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Rules of effective weight loss at home
The contents

  • Rules reduce excess weight at home
  • Fitness classes for slim figure
  • Additional treatments for weight loss

Safe weight loss, which remains stable over a long period of time is a complex process that requires competent, comprehensive approach. Proper organization of the fight against excess weight ensures a slim figure without compromising health and in a very short time due to the individual characteristics of the organism. Given this fact, it can be argued that effective weight loss is possible at home. This could see millions of people who have decided to improve your health and figure without the help of specialists in nutrition and fitness.

Rules reduce excess weight at home

Formula effective weight loss is quite simple: the body should spend more calories than it receives from food. This can be achieved by changing dietary habits and increasing the amount of physical activity during which the body spends most energy. In addition, the weight loss suggests the following rules, due to which weight decreases steadily and safely, and is retained within physiological norm:

  • to reduce excess weight need body to create a calorie deficit by reducing calorie intake to 10-15% of the daily value.

To reduce body stress from such changes in the usual functioning mode, you can reduce the calories in stages, first reducing it to normal, and then reducing by another 10%. The minimum number of calories required by the body for maintaining the operation of all systems, you need to calculate, taking into account anthropometric data, health status, number of fitness classes per week and features lifestyle;

  • from the menu you want to exclude all the harmful and high-calorie foods.

These include, for example, sweets and pastries, fatty meats, smoked meats and sausages, canned food, fast food and processed foods, commercial juices, sweet drinks and alcohol, as well as all meals, deep-fried and the frying method. Based diet for weight loss should be products that are the source of protein, namely lean meat poultry and fish, seafood, low-fat dairy products, eggs. In addition to them, the menu should be slow carbohydrates and fiber, and that cereals and legumes and non-starchy vegetables raw, baked or steamed. The main source of vitamins should be unsweetened fruit, and fats — vegetable oils, nuts, avocado. In the process of reduction of excess weight to completely abandon fat is not recommended because they are actively involved in many vital processes in the body, for example, in the formation of cell membranes;

  • the usual regime of 3 meals a day need to be replaced for 5-6 meals.

Such a schedule prevents acute hunger and thus avoid overeating — common causes of weight gain. Naturally, the amount of portions should be small to their total caloric content did not go beyond the rules necessary for weight loss. Last time need to eat 3 hours before sleep;

  • to stimulate the metabolism, you must follow a special drinking regime, drinking a day for about 30 ml of water per kilogram of weight.

This amount does not include liquid meals and all drinks other than water;

  • periodically, especially if the weight loss stopped, one can practice fasting days or a short diet.

However, to starve or stick to strict diet for a long period of time so as not to harm the health;

  • reducing excess weight is impossible without high physical activity.

It increases calorie consumption and helps to increase the difference between energy consumption and energy costs. In addition, exercise strengthens muscles, making the figure more toned and shapely. With fitness you can not only get rid of body fat, but flabby and sagging skin often occurs after rapid weight loss;

  • on the effectiveness of weight loss significantly affected by proper sleep and rest.

Lack of sleep and chronic fatigue cause the body to be in constant stress and hormones slowing weight loss. Therefore, in the process of the struggle for a slim figure you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, allowing the body to recover after stress;

  • positive attitude and ambition are important components of success.

Do not be upset and discouraged if the weight-loss results do not correspond to the expected. It is important to aggressively and safely move to the goal, confidently overcoming difficulties.

Fitness classes for slim figure

The most effective in the struggle with excess weight have proven the following fitness classes:

  • jumping rope;
  • the rotation of the Hoop;
  • Jogging or walking if Jogging high-intensity load is contraindicated for health reasons;
  • aerobics;
  • yoga or bodyflex.

Conducting fitness classes at home, no matter what kind of physical activity prevails, it is necessary to consider some nuances that enhance efficiency:

  • start any workout with warm-up, during which it is necessary to increase blood flow and stimulate the production of synovial fluid;
  • to complete the job should be stretching exercises;
  • the length of workouts from cardio needs to be at least half an hour. Thus it is necessary to maintain a high heart rate. Work in such conditions contributes to weight loss because it causes the body to break down fat cells;
  • you must train regularly — 3-5 times a week, systematically increasing the load.

Additional treatments for weight loss

To strengthen the effectiveness of good nutrition and regular physical activity, but also stimulate weight loss in the most problematic areas is possible by means of cosmetic procedures that cause the blood flow to the soft tissues and improve lymphatic drainage. Such procedures include:

  • massage. Its complex beneficial effects on the body in the process of weight loss and health improvement cannot be overstated. Depending on tasks this massage can be done in different techniques and using special creams and oils;
  • scrub. This procedure stimulates blood flow, removes dead skin and promotes its renewal;
  • wraps. The effect of this procedure is evident in the improvement in the turgor of the skin;
  • water treatment, for example, bathing or sauna.

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