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Rules of training on Fitball for weight loss: nutrition and exercise

The contents

  • The exercise ball good for weight loss and the choice of ball
  • Diet for weight loss during classes with fitball
  • Exercise for weight loss with exercise ball

A big, bright ball always attracts attention, elevates your mood and makes to look more often to the gym. It helps to rapid weight loss, improves flexibility and tone the body. The exercise ball was developed by a physiotherapist from Switzerland Susan Kleinlogel in the middle of last century. And although the first appointment sports equipment — rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the spine, from gyms to physical therapy, he gradually moved into numerous fitness centers. Which, of course, is due to the high performance of this unique sports equipment.

The exercise ball good for weight loss and the choice of ball

Many say that the first time he saw a gym ball, took it more as fun, not expecting a big effect for the body. However, the first training on the fitball showed that the impression was deceptive: the shell is perfect for exercise for weight loss.

In addition, the fitness ball is gentle on the spine, the condition of which depends largely on the health and well being. Also, it is well pumping various muscle groups, providing a mode of cardio that causes the body to actively use its excessive reserves of subcutaneous fat.

Work with fitball has another unique effect — a vivid three-dimensional object, referring to one’s childhood has a positive effect on the psyche and easily adjusts to positive emotions.

Regular exercises with fitball provide:

  • flexible spine and good posture;
  • tighten the abdominal muscles;
  • a fast metabolism;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • a charge of vivacity and energy.

To obtain the best results from training, you should choose the right shell depending on the parameters of the body. Buy fitball is better in specialized shops of sports equipment. On the packaging must indicate for whom is this product. Before that you need to determine exactly where will the classes be held and which place must be allocated for storage of the projectile.

Good fitness ball is made of strong, dense rubber without the unpleasant smell. You should not choose the cheapest fitball, because there is a possibility to buy a defective or faulty product. When choosing the diameter of the ball should focus on his own growth:

  • growth 150-152 cm — diameter 45 cm;
  • growth 152-164 cm — diameter 55 cm;
  • taller than 164 cm — diameter from 75 cm.

The required size of the ball you can also determine if you sit in it and put your feet in front of him. If thighs are parallel the floor, then this is the optimal size. If your knees look up, you need a shell with a larger diameter.

If the size of the apartment does not allow free exercise for weight loss on the fitball, it is better to enroll in a nearby fitness club where you can not worry about the dimensions of the ball and lack of floor space.

Diet for weight loss during classes with fitball

To obtain visible results weight loss, engage in at least 3-4 times a week. And then after about 2-3 months it is possible to achieve a significant reduction of body weight. Many say that weight loss during this period is 10-15 lbs. However, this result is achieved only when combining physical exercise with diet for weight loss. This should be a varied, balanced diet with daily caloric content of no more than 1800 kcal.

To eat fractionally, small portions at intervals of about 2 hours. The first thing to take care of sufficient intake of proteins, as they are the building blocks of body cells. Therefore, up to 4 servings per day should be protein meals, among which the priority veal, poultry, fish, cheese, egg whites, tofu, yogurt and kefir.

Weight loss diet should include 3 servings of food with high content of fiber, namely fresh fruits and vegetables. The consumption of potatoes it is better to limit, with a strong desire can sometimes eat it baked or boiled. Also care should be taken to bananas, eating 1 fruit not more than 2 times a week.

Two servings daily menu for weight loss are complex carbohydrates which include cereals, whole grain bread and dry crisp bread. Also do not forget about drinking enough fat. The day should eat up to 30 grams of fat in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

Weight loss diet must have a correct drinking regime with the use of at least 2 liters of pure water a day. In addition, you can drink green, herbal or ginger tea and weak broth hips.

Exercise for weight loss with exercise ball

We offer physical exercise on the fitball is designed for active weight loss due to the rapid burning of excess fat in body cells. These exercises for weight loss able to consistently and safely reduce weight to the desired level.

  • As a warm-up to warm up the muscles of the body should take the shell in his hands and pulling it in front of him. Then pull the exercise ball closer to himself and again to push.
  • Lie on the ball with your stomach and roll it back and forth, capturing the area of the chest and upper part of thighs. Should be based on feet or down the arms.
  • Lie back on the ball and roll across its surface, covering all the back to the buttocks.
  • Make the emphasis hands on the floor and your feet placed on the projectile. Lift buttocks up as high as possible and return them to the starting position.
  • To keep the previous starting position and do push-UPS with hands off the floor.
  • Make the emphasis on the ball with your hands and perform push-UPS, trying to control the balance. The back and feet to keep straight.
  • Lie on your back, squeeze the ball with your feet. To lower him to her, trying to touch the shell of the breast.
  • Same initial position. Lift the pelvis, roll the ball between the buttocks up, and then return it down. The shell of the foot not to release.
  • Lie on your back, hold the ball with their feet and pulling them up. Take the legs in different directions, gradually increasing the range of motion.
  • Sit on the ball to stretch your hands on the surface behind and to smoothly slide on the floor. Leaning on hands, to get back on the ball. To repeat the movement.
  • First, all exercises should be performed for 3 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 10 minutes. After the improvement of the physical form so that the complex becomes too easy, you should Supplement it with other exercise you can recommend any professional fitness instructor. Proper nutrition and exercise for weight loss on a fitball will help you lose weight, get stronger and return the figure of aesthetic forms.

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