. In addition, you should follow a proper diet and not to forget about physical activity. Royal jelly is not the primary tool for weight loss, but it helps to speed up the process.

With proper nutrition you can build a menu like this:

  • morning: a spoonful of Royal jelly;
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with nuts and banana, cocoa;
  • snack: two oranges;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, beef with prunes and roasted vegetables, juice;
  • snack: cottage cheese and berries dessert;
  • dinner: fish rolls with vegetables, bread and yogurt.

Of course, you can choose a diet to lose weight. The point is that it is necessary to adhere to the diet menu, it does not forget about Royal jelly. Any suitable power supply system, which allows to use bee products. Of course, starvation diets it is better not to choose. Weight loss will be effective only with a balanced diet and reasonable exercise.

Good health Royal jelly

That contains this product? It is rich in silicon, sulfur, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, potassium, cobalt, hormones, acids, vitamins A, E, C, b group, enzymes, amino acids, proteins.

Royal jelly increases stamina, improves the blood, strengthens blood vessels and the heart, prevents the growth of bacteria. Additionally, this product normalizes blood pressure, helps to cope with depression, slows the aging process, relieves spasms.

Bee product improves memory and eyesight, restores the nervous system after a long emotional overload, reduces inflammation. Milk is useful for the normalization of the immune, hormonal and digestive systems. It prevents the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Recommended to use the product for angina, bronchitis, gastritis, migraines, vitamin deficiency, dystonia, stroke, heartburn, insomnia.

Good health, great immune system — all this is possible with regular, but moderate use of useful product.

How best to use the milk? I have to take it before Breakfast or lunch, in the evening it is better not to do, as it can cause insomnia. It is necessary to dissolve the product prior to its dissolution. You can take tablets or capsules. This should be done according to instructions: dissolve or drink. If desired, the milk can be mixed with honey, and dissolve a couple times a day.

It should be borne in mind that this product can cause harm. If you exceed the dosage, there may be rash, redness, may increase nervous irritability, to occur insomnia, constipation or diarrhea. Therefore, the dose in any case should not exceed. And, of course, this product is completely avoided if there is Allergy. You can not use the product in severe arterial hypertension, dysfunction of the adrenal cortex, increased blood clotting, fever.

Different recipes for healthy hair and skin

Royal jelly used in cosmetics. There are many recipes for masks, wraps and other products for hair and skin. Here is a useful and simple recipes.

With potatoes

Boil a couple of potatoes, mash, add warm cream and milk. Gruel apply on face, after fifteen minutes rinse. The procedure is repeated once in seven days. This mask tightens the skin.

Olive oil

Mix olive oil, beeswax and milk in equal proportions. Apply on face for twenty minutes with a thin layer. Wash off after twenty minutes. The mask helps wrinkles.

Honey infusion of herbs

Warm up 100 g of honey, add the same amount of Royal jelly and half a glass of infusion of chamomile or succession. To make a mask and leave for half an hour. This remedy nourishes and moisturizes.

With strawberries and banana

Mash a ripe banana, three strawberries, add a bit of Royal jelly and a few spoonfuls of yogurt (it must be natural and without additives). Apply the mixture for thirty minutes. Rinse off with cool water. And use this mask 3-4 times a week. Tool moisturizes the skin.

With apricot oil

Stir a little of Royal jelly in half Cup of water, pour a tablespoon of apricot oil and the same amount of warmed honey. To lubricate the face and neck, leave on for thirty minutes. This is a great tool to nourish the skin.

With propolis for hair

To combine liquid honey with Royal jelly and 15% aqueous solution of propolis. To lubricate the scalp gently pomassirovti. Wrap your head with foil and a towel. After half an hour wash off with shampoo and balm. This mask can be done three times a week.

From hair loss

A teaspoon of bee jelly to combine with the yolk and two spoons of oil of burdock. Apply to hair and roots. Hold for an hour, wrapped his head with a towel. Rinse is necessary with plain water without shampoo.


Two tablespoons of castor oil mixed with a spoon of Royal jelly, egg yolk and two tablespoons of brandy. Distribute on dry hair and wrap in a towel. After fifty minutes, rinse with shampoo.

You can just add a little useful product to any cream or mask for hair. This is the easiest recipe.

So, regular consumption of Royal jelly is a health and effective weight loss. In addition, this valuable product helps to improve the condition of hair and skin. For this purpose there are different recipes for funds. So if you are not allergic, it is worth to use it.

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