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While there is a 10% discount on cosmetics, I will write about cool stuffthat’s worth taking. For example, serum with peptides face Triple Boost Serum, the only one of its kind on iHerb. With the peptide that replaces collagen injections.

In the photo left in my hands pure peptide Syn-Coll. The active ingredient, which is used by cosmetic technology in the manufacture of cosmetics.

This is a patented synthetic Tripeptidethat slows the aging process of the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Peptides are different. There’s chemicals-relaxers, replacing Botox injections, a lot of them. Syn-Coll is called an alternative to injections of collagen. And he’s the only one.

How does Syn-Coll, the principle of

Syn-Coll combines two different mechanisms of action. The first is the increase in collagen synthesis by the skin and the second – protection of collagen from degradation enzymes. Both mechanisms act in synergy, allowing to obtain an optimum result in the fight against wrinkles.

This scientific approach is based on years of experience in DSM in the synthesis of peptides. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue, a multifunctional protein Thrombospondin-I (TSP) activates the synthesis of collagen.

The effect of Syn-Coll similar to the effect of thrombospondin and allows to increase the production of collagen. This innovative mechanism made Syn-Coll, the first safe and painless alternative to collagen injections.

The peptide also protects the collagen from degradation. It blocks metalloprotease MMR 1,3 – the main enzymes involved in destruction of collagen. The picture schematically give, how does Syn-coll.

Own collagen literally fills wrinkles and damaged fibers from the inside, smoothing out the terrain:

Research peptide

The results of in-vitro, Syn-Coll stimulates the synthesis of type I collagen to 76%.

The results of in-vivo after just one month of use Syn-Coll has significantly improved skin density and confirmed its effectiveness against wrinkles, surpassing the standards of cosmetics to combat wrinkles.

In a new recent study, Syn-Coll also helps to give a more sculpted look and hides the severity of the pores for smooth and younger-looking skin.

Results from the use of the peptide:

– visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the areas prone to aging
– significantly reduces the visible signs of photoaging
– rejuvenates and smoothes the skin
– improves the appearance of pores
– improves firmness and elasticity of the skin
deep wrinkles are significantly reduced within 3 months of application
– used for prevention of aging and rejuvenation (when wrinkles already are)

Serum with peptides HA Triple Boost

When buying cosmetics with peptide Syn-Coll , I advise you to choose serums that contain more peptide and a suitable basis for effective penetration of the peptide in the outer layers of skin.

On iHerb there is only one serum with peptides, Syn-Coll.

Three valuable ingredient in the composition, which restores the youthfulness of the skin, enhance its density and erase wrinkles. Innovative peptide Syn-Coll, marine collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

The serum also moisturizes and makes the skin silk to the touch.

Wonderful serum with a beautiful composition, suitable for any type including very sensitive skin, rosacea, thin blood vessels.

Where to buy: Hyalogic LLC, HA Collagen Triple Boost Serum Face

It can be used literally drop by drop. Not all over the face, but only on nosogubnye and the area around the eyes, around the lips. The places most prone to aging and wrinkles.

Use code IFO971 for each order, if you want to thank for useful materials. All 5% discounts on every purchase, and novices a 10% discount.


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